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I attended Alhambra High School when I was a sophomore. What I like about Alhambra High School is that the students were truly welcoming. If a student was seen alone, students will approach to them and greet themselves. I also like how there are a variety of clubs. Not to mention, students are allow to make their own club if they have a teacher supervise. One thing I will change is the restrooms. An immaculate restroom and stalls with a lock would be nice.
about Alhambra High School is how they offer Honors, AP, and dual enrollments classes. I also like how they have a variety of clubs and sports. I was a cheerleader my sophomore year and I have been in Company Dance for two years. The only thing I would like to change is how they have their assembly outside at the football field rather than inside the gym because people would complain about the heat and would not have any spirit.
Something I liked from Alhambra high school was the diversity. This is because students from all over go to that school and teachers and students are so nice to foreign students. Something that can improve is the cafeteria food, it’s not good.
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It was great, I was only their my freshman year but, the teachers were really cool. I loved the library their it was my escape if i felt like i did not want to be outside. if i were able to go back to this school if my credits transfer i would go back with out thinking for a minute.
Alhambra High School is a good school for many reasons. There are several different courses to choose from which is very helpful. There are many clubs for after school activities which is also nice, but most only run for about 50 minutes after school only on certain days which is not a lot. I have joined quite a few clubs, but I was disappointed by the lack of time that we had to converse. The main subjects taught are up to the standards that they should be but some teachers make it very hard to learn. Some teachers are very nice and make learning easy, but some are very hard on their students and unforgiving to those that fall behind which makes it hard to feel motivated to learn. However, the teachers who are nice make it worthwhile to continue learning, and the councilors help to keep their students on track. Overall, I could see a few things that need improvement, but the school is a welcome environment and the staff do their best to see that students succeed.
I had an overall superb experience with Alhambra Highschool. They were people from many parts of the world all with unique stories that gave me a new insight of the world. The teachers are amazing and really try to get to help the individual student, all in all I had a great experience with Alhambra Highschool.
(Most) teachers truly care about your wellbeing and success. There are lots of AP classes to take as well as avenues into community college education and summer classes for those who want more challenges. Plenty of organizations and sports, but would've liked to see more diversity clubs which are a large part of the college environment. The school is also safe and clean, which is super important. Not a lot of diversity in terms of the student body, but it's getting better.
Alhambra high School create a atmosphere of positive surroundings, good teaching, overall safety,and a good learning experience. This school excels in providing the tools required for a good high school experience,it provides with great resources, and gives the students an advantage for college.It gives students a variety of different options to study, work, and learn. Therefore this school is a great place for college going students and a positive field for any student.
The experiences I have at Alhambra High School was great and memorable. I had a great time with my teachers and counselors during my school year. Every time I need help, I would ask both my teachers and counselor. My counselor was one of my best friend. She help me through every process I have to go through and schedule my classes the way I want. She make it possible for me. Also, the library was a great place to study and do homework. Since we have Advisory class, we have time to travel to a class or a place at the time and I would usually go there to study.
Alhambra High School is a school that offers a medical magnet program where you can choose between doing nursing, sports med, or professional. The program starts your first year of high school and it is only available if you apply for the program. Overall, it is a really good program if you want to be involved in the medical field after high school. You do lots of volunteer and observation hours which help you graduate with medical magnet status and it will for sure look good on college resumes. With the help of our magnet teachers throughout the years, they truly help prepare us for college and give us lots of insight knowledge on the different ways you can go throughout the medical field because there are endless possibilities. Being involved in school is also a really good way to go. Alhambra offers lots of clubs and sports that can help you get involved throughout the years. Alhambra is a pretty good school that offers college readiness throughout all four years.
I love the diversity. Theres so many languages spoken and everyone is accepting for others race. There's many support groups if needed. Example, if you're struggling with your sexuality, there's a support group for that. And the same with depression. We could use more spirit. Not everyone's proud to be a lion. But as long as you join a activity or club you'll be fine (:
Alhambra High School was an overall decent school. There is a lot of diversity involving culture and gender which I found nice. The teachers and staff were good, but they could be better. The school grounds and facilities could use improvement. The food was good in my opinion and there is also a lot of sports and clubs. in conclusion, it is a good school but it could use some improvements.
My experience at Alhambra High School had been very good. I find that this school has a wide variety of cultures and it is really fun to meet people from all around the world. Another thing I love about Alhambra are the teachers. Every teacher shows a great passion to teach each student and they provide great tutoring opportunities. At Alhambra students who succeed in academics are very hard-working and they show this incredible interest in school. If I could change something about Alhambra it would probably be the resources that students and teachers have. Our school isn't very "wealthy" therefore it's rare when we actually get good quality computers or textbooks.
AHS is a large public high school and lacking in some resources. Some teachers were good and genuinely cared about the students but some teachers were terrible at teaching the curriculum. Some classes such as English and Math did not prepare me to standardized tests.
As a student from a low-income neighborhood, I realized that there was a huge lack of security around the schools - many students would ditch classes, smoke in the bathrooms, and other inappropriate-for-school actions. This needs to change for better behavior and futures from and for the students. On the positive side, when a teacher cared about their students, they really cared. The sense of family came from many of my teachers and students need that to get through the daily struggles of high school.
What I like about Alhambra High School is that there is a lot of diversity. There are many people you can relate to and connect with. I just think the we could improve the security in the campus.
i liked that they have elevators for students with disabilities, but their security isn't very good,
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My experience with Alhambra High school was amazing every since 9th grade. The teacher’s were patient and helped me with everything to be successful. They put in 100% even when I didn’t want to put in 100%, they were there the whole process from the first day I enrolled till I graduate in may. I wouldn’t change anything about Alhambra they helped with choosing colleges, had the right resources to helped me with my next step when I graduate, and they always kept me on track with my credits and what I need to achieve to be successful in college and life.
I went to Alhambra because i live in a five minute distance from it, I wish things were more student oriented and cleaner.
This high school has many programs and opportunities for every student here at Alhambra we have a very diverse group of students
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