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It was a good high school experience. They have nice teachers, but bad environment. They had at least one fight every week.
Alief Taylor Highschool is very diverse. The teachers are very helpful, and you can tell that they aren't just there because it's their job. They actually hold a desire for teaching and bettering the lives of their students. The administrators are always available to talk, if they don't have time they will make time. The Alief community as a whole is a wonderful place to be, for instance when Hurricane Harvey came around myself as well as others got together at Alief Taylor Highschool and donated food, clothes and even turned the gym into a shelter.
What I liked about this high school is that the teacher's and students have good relationships. The teacher's are caring about the students future and tries to help them understand any material. While the students are able to talk to the teachers about the problems they have. The thing that I hope can change within the school is the amount of violence going on.
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My four years in Taylor High School was one of the most memorable years of my life. During high school an individual changes in many way emotionally, and physically, and you need the right people there supporting you, and Taylor has it all. There was a a lot of resources to know more about colleges, workforce, and military. We were one of the top in the nation for football. The teachers are helpful, and care about the student, and are there to support them. Make sure to keep in contact with them so they can write your resumes!.
To tell the truth, I moved for my senior year and I enrolled to Taylor. My mind was already frazzled towards the new environment yet stumbling into this school I felt so welcomed by the staff, teachers and my classmates. So much college readiness and resources for me to pick up on college. Not to mention the food is great, surprisingly ate breakfast and lunch everyday. Overall this school is diverse and the students are polite and engaging it's a real fun atmosphere and I love the school.
I enjoyed my High School Experience here, I love the culture and diversity the school has to offer. It also has a lot of school spirit and the football team is very good as well as the boys soccer team.
Taylor is a very unique school in ways such as having to get kids lost in the long hallways and sometimes not knowing where they are at. The food is always very bad and the fights in the cafeteria are worst of all. The noise that is created disturbs everyone around. The Juniors in this school feel like they own the school and go around feeling superior . And let's not talk about the Seniors, they are the worst class this school has ever gotten. The poor freshmen hoping to find someone from the upper class to help them find their path, but they always get ignored and that causes them to slack off from school.
I was a former student at Alief Taylor High School and the school is very diverse. Since the school is so big , it helps an individual increase their communication skills. The change I would like to see is the teachers should be more professional and not be as lenient.
I had the best experience at Taylor High School, I wasn't the kid that was always getting into trouble, I kept my head inside the books and out of the streets. One of my best experiences was being able to play varsity soccer and being able to compete in varsity cross country runs. I always had a good time with my coach and former team mates.
Well I liked how most staff members and teacher are very friendly and also the principal, What I would change about it though it's how some teachers do their grading because it's kind of unfair
My experience at Alief Taylor High School has been great! From the club activities to sports and academics it's been an amazing experience. The teachers especially, so far in the years I've attended Taylor High School my teachers have been beyond helpful and supportive.
My experience at Alief Taylor has been good better than I ever expected my high school years to be. This year as of 2017-2018 I'll be an incoming senior so I hope for the best for my last year. The one thing I would love for the school to improve on the food, the food as been terrible
I was at the school for 1 year. It was a good experience. The students were friendly, active, and diverse. The teachers were nice.
Taylor is a great school. It has a great selection of teachers and a great community. They try hard and push you to be your very best. I met some of the greatest minds there and I wish I went there earlier.
I like Alief Taylor because the high school experience is plentiful. I can push myself to be the greatest i can be academic wise and creative wise. The only reason why it makes it average is their bullying policy. There has been incidents where i was bullied (my campaign poster was torn down, people at lunch bullying me out my seat) and it was hard for real action and consequences to take place. They enforce dress code policy so i would like to see their bullying policy change too.
Pretty decent school overall. The staffs and the teachers are really kind and the teachers actually loves the students.
Alief Taylor High School is a very diverse school that helps students move closer to their goals and motivates us to do our very best. I love how engaged the faculty is with us and how they show genuine care when it comes to our academics.
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My overall experience at Alief Taylor High School is wonderful. There are many clubs and activities available for students of every kind. Teachers are eager to teach and staffs are there to support. There are many AP courses available for students to help them with college. Tutorials are also available in the morning as well as after school so there is no excuse to be left behind. The school prepares students for not only for high school but also for College and the work force.
Alief Taylor Highschool is very large and diverse. Class sizes are generally kept under 25. Administration is disorganized and rude at times. Schedule problems are pretty much guranteed to occur at least once while attending.
I had wonderful experience at Alief Taylor High School. I enjoyed my 4 years there and I am a proud alum. The school was fairly new and I knew I was save everyday there. The teachers were willing to help students and wanted every one to succeed as it should be. The food was regular school food anywhere else. Alief Taylor had a diversity, Alief in general is a diverse community. One thing Alief Taylor could improve on is the clubs/activities. I felt like we lacked certain clubs, having only major groups. It would have been nice to have smaller clubs for students based on ethnicity, interest etc. Overall, I recommend Alief Taylor to any student in Alief.
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