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I would like to see more activities throughout the school to make the kids more interested in learning.
Aliceville High School is a good school. We need more clubs and activities. We offered a lot of sports. You get a chance to get prepared for college. You can get into college classes while in high school. They give you a lot of academic opportunities.
My experience at this school has been both enjoyable and terrible. I liked that the size of my school is small, which let me get to know the faculty and staff personally. I would love to see a change in the way people in charge of extracurricular activities treat different children.
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Nice predominately black school, not much violence and troublemakers. But the school has very good scholarships and alumni.
What I like about my school is that we have a great band , foot ball , & basket ball team. I like that my school has two breaks because I have 50 minutes in each class. I think that my school needs to improve on the education with teachers more qualified.My school needs more clubs & academic program. The lunch room needs more food that is better & tastier. As a senior I need much scholarships that I can get anything applies to me when I put hard effort to something I really want .
The teachers try their best to have an engaging and fun learning experience.
The staff of the school .makes sure that every student in the building is safe from all harm.
One of the extracurricular activity are basketball. It is very fun to play and its very interstimg to watch other players play as well.
My favorite subject is math. The staff and students make Aliceville High School a unique school.
The teachers do what they need to do so that the students can learn how to do there work in class with out any problems.
There are sports ranging from football to baseball. There is also a marching band, an energy awareness team (NEED), and a system called co-op. That's about it. When I attended, we tried to start an SGA, but even the teacher was very uncommitted to it, and it did not go far. However, I was in the marching band and it was really good. The NEED program was pretty successful, and the teacher always pushed us to do more.
Well I Live In A Rural Area. Bullying Is Really Not A Problem. Attendance Is Very Strict Here. If You Have Over 5 Unexcused Absences In One Semester You Will Be Called Into The Office And They Will Give You A Warning. The Prinicpal, Guidance Counselors, and Office Staff Are Very Concern About What You Are Going To Do In Life.
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