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Alice B. Landrum Middle School Reviews

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Recently moved to the area- chose St. John's for the good school ratings. Registered early, was told all was well. Day before school, no schedule. "Will have it resolved by day 1". Day 1 of school, still no schedule. Son sat in the library all day. I left emails to school admins, he had a schedule the next day, but they didn't follow up with any of my questions. Totally unorganized. Pick up and drop off is terrible. Bullying continues to be an issue. Seriously considering private/home school.
Excellent academics that will rival any private school.
It is overall a school with extensive safety precautions, however, in such a safe area, the extent of such measures are not apparent.
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There are so many to choose from, and every study can find their niche.
This school offers a variety of absolutely incredible opportunities, regardless of interest of area of expertise.
Teachers are mostly well informed and devoted to helping their students succeed.
Our family moved to the area so my daughter could attend the school. TIP: don't waste your money. It isn't worth your effort. If your student doesn't need help, direction; if they don't need questions answered, then they'll probably do well. If you student is younger, a minority or disabled, then they will not do well. This school doesn't care about the kids only in dogmatic adherence to doctrine as dictated by clueless, distant district officials. Stay where you are and don't come to St John's County.
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