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Alhambra senior high school gives great support to its students and staff. Being a gold ribbon school, Alhambra was able to purchase chromebooks for all students, which has changed the education of the community immensely.
The past for years at Alhambra has been a great experience all around. Though High School can have its ups and downs as it is, I never had a problem getting up and knowing I was at a school that had my back. I think the school has developed immensely since my Freshman year, and it is continuing to grow in all aspects. They are spirited, welcoming/supportive, ready to teach/learn, and are always creating new memories inside and outside of the classroom. I would like to see the school give back to the community more as years go on, focus more efficient ways to teach kids in the future, and become a little more lenient when it comes to planning student activities. But if you are randomly moving to the East Bay and are looking for a good High School to transfer your child into, this school is the happy-medium for sure and I could not be more proud to be a Bulldog for life!
I loved the environment and everyone around me very friendly students. The teachers are great and very understanding. Many funny moments of my high school life. Everyone is open to meeting new students.
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I had a genuinely good experience at this school. There was a great student community: no cliches, no bullying, no one treated differently because of their race. The teachers were always fun to listen to and had a real interest in making the lives and futures of their students better. I really did enjoy my time here and think that anyone else that goes here would say the same.
I went to private school from K-8, and Alhambra High School was a great way to adjust to public school academics. I think that administration needs to figure out a way to challenge students at a higher intelligence level and prepare them better for college.
I love Alhambra, the community is wonderful. And the whole town stands behind us with an armful of support. Martinez is such a small community where everyone knows one another. It's a very peaceful and humble town. Our faculty and staff are off the charts, providing emotional support and encouragement for their students. Making an ideal place for students to feel safe and have an adult to talk to. Our clubs and classes our highly involved in our communities, trying not only improve our school, but our community as well. Juniors in but they are discussing modern slavery and what the students can do to help bring awareness to their community and how they can end slave labor. . Our marching band and colorguard have made it their passion to give back to the community. Every year, they visit the VA hospital and perform. They marched just down the road from the school and performed before Les Schwab.
Alhambra Senior High School has an amazing faculty. The teachers are engaged with their students and love what they are doing. Coupled with this, the counselors and administrators try their hardest to make school great for the kids. The principal, Mr. Doppe, does everything in his power to make the learning experience better for the students; going as far as teaching William Shakespeare's Hamlet to AP English students.
My teachers were always involved and would help when it came to their student for the most part, however, I've had some teachers who did not prepare me for what real college classes were and even though some teachers were fair and commanded respect from their students most just did not care and showed more than obvious favoritism towards some students
There is a wide variety of great clubs and organizations at this school, many leadership-type clubs, volunteer-type clubs, and just random, fun clubs. Key Club, Lawn Chair Club, Snowboarding club, Mock Trial, and Baking Club were all fun clubs just to name a few. The level of commitment wasn't stressed with clubs like Lawn Chair Club and Baking Club, but the more academic type clubs like CSF and volunteer clubs like Key Club and Interact Club required you to attend meetings regularly but if you did miss a couple meetings, it was alright, you would just get the meeting information from someone else in the club.
My experience at this school has been a great one that I will remember for a long time. Even though the learning/school aspect was tough at times, the extracurricular activities and friends that also attended the school helped balanced out the stressful times and made it an amazing and enjoyable experience. Prom and other school dances, the homecoming games, competing in school sports, attending club meetings, hanging out with friends at school, and graduating were definitely the highlights of my time at this school. If I could do it all over, I would definitely go to this school again because the sense of community and the quality of the classes was amazing. Everyone knows each other here, which is such a unique aspect of the school and it seems like everyone in town is always involved with school events, there are always crowds at athletic events or volunteers for non-athletic events.
Most teachers are very engaging and helpful, they actually want you to learn and know the material rather than taking material straight from the book and regurgitating it to the class. And they are great at leading the classroom and controlling the flow while still answering questions and engaging in discussion about topics that students still don't understand, however they each have their own pace and grading styles and some even have discrepancies in their grading that can be kind of difficult to adjust to.
Academics are okay with the exception of new teachers who don't understand how much is too much
My English teacher was always one to interact with his students. He was up on current events and sports on campus and we always felt as if he cared.
There are teachers on campus who liked to teach, wanted to teach and encouraged students. There were also teachers who didn't care, didn't teach just pointed to a page in the text book and never encouraged or engaged with the students.
When I first attended the school there were a lot of clubs to choose from; there was an array of choices. But in the recent years there has been a decrease in the amount of clubs
Regarding parents, I am not sure about other students but looking at my parents as well as my peers, they seem to be involved with their kids life as much as they can but work and other issues do come up that might hold back a parent from going to games and such.
Most teachers are very good at their job. They engage with their students and give thorough lessons. Although, some teacers give a load of homework that becomes difficult and challenging for students who are involved in extracuricular activities.
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There are cliques, however, most are open to outsiders or members of other cliques. They're not set in stone, more of a natural grouping of people with similar interests. The student body as a whole is open and accepting to all sexual orientations, and while not very diverse, they are open to other ethnicities. Peer pressure is not prevalent accept in good nature (ie. c'mon tell us what happened, go present, etc.)
The extracurriculars are spectacular. I myself founded a club freshman year and it's still going today. There's a diversity of clubs, and it is extremely easy to start one, for any interest. After-school activities are generally high quality, our annual play and annual musical always draw large crowds, as do any major fundraisers we hold. Administration works with us to help us achieve whatever it is we look for. Clubs do not require a lot of commitment unless they are academic. Most meet at lunch because sports practices occur directly after school (athletes tend to do other extra-curriculars too, in addition to their strict practice regiments).
There's a broad range of teacher types. It varies from those who are student favorites but do nothing, to those who teach the student even more than they need to know, but aren't very liked. Discipline standards vary by teacher and have no relation to how they teach. There are teachers who teach at the local community college. One of which is very good on his teaching content and is very popular among students.
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