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For my time with Alief Early College High School I have felt that it was a worthwhile experience for myself. Every student is offered free college courses from our neighbor Houston Community College, and is eligible to receive an associates degree by the time they finsish High school. Positive notes about Alief Early is the fact that both your high school and college teachers treat students as adults, thus preparing you for college if desired. In addition, the school faculty is very helpful to students either answering questions or helping in anyway they can. For future students I wish to see a change in our clubs, sports, and school meets. I wish for a increased amount of extracurricular opportunities for students, so that students have more chances to add things to their college resumes.
Alief Early College High School is an amazing opportunity for students to earn their Associates Degree with their High School Diploma; It can be stressful though.
I have no regrets in attending Alief Early College High School, because it provides the students with guidance and opportunities that other high schools do no offer. This high school provided us with an opportunity to earn an associates degree by the time we graduate high school.
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It is an amazing school! Although it is so easy for someone to enter the school grounds. I feel like we need better security at the entrance.
Alief Early College is ideal for students trying to get ahead academically by earning an associate degree but offers little in the way of sports and clubs.
Because the school is very small, you get to know the teachers very well. Not only that, but this school helps the students by offering them college classes. This school prepares students for them to take these rigorous classes and helps them manage their time.
I honestly really enjoyed my school because it was everything i expected it to be and it served me well
The small atmosphere is something people do not always seem fond of, but it is one of the things I loved most about my school. It feels like a family environment because no is left out; we all stick together. However, since my school is so small there is only one restroom per gender which can be inconvenience during transition time, so in the future, it would be nice if the school added more restrooms or made transition time longer.
Alief early college was a life changing experience. I was blessed enough to get accepted into a school where I can get my associate degree and my high school diploma at the same time . Although I faced many obstacles when my grandmother passed away . I was unmotivated and no longer wanted to go to the school I wanted be “normal “ . Go to football games and have prep rally’s stuff people at a normal school do . Due to that mind set my grades slipped and my academic standing was not good . But with the motivation of my counselors I saw that my education was important and I learned to value the opportunity that was given to me . Now I will be graduating with my associate agree and high school degree , May 2019. I am very grateful for the school cause it taught me to never give my and how important my education is .
The support that you receive in this school is priceless. The counselors are constantly looking out for the well being of their students. Students have the opportunity to graduate with an associates degree even before they actually receive their High School diplomas. The only possible downside for this school is for students who look for great extracurricular activities that are not exactly academic, or for students who are looking to play sports. The school is academically oriented. This is a great school that prepares you for four year institutions while you attend college.
Going to Alief Early College High School was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For starters, this school is allowing me to take college classes at Houston Community College. These classes are dual credit so they're giving me to the opportunity to graduate high school and college with my associates degree at the same time. My graduating class, Class of 2019, has only 98 students and this is another reason why I love this school. It has allowed me to get to know my classmates better and form relationships with most of them. There is a variety of clubs and organizations that anyone can join which can help you gain volunteer hours and experience in the outside world. No school is perfect and this one is no exception. The building we are currently in is relatively small since there aren't many students. The number of students in each class increases every year so space should increase as well. The pros outweigh the cons, which is why I would recommend anyone to go here.
Small school that allows you to feel like family with your peers and teachers. Great volunteering opportunities and also being able to attend HCC. Overall, if you imply hard work into your studies everything will pay off at the end.
The school itself gives its students the opportunity to learn and grow and get an associates degree if they choose to take that option. Now the work given can be very challenging since you have to juggle both college and high school work. However, I think that if you apply yourself and actually put in the effort, the work isn't so bad. There are no sports or music programs like most schools have, but I think it is a luxury to give up if you are really serious about school.
Alien Early College High School was a great school to attend academically. It has many rigorous courses and the teachers push you to learn. However, the administrative staff just are not as king or helpful. It is still an amazing school.
Alief Early College High School is exactly as advertised. What better college experience can you get than registering for classes of your choice, taking classes with a disparity of people, and being given the confidence to grab hold of your future? This school provides students with resources for scholarships, volunteering opportunities, tutoring and even emotional support. There are students from nearly every walk of life, and a kind and loving staff. For the high school teachers at least. College professors are a separate can of worms, but it is all a part of the experience.
This is one of the best places to have a education. Where a Knights family full of diversity, and culture. This school is well rounded with excellent students and teachers. We are given with every resource we need to succeed in life. Truly there’s noth a better place to be. Early College will forever be a place for higher education and seeing if students prosper in their many years to come. I’m proud to be apart of the knight family.
I like that they are supportive and are really dedicated to the success of their students. It's also a really challenging school, so make sure that you really want go there.
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Small, close-knit allowing for a family-like atmosphere and tight relationships. Unfortuantely, gossip spreads easily and is a constant distraction.
Alief Early college is a rather rigorous school, however, your every single effort placed into your education is worth it!
I love my school, so much oppertunities for the future such as taking dual credit classes while high School and graduate with associate degree.
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