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This is one of the best places to have a education. Where a Knights family full of diversity, and culture. This school is well rounded with excellent students and teachers. We are given with every resource we need to succeed in life. Truly there’s noth a better place to be. Early College will forever be a place for higher education and seeing if students prosper in their many years to come. I’m proud to be apart of the knight family.
I like that they are supportive and are really dedicated to the success of their students. It's also a really challenging school, so make sure that you really want go there.
Small, close-knit allowing for a family-like atmosphere and tight relationships. Unfortuantely, gossip spreads easily and is a constant distraction.
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Alief Early college is a rather rigorous school, however, your every single effort placed into your education is worth it!
I love my school, so much oppertunities for the future such as taking dual credit classes while high School and graduate with associate degree.
Alief Early College allowed me to have two free years of college resulting in me receiving an Associates of Science degree at only 17 before I graduated high school. The teachers and staff never let us give up even when we felt like we couldn't push through anymore. They motivated us through all the all-nighters, all the tests, and all the failures. I have never in my life seen teachers so dedicated to their students. This school is where I met my second family; who still play a big role in my success and motivate me to this day, even though I graduated 2 years ago.
I would not like to change anything about this school. I believe this school is just a perfect fit for everyone. They push you to actually learn and I love that because I like getting educated. They care about us ad they put their time and attention if we need help with anything. The staff members are really nice and just being there you feel like at home because everyone treats you nicely
My school has conbine both highschool and college into one building. The class and faculties push all students to strive for success. Before Alief Early College H.S I was oblivious of the gift granted once you receive a good education.
Alief Early College is the best academic schools in Texas you can go to. you graduate with an associates degree from Houston Community College before getting your high school diploma. However, there is a lack of sports and club activities. Most of the students are too busy studying and are also busy with academic clubs to attend an interest club. This school is not allowed to have sports in regards to Houston Community College. Amazing college readiness programs, lots of diversity, crafty teachers, and many resources are provided. Every student is sitting in "40,000$ chairs." I recommend this school if you want an all paid for an associates degree and if you value education. You must give up sports and hobbies and focus on studying. You are with the best of the best and you must be able to push yourself to the limit.
Alief Early College High School is a rigorous and prestigious school in a not so prominent area. This school offers the academic advancement for those students willing to put efforts to succeed academically. Being the top school in the district and the safest school you can't go wrong. The only exception would be for those with athletic pursuits because the school does not offer sports. This is for the students who are ready for academic challenges. College readiness and college success are enforced into the everyday of the students. Plus, we get to walk out with a full associates degree in either arts or sciences when we graduate. Excellent school environment, everyone knows each other, being an only 400 student school. Amazing teachers pushing you forward to succeed not just in school, but preparing you for the real world. A national recognized school with a blue ribbon award this school is no joke. If you ask me, why wouldn't you choose this school?
AECHS staff and students are very nice and friendly. We are a small school, however, we getto know everyone pretty well in the school.
The school has immensely prepared me for a future with higher education. Starting from college prep 9-10tg grade to eventually taking college courses 11-12th grade and receiving my associates degree I can say that I am ready for college from attending this high school
My name is Sandy Perez. I am currently a junior at Alief Early College High School (AECHS). For the past 2 years at AECHS. I can say that it is so far it's going to be my unforgettable high school experience and I wouldn't change anything about it. Unfortunately, there is no sports at this campus like the rest of traditional high schools here at the Alief Independent School District. This school's goal is for each and every student to earn their Associate's degree at Houston Community College as well as their High School Diploma. Teachers and staff are the best people to talk to, you have their support and they are all in. I got to love my AECHS family. Class of 2019!!! GO KNIGHTS!
I would prefer a better way of learning since most of the teachers tend to teach one way, however I know that this unavoidable but I would like to see more of a variety of teaching.
Something I liked about the school was how small it was, it isnt like one of those huge schools where no knows anyone. In the school student get to build close relationships amongst each other and with the teachers. Everyone is friendly especially the staff members.
They prepared us for college at an early age. The teachers were always willing to help and provided us with many resources that could help us. Their goal was for us to achieve our goals.
Decent and well worth the effort needed to succeed. The school is lacking in a few places but makes up for in the small tight knit community. There is always someone willing to help you if/when you need it.
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Early College was a great opportunity for me because it prepared me for the university. It allowed me to get a feel of what college would be like. After my first year at the university of my choice, I can truly say that I am grateful for the opportunity.
Alief Early College High School is a great school that offers college readiness and the necessary tools to excel in college.
My experience attending this school was difficult at first because I need to adjust to their way of teaching. Everyone is incredibly nice and friendly because everyone knows each other due to how small the school is. Also, this school allows you to learn and they help you with whatever you're struggling with.
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