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A diverse school with great teachers. We take college classes and high school classes. We have different programs that occurs every month. Environmentally, culturally, globally, and financially conscience.
I am currently a senior at this school and I think that it really does help prepare you for college. Because we are dual credit students, we are constantly reminded about our privilege and freedom at our young age.
The attributes that I enjoy about my school, Alief Early College High School is the opportunities that it sets up for you. To elaborate, Alief Early College High School, in partnership with HCC, allows you to take HCC classes in order to graduate high school with an Associates degree. However, one thing that I wish would improve about this school would be the variety when it comes to choosing a college to attend. As of now, Alief Early College High School allows the Associates degree, along with the credits accumulated, to transfer to only a selective amount of colleges. I wish to have a wider selection when wanting to choose my college.
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Good high school in general, a lot of work, but it is worth it eventually. Very competitive environment, if you cant handle that, the school is not the best choice for you.
My experience at AECHS has been the best! It is simply such an outstanding school in the Alief ISD district that has proven their support for students at all times. I think no parent even leaves dissatisfied with this school because it provides the best for everyone and has high standards of quality in all aspects.
Going to AECHS was truly a developing experience. Though, I didn't have what's considered to be the typical "High School experience", the sacrifice was worth the reward. Seeing that the idea of "early colleges" was new to Alief, my class was the last bunch from the experimental group of students. We were allowed the opportunity to take our core classes and gain our associate's degree. Thus saving anywhere from $20k-$40k for college and a HUGE headache with financial aid. I did wish we had a broader subject choice to choose from instead of only science and art, but I knew it'd take some time for them to be able to broaden the choices for the early college students. Wonderful area to cultivate needed skills to handle the college workload. Plus the resources have increased rapidly since I've graduated. You'll really feel like a family down there because everyone knows each other (student body is roughly 400+).
This school allows me to finish my associates degree and graduate high school at the same time. It saved me a lot of money, and allows me to focus on my career path. Since I come from a low income family it has really helped me become independent and knowledgeable on class credits and money. Without this school I would be struggling to know how to get into a good college, and wouldn't be able to afford it. Although it is a lot of work, this school is amazing because it has made me become a hard worker.
It was a great school that really does prepare students to transition from high school to college. The classes were challenging but they push you to do your best. It is a very small school so everyone gets to know each other. The school might not have sports or theater or a band but there are clubs that students can join and helps students have a connection to the school. The teachers really care about the students and want the best for them.
Alief Early college high school was the perfect fit for my Highschool experience. Being treated like an adult at such a primal time was very needed to equip me for college. Very resourceful environment that made me the near alumni I am now.
Alief Early College High School is an academic institution that combines the beauty of the past with all the best hopes for the future. This collaborative environment shapes its student into independent individual that will strive in their future endeavors. Truly one of a kind!
Though the lack of sports, AECHS is an excellent school to attend if you want to jump start your college career.
I like the diverse student population, small student to teacher ratio, dual credit/college degree program, clubs, events, and many more. Three is nothing I would do to change the school.
What I love about AECHS is the teachers are very caring about their students. They make an effort to get to know us and assure we are doing well in all aspects.
Alief Early College is a great school, however it is a school that might not be perfect for everyone. If you decide to mainly fulfill a academic journey during your highschool career this is the perfect school for you. Sadly if you are choosing to pursue a sport in high school this school is not the best fit due to the lack of sports. The school is a great way to start ahead by taking dual credit classes, which means you take normal high school classes and college classes at the same time. This will help you out in the long run helping you shave off two years of college by gaining your associate's degree. The school has a very genuine and humble atmosphere and not to mention the friendliest students on the planet, the student body are not just classmates but they are also like a family.
Alief Early College High School is a unique school that does offer what many other high schools don't. I get to have my associates AND a high school diploma. Another advantage is the way this high school can get you more opportunities into good universities and many scholarships. The teachers are very nice and once you get to know everyone that in this high school, you will truly now that this is your second home because everyone will be treated as family.
I really love the College environment here and the teachers are all very helpful and nice. College courses are heavily recommended in order to be successful in the school as we co enroll in dual credit in Houston Community College. So it is very heavy on academics and not really leaning towards sports. That is okay, I’ll get to have my fun once I’m in college. But the school is very great and I’d recommend it to others
It's an enduring and stressful experience. But the school has an environment like none else; it has a strong family climate around where everyone knows each other and is always ready to help. It's a challenge but one that is surely worth while.
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The small school means a lot of people you can turn to for help and makes it easier to stand out. Many of the students know at least one teacher very well, which makes it easy to ask for recommendation letters and other school-related questions. Overall, it's a great school and a serious contender for the best school in Texas
Alief Early College High School has been my home for the past three years and I would say that it is a lovely place to learn and spend four years of your life.
Alief Early College High School is a great place to be in. The teachers are always ready to help you in whatever situation you find yourself. The environment is friendly and welcoming. And, it's a small high school so, everyone is part of the big family.
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