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Alief Taylor High School Reviews

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I like about Alief Taylor High School that this school has many energetic students who always ready for all of the activities in school, the teachers are helpful, some of them are also funny and friendly.
I've been in Alief Taylor High School since 2014, and ever since my freshman year I've got to say high school experience was both a stressful, but also very thrilling and exciting rides. The faculty and staff does have their up and down, but most have proved to be very resourceful guides to helping me complete my 4 years of high school.
I like that some teachers genuinely care about the students besides their academic life at school. I hope that the teachers will make the lessons more engaging besides using just textbooks and power point presentations
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Alief Taylor is such a diverse place . It makes you feel very welcome , the students and teachers are always trying to help you out in any way needed . The teachers want to see you succeed but you also have to play your part into the equation . I would want to change the students involvement, some kids don’t like to be involved in clubs or organizations .
Honestly going to the campus is very limited on certain ideals and promotes school spirit but the students lack a lot of motivation but it was good at it's job it provided tools that effect the kids in it's community honestly.
I loved the school! The teachers really do care about the students and so does all the staff. The facility is nice. The school is very diverse and has so many clubs that cater to all the different ethnics that attend this school.
My experience was better than most would expect. I really enjoyed and the staffed helped me every step of the way. They aided me in academics, college advise, and problems at home.
My overall experience at Alief Taylor High School is wonderful. The teachers are willing to help the students become outstanding and ready for the future. If they are willing to put the effort in. They also have programs to help student further there endorsement after graduation such as the medical field. The programs names are Clinical Rotation and Pharmacy Tech. Also Alief is a international district so they welcome all cultures. They have multiply clubs for everyone such as the Spanish , French, Student Council clubs and so on. Alief Taylor provides resources to prepare for the all STARR and SAT by having tutorial on Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday for it is flexible for all students to attend. My personal opinion of Alief Taylor High School is that it is a great school to attend. The safety of the school is good they always have Alief police officer around the school daily.
It is such a good school and has such a nice teachers there :))) I been there since I was freshman, it’s a really big school and it’s has a lot of clubs and organizations and they give u the opportunity to go and do community service and also provide many foreign languages classes
I loved the diversity the school had to offer as far as culture and ethnicity goes. I didn’t feel ashamed of my culture yet the school embraced it with its many clubs and organizations for me too choose from. Not only did they offer me comfort,they offered ways for us to succeed and reach our educational goals. Things like extra tutoring or programs like Avid or Tafe which helped student in the real world with college and jobs after high school. So by helping me feel like I had a place in this school and setting the goal for my academic achievement I rate it a 4 star.
Alief Taylor was one of the best schools I have attended, and I'm happy to have been a student of the school. They have lovely teachers, students and many facilities. I would love to see the school soaring higher in all their endeavors.
I love Taylor High school. Its a really good school and has so much diversity and the staff is wonderful. I wish we had more activities to do especially during homecoming and graduation time because this upcoming year i will be a senior . The cafeteria food could be a bit better, its not nasty but sometimes the food is cold and other times i don't have a clue what I'm eating. Also our principle is kinda strict and doesn't really let us have fun. other than that minor stuff its a really great school.
my 4 years at Alief Taylor were some good ones but i just feel like everything could have been better if the higher ups did a better job with test
This school was amazing, i spent my all 4 years of high school here and i loved all the teachers and i had a mentor like counselor which was amazing.
Alief Taylor High school is a good experience and I'm glad it's the high school I'm graduating from. There's lots of different people and it's easy to make a lot of friends like I did.
Taylor high school is very welcoming, its main focus is to prepare you for the life after high school. The teachers and staff are great and it is a diverse school so i learn new cultures everyday
Throughout my four years at this school, I feel that I have evolved and grown so much as a person. This school has wonderful educators who have made a significant impact in my life and who I will never forget. This school has also provided me with all of the resources necessary for me to become successful in my future endeavors.
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There was many diverse people around so I got to learn about different cultures and gain a new understanding of things
I really love the diversity that Alief Taylor High School has. Along with the club activities involvement like the TAFE Club. I love how the TAFE club has many varieties ways to volunteer and learn how to be more involved by giving by and thanking our staff members at Alief Taylor High School.
Some thing I consider to like would be some of the teachers. Some of the senior teachers actually help us with real world problems not having to do with the curriculum.
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