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The school has immensely prepared me for a future with higher education. Starting from college prep 9-10tg grade to eventually taking college courses 11-12th grade and receiving my associates degree I can say that I am ready for college from attending this high school
My name is Sandy Perez. I am currently a junior at Alief Early College High School (AECHS). For the past 2 years at AECHS. I can say that it is so far it's going to be my unforgettable high school experience and I wouldn't change anything about it. Unfortunately, there is no sports at this campus like the rest of traditional high schools here at the Alief Independent School District. This school's goal is for each and every student to earn their Associate's degree at Houston Community College as well as their High School Diploma. Teachers and staff are the best people to talk to, you have their support and they are all in. I got to love my AECHS family. Class of 2019!!! GO KNIGHTS!
I would prefer a better way of learning since most of the teachers tend to teach one way, however I know that this unavoidable but I would like to see more of a variety of teaching.
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Something I liked about the school was how small it was, it isnt like one of those huge schools where no knows anyone. In the school student get to build close relationships amongst each other and with the teachers. Everyone is friendly especially the staff members.
They prepared us for college at an early age. The teachers were always willing to help and provided us with many resources that could help us. Their goal was for us to achieve our goals.
Decent and well worth the effort needed to succeed. The school is lacking in a few places but makes up for in the small tight knit community. There is always someone willing to help you if/when you need it.
Early College was a great opportunity for me because it prepared me for the university. It allowed me to get a feel of what college would be like. After my first year at the university of my choice, I can truly say that I am grateful for the opportunity.
Alief Early College High School is a great school that offers college readiness and the necessary tools to excel in college.
My experience attending this school was difficult at first because I need to adjust to their way of teaching. Everyone is incredibly nice and friendly because everyone knows each other due to how small the school is. Also, this school allows you to learn and they help you with whatever you're struggling with.
You get to graduate with your associates degree while graduating with your high school diploma. Its a very small school so the classes are not that big. You get to have a nice relationship with your teachers because its a small school
This is not your typical high school, nor was it a typical high school experience. I missed out on sports, fun electives, a variety of clubs and the high school parties, all essential to a typical "high school experience." With this all being said do I regret going here at times, sure you can say that, but would I rather give up all the wonderful opportunities in this school for a traditonal high school, never. I get 2 years of college done and a chance to graduate with both a high school and associates degree. Why in ny right mind would I give this opportunity up. Although we do not have sports or several clubs, we do occasionally hold sports days and little festivals. The students and staff have a great bond that you find elsewhere.
Coming into the school, I didn't know what to expect. But now as a Senior, I can definitely say that my experience here was amazing. The opportunity to receive an Associates Degree and my High School Diploma at the same time is one of my greatest achievements. Though we don't have any sports or UIL teams, we make our own clubs that will make our experience here much greater. One of my favorite parts about going to this school were the events we have going on all the time. It's like every week or two, something is going on and it keeps the fun in our school going! This year, we were recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School and because of that, Blue Bell Ice Cream was served to every staff and student in our school! All in all, I really enjoyed my time here at the school and I encourage people to come here because it's a deal you can't get anywhere else in Alief.
Alief Early College is a small campus in Alief ISD. I am currently a Junior, and this far my experience has been great. The teachers really care for the students. everyone goes to school with the same goal in mind, to be the best they can be. Also this school allows the students to take Dual Credit college courses. It is a very diverse school.
While attending AECHS, I developed many skills which will help me throughout my college experience. I really enjoyed taking dual credit at HCC in order to finish certain hours that I need in order to graduate high school with my Associates Degree in Science.
My high school experience here has been a wonderful memory. I go to school for an education and this school allows me to get what I am looking for and more. The only thing I wished is for the school to become bigger and more advanced with more funding.
This is by far the most fond experience I have ever had at a public school. This school made me feel at home, and made me feel safe as I did when I once attended private school. When I transitioned from private school to public school, I never thought I'd find another environment like it, but assuredly I have. The staff and teachers here obviously care about our success, using excellent teaching methods that they devise themselves, and the school is small enough so the student body is like one big family. On top of that, we are working in association with Houston Community College to achieve our associate degree included with our high school diploma. Recently our school was also awarded the Blue Ribbon of Excellence. I am very proud to be a member of this school, and I'm sad to be departing from my new favorite school.
I love the opportunities this school gives us the students to be prepared for life, college, and the work force.
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Right now I am a sophomore at this school. I love that it is very competitive and that everyone is like a family because or school is so small.We are a national blue ribbon school and have done many things to get there. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pass these classes because they are trying to get you ready to take college classes by the end of sophomore downside can be the fact that there is no sports but you get used to it.Another can be the fact that because it is so competitive,you might not be in a good rank.My last downside is that not a lot of people know we're this school is because it is located in an area that is small,poor,and doesn't do so well academically and in everything else.Despite all of this, I love this school.
Alief Early College allows students to create a stronger relationship with their peers as well as teacher,counselors,and principal. In addition AECHS allows students prepare/have a strong grip on what the college lifestyle will really be like as well as earn their associates degree. Overall as a student I enjoy the environment and the support AECHS gives to me.
My overall experience at Alief Early College High School has been great. While attending this school I am also allowed to attend a community college that is right next door to the high school. I love the support and the motivation that the teachers give. I can say I am proud to be a Knight (Our Mascot) Recently, We were awarded with the National Blue Ribbon School Award and I am glad to say that I am proud of the staff and the students for their hard work. I wish there more space like the size of the school was larger so we could have an actual cafeteria and gym. Also we could use some sports.
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