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Alice Deal Middle School Reviews

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At Deal I was able to take part in many activities. I was able to take part in a club called Geo plunge and I was able to learn about the size, population, and state history . Then twice a year we go to a tournament and compete against other schools. I was also able to take part in a club called Girl Up. Girl Up is a organization that is apart of the UN. In the club we raised money to help girls around the world. This past year the UN used the money to buy bikes. The bikes are used to help girls get to their schools. While at Deal I took part in many sports. My coaches were experienced and were into and dedicated to helping every player develop into a better student and athlete. My teachers were strict and fun. They made sure everyone understood the material before moving on. Before we have standardized test they go back over lessons and reteach it, so that we don't forget.
As a current student, the teachers are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The administration sucks balls. We are constantly taking tests and being told to change. The dress code is very strict and I wish it weren't.
I was in alice deal middle school for two years. After 7th grade, i had to leave because i hated it too much. I had a condition that i was constantly bullied for, in almost every class period. Teachers rarely did anything about it, and if they did, they often blamed me for it. My teachers were terrible. In math, my teacher blamed me because i had a hard time understanding the math. In science, my teacher literally told the entire class to hurt me. In english, all my reactions due to my condition were blamed on me, and in history my teacher was just generally abusive the whole year.

I'd say avoid this school, but to be honest, if you are considering it, you probably don't have a choice.
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I am a student at Alice deal. The school in general is ok, the amenities do not work and there are not enough resources for all of the students. The teachers here are usually very stressed and they don’t answer your questions if you have them.
A lot of hype at deal that isn't really realized. They do NOT challenge your child in math nor do they work to push your child. My child is Ann honor roll student yet board stiff. I've talked NUMEROUS times with the administration only to be told "she is where she should be". ....board, on honor roll, no homework, no challenge, no plan for change....
Amazing school, great teachers willing to work with students, great resources, and amazing diversity in the school environment. Prepares you for whats next to come and teaches children material that are applicable to later life.
My daughter has always been challenged, but there is not too much work that it is overwhelming
Professional nurses from the nearby hospital, and I have always felt like my daughter is safe at school and walking home.
My daughter has always been able to find an activity that she likes, and the high school right next to the school provides extra support and equipment.
I have been able to contact all the teachers and administrators, and they are always willing to help.
All the teachers are really welcoming to all students, and make sure they are there to support the students, in and out of class. My daughter loves all of her teachers, and still goes to visit some of her previous teachers.
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