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Aline-Cleo High School Reviews

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Aline Cleo High School is a small school with teachers who really care about the students. The teachers are willing to stay after school if need be. The sports programs are lead by an experienced coach who gives 100 % to the athletes. My overall experience with Aline - Cleo High School is 5 out of 5 stars!
Aline offered the tiny school feel at first. But after a run of poor administration paired with mediocre teachers, the school has lacked in almost every aspect. There is no learning to be done here and absolutely no reason for anyone to still be there.
this I s a great place to raise you children, yes its small but very mighty.... everyone is a friend and when needed the teachers, are there with open hearts minds, and a ear if you need one..
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The only sports the school has is Basketball and Track. There's no other fitness programs going on. You have to be on a sports team to be in Gym. School spirit varies since during my Senior year they cut back on Pep Rallies.
The school doesn't really have a bullying policy, or a school nurse. There's a first aid kit in the office but that's it. The school is safe if you're careful.
The building was fairly new, but every year it would have really bag bug issues. Our staff in the office was a little iffy, one year we went almost a full semester without a principal. We didn't have a tutoring program, but parents were involved in things quite often.
It was a nice school overall. Although it was very small and didn't offer much. If I could do it all over I would not pick this school because it doesn't have a lot to choose from in anything and I'd like to attend art classes and after school clubs like they do in bigger schools.
I felt mostly prepared but not exactly. But I know my teachers tried their best to help me out as best they can.
The food tastes okay most of the time, but the portions are way to small!
They do okay, but there isn't much for them to protect us from.
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