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My experience at Alice High School these past four years was quite well, a lot of good things went on, also being in other activities like band and sports, helped a lot with my experience. Some might say that they really didn’t like it but for me I actually enjoyed my time, some parts were difficult but with the right people they can help you succeed. Some subjects difficult than others, but once you ask the teacher to go slower you slowly start to understand more and more. Everyday I learned something new. For me; I would totally recommend people to send there children there.
Overall with my experiences with AHS, I see a very good program that still needs work on how to make it function better.
Overall my time at Alice High School has bee n a very good one. Although it may not seem like much to offer when you get there it is amazing all the opportunities you are offered.
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MY Experience at Alice High School was overall just below average experience. Poor academic advising from the counselors and lack of diverse academic courses. School meals where just above average and often lacking in flavor.

One thing about Alice High School I found enjoyable was the sports atmosphere of the School which was very intense, especially during football season. Another aspect that I found enjoyable where some of the facility I had the pleasure of meeting and being their student.

One thing that I would like to see change at Alice High School is the improvement of academic advising from advisers. Another aspect that should be changed is the lack of diverse academic courses offered that the school.
The education system at ahs is far behind any other school district. There are very few teachers who truly love their job and would do anything for their students. Most of the amazing teachers leave within 2 years because they realize how bad it is. Besides that, the school is fairly clean and I have no complaints about the building. They only care about their athletes and sports. They will disregard a failed drug test for their football players to continue to play.
Alice High School has many programs available for students to get involved in, but the most important thing is that academically, Alice High School isn't the very best at there job. Though, you never know it might be the staff that don't want to do their job or the students that just don't want to learn.
I like the fact the teachers are willing to go the extra mile for their students and be involved with their outside life. Id like to see change in the way the school is ran, because there is too much favoritism, and this causes the Other students to feel left out. Our band program is one of the best and the community should offer more support, because they only focus on the football team
My experience in High School was similar to any other, but the teachers there made a real impact on my life. These instructors actually care about the students and try their best to prepare you for life outside of school.
I had a great three years at Alice High School. I never had a problem with any staff or teacher. I am treated very fairly and am happy to be apart of the Alice Coyotes name.
Being a student at Alice High School isn't quite the experience I thought of as being in middle school. Although we are open to many opportunities, we are also limited to many things such as good lunch food and bigger campus.
What I love about Alice High School is the school programs that are available, like GEAR UP, Early College High School, Dual Credit, and the school can help pay for major tests like ACT and SAT if you are able to get a waiver. This has helped me very much in my high school career since it gets expensive to do these activities. What I would like to see change in though is the resources of the school. The school's budget is small, so some classes can't afford to get new textbooks, teaching books, and new equipment for the students like computers.
Alice High school is just like other high schools, we have dress code, we eat lunch on campus, and we have some teachers that are strict on dress code just like other high schools. I'd like to see the food in cafeteria change and the dress code. Not every high school needs a dress code but there's always students that take the free dress thing to far and wear something inappropriate.
The thing that I liked about coming to Alice High School was the community involvement in extracurricular activities, such as football and powerlifting. The support from the Alice community was incredible when it came to high school sports. The thing that I would like to see change, however, is the rate of which our academic scores are going. They seem to decline as the years go by, and I hope that it can change in the near future.
I am currently a student at Alice High School. The high school is a nice place to be most of the time. Every school has those "kids" who act immature and that need to grow up but other than that the teachers and staff are super nice.
it has a variety of clubs and organizations for all kinds of students
it was better than i expected honestly maybe it was because i was in a sport
The parents of Alice High School are very engaged in extracurricular activities,but can sometimes fail academics.
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Alice has a lot of problems,but there are plenty of great teachers who truly care for their students.
Once my friend got burned in her culinary class, so she went to the nurse, but they refused to treat her burn because she didn't have a pass from the teacher. Another time a student came into the counselors office and told them that he was going to wait the last five minutes of class in the office because they kids in his class were making fun of him, but the counselors turned him away. They preach about bullying however don't take action when a complaint is made.
There are a variety of clubs for students to be a part of. I feel like many clubs are not serious and committed.
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