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This school is amazing and is filled with diversity. You're able to find yourself at this school. The only thing I would change is the food.
I haven't been in Taylor long since I just transferred from YES Prep Southwest, but so far it's a pretty good school given that it's a public school. I've been in charter schools most of my school life so it's definitely an interesting transition from charter to public. I'm mainly getting used to the grand size of the school. The staff and students are friendly, and the counselors are very knowledgeable and helpful.
it is a very good enviorment to learn. the teachers and staff want and work hard for all their students to suceed.
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the school has a very good enviroment for learning. I was a transfer from FBISD and i can assure anyone that this school stand up for its name. it has been a nice expirience to me and very educational.
My overall experience at Alief Taylor Highschool is full of mixed feelings. There are some upsides to the school but many downsides also. One thing o loved about Taylor was that they had an amazing band for the first two years I attended, which I was apart of. Also the football and track team overall from 2013-2017 were pretty awesome. But as far as education and if it was taken seriously by teachers and AP’s? Was horrible, which sucks because that’s what matters at the end of the day, not sports or anything extra but the grades and achievements of students. But one thing that I really really loved was how diverse the school is. From Asian Americans to African Americans to Hispanics to Nigerians and Indians, man it was great.
i like that its a very safe environment and the teachers are amazing. I learned alot these pass years. I'm in all AP courses and my AP teachers are teaching me alot and i'm learning alot of things. They are preparing me for life after I graduate such as preparing me for college.
Its a really diverse and fun to go to school, even though sometimes it may get tough as every school. This one actually puts your brain to work and gets you thinking and actually learning instead of just feeling like you are doing work for no reason. It feels like what you are working on actually matters.
Taylor is a good high school if you are looking for fun and friends, made a lot of good friends there including teachers. Some teachers are just perfect while others can be really tough to deal with but overall it is a good school.
Being a student from Alief Taylor, ive experienced a lot. For Taylor to be better, they can start with better lunch selections. Meals that are actually cooked and not taken out of boxes to be warmed up. Nutritious meals that are hand made daily by our lunch staff.
I love Taylor. As soon as I walked through its doors I was in love with it. I still remember the first time I entered taylor. It's ceilings were so high, I could hear the students voices echo in halls. Everything was so shiny. It was like a scene in a movie. I loved how strong the bond was with my counselor Ms.Moor and it was only my first day there. That was my freshman year on the first day of school. Now I'm a senior and so close to graduating. I'm sad I'm leaving my school but I'm happy I had the honor to attend. I am and always will be , a Taylor lion.
Taylor is a very beautiful school. I came here very intimated but the students and faculty here make it feel like home. It’s diversity makes it a perfect to be yourself and embrace your own as well as others cultures. Overal a experience I would recommend to anyone.
Alief Taylor High School is a good environment to be in. Teachers and staff are professional in getting the job done and making sure the students are well prepared for college. Followed by great clubs and activities to keep the students involved.
Overall, I spent three years studying at Alief Taylor High School. Besides the random fights that the students engaged in at least a month, the school was fairly good. The teachers were very helpful and understanding. The administration and the students alike were ready to help anyone who needed it. I just wish I had spent more time actually socializing and engaging with the people in the school.
Though Alief Taylor High School is a fairly good school, there are some pros and cons here and there. What I mostly like about the school is its teachers. There are a lot of great teachers who are very kind and teach their hearts out to their students who care to learn. However, some cons include the quality of the food served at lunch along with poor attitude of some students on campus.
The school does not prepare its students for success in college. The school cares more about its graduation rate rather than making sure the students who are graduating are well prepared for their future.
as a freshman my first year has been so good so far , with my pre-ap courses and homework , specially during marching season . the teachers are very understanding with that getting home until 11pm at night , one day a week takes away homework time and grades start to drop , but the teachers are understanding with that
It was a good high school experience. They have nice teachers, but bad environment. They had at least one fight every week.
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Alief Taylor Highschool is very diverse. The teachers are very helpful, and you can tell that they aren't just there because it's their job. They actually hold a desire for teaching and bettering the lives of their students. The administrators are always available to talk, if they don't have time they will make time. The Alief community as a whole is a wonderful place to be, for instance when Hurricane Harvey came around myself as well as others got together at Alief Taylor Highschool and donated food, clothes and even turned the gym into a shelter.
What I liked about this high school is that the teacher's and students have good relationships. The teacher's are caring about the students future and tries to help them understand any material. While the students are able to talk to the teachers about the problems they have. The thing that I hope can change within the school is the amount of violence going on.
My four years in Taylor High School was one of the most memorable years of my life. During high school an individual changes in many way emotionally, and physically, and you need the right people there supporting you, and Taylor has it all. There was a a lot of resources to know more about colleges, workforce, and military. We were one of the top in the nation for football. The teachers are helpful, and care about the student, and are there to support them. Make sure to keep in contact with them so they can write your resumes!.
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