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Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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the teachers are friendly and willing to help. the school is very clean and organized. the sports team are competitive. the students are polite and are always getting their work completed. things that can change, is that their need to be more clubs and organizations.
I liked that it was close knit school and it was rich in culture. Also liked a lot of my teachers they were very helpful and kind.
Aliquippa High School is the only school I’ve been to and it’s on okay school. All the years I’ve been here I’ve gotten to know my teachers and I loved it. I am really close to my teachers and they are great resources. There’s many people that will help you if you really need it.
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Overall, I enjoyed my experience. The faculty and students are nice and likes to have fun. I do believe that there should be more student clubs and activities for the students who doesn't want to play sports, but wants to be involved.
Overall my experience at Aliquippa Jr/Sr High School was pretty good. I've met some great people there, made great relationships with the staff.
MY experience at Aliquippa Junior/Senior High wasn’t very interesting but it is worth it. We don’t have a lot of activities and clubs but the education and academics is pretty straight forward for the most part. I made plenty of friends while there, i even got to participate in the 2017 homecoming parade, which was basically the highlight of my senior year. As an Aliquippa Junior/Senior student i would like to say that over the past few years i have held a spot in the top 10 of my class, i have also held a 3.7 GPA throughout my entire high school career.
I liked that the teachers and principal cares about the kid and the learning is very good to me wat I would like them to work on Is have more classes to pick from but other than that I love the school.
Changes need to be made to better prepare the students for college. Addition of college prep classes and/ or offering advanced classes that earn college credits.
The security and alarm systems at this school are good but not great. There are very good men and women that work hard to keep the school safe but sometimes it isn't enough. There can be stricter rules and policies for this school.
Extracurricular activities at this school aren't very great. There aren't many options for students to get involved unless they are playing football or any sport that this school offers. Other than sports Aliquippa schools don't really have much to offer.
My experience at this school was okay. A lot of the students have cliques but mostly everyone gets along well enough. There are some class clowns and some poor teachers but the overall atmosphere was generally fun.
Some of the teachers go above and beyond to help students with their work. Others can be very hard to work with and learn from. Overall I would say the teachers need a bit of an upgrade.
The school focuses on security and safety, especially since there have been multiple weapons incidents recently. As far as health goes, the cafeteria has better food options now, and there is a fitness room available for student use.
I did not enjoy my time at this school. It under-prepared me for college and life in general, and the only thing anyone, aside from a small group of people, ever cares about is the football team.
The quality of the teachers really differs from instructor to instructor. Some teachers do their best to ensure that every child absorbs as much knowledge as possible, while some just make the work easy enough that everyone passes the class so that no one has to work hard to succeed.
As a honor student teachers do take me more seriously then others. But I do feel like my teachers and counselors push me away from great opportunitys and lead me in the wrong direction. I want to attend a 4 year university but my counselor keeps trying to push me to go to a community college. I feel like I'm better than just a community college and a very passionate student.
We ,probably like most schools have a mixed bag of teachers. Some get through the day, and some are outstanding. I ma very impressed with my child's science and math teachers. I think that they see a kid who is interested in these subjects and appreciate it. They also will let him explore on his own. We do not have a lot of after school activities for kids that are more academically inclined. Also, there is not an activities bus that transports kids that live further than walking distance.
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There were a few times that my child was bullied being the "different child" but this was mostly in grade school. It seems that the other children see how he wears his "geekiness as a badge" and that he is comfortable with himself, they have a certain respect for him. Many of his teachers say that he has great leadership qualities.

We did have an incident last year where a child came to school late and was not put through regular security measures and a little while later he was found to have a gun on him. He had in wrapped up in a coat and it fell out and he was caught before he could harm anyone. They have changed their policies since.
Some of the teachers try to go above and beyond, but most students are disinterested, this can have a damper on the teachers' motivation as well. Also, the school is known for athletes ( Mostly football and basketball) and kids feel this is the way out. Unfortunately, this is can be disservice to the children who are left behind. My child is one of the few who can put the distractions aside and really learn. He has expressed not feeling very confident in being the top academic student in his class because he comes from a poor preforming school, however we have discussed the fact that despite that fact, he scores in the top 95% - 97% percentile in nationwide testing. This does give him satisfaction that he is able to overcome obstacles with hard work and a passion for learning new things.
Aliquippa is just a place that if you dont have support or help getting out of you honestly may never leave. Its like an addiction. It has some cool people an a couple good sports. An some very awesome teachers. But i wouldn't go back if given the option.
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