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My experience with Alhambra High school was amazing every since 9th grade. The teacher’s were patient and helped me with everything to be successful. They put in 100% even when I didn’t want to put in 100%, they were there the whole process from the first day I enrolled till I graduate in may. I wouldn’t change anything about Alhambra they helped with choosing colleges, had the right resources to helped me with my next step when I graduate, and they always kept me on track with my credits and what I need to achieve to be successful in college and life.
I went to Alhambra because i live in a five minute distance from it, I wish things were more student oriented and cleaner.
This high school has many programs and opportunities for every student here at Alhambra we have a very diverse group of students
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I love how Alhambra is very diverse and full of culture. Its a big school with over 3,000 students. Most councilors are great with helping out students stay on track or catch up on credits. The only downside to Alhambra is our security. I don't feel safe with them, in a real emergency they wouldn't be much of assistance.
Some teachers cared, most didn't. Lots of rude teenagers. More security, that actually cares. Good side is the diversity of the students and Lioncamp which allows you you to meet more people from different ethnic groups. Also many distinct clubs and if none of the peeks your interest it is simple to make another one.
Alhambra High School is helpful towards getting kids ready for college. It's a high school that takes pride in their Diversity.
the one thing I'd say would be the lack of student involvement. The students here just want to keep low and get through high school with out being pressured by the student government to "get involved " and things like " LIIT" I get that they're trying to get the school together but things are the way they are , it feels so corny and forced
I've been here at Alhambra for the past 2 years and it's not as bad as people make it seem, but it's not better either. The real issue here is the students. They tend to have negative attitudes and tendencies that lead to make the school look even worse. This school is very poor. The bathrooms are never in good shape, no matter how hard the custodians work to clean it. Kids more often smoke marijuana in there than actually use the restroom. They don't enforce security by all means. But they offer great programs. Now, I am involved in the ACE program which is where you attend college, meaning you graduate with your diploma and a year and a halves worth of college credits. They offer many different sports and club activities. The Performing Arts committee is very dedicated. The teachers usually try their very hardest to help students. Everybody has that one bad apple of a teacher but other than that, teachers are great.
Alhambra high school had everything from dance to nursing. Alhambra helps you find who you are. what you want to do in life. also this high school doesn't really give you a chance unless you know who you are right when you come in. you have to know people to get help that you need. teacher do favor other students more than others.
It has been a great experience for me in Alhambra High School where I met so many different people. What I like about Alhambra is that the staff care about their students and their safety.
I liked how the teachers were always there to help their students. There are many clubs that the students can join including clubs that helps students express themselves. The teachers also offer Saturday school for students who need more help on an assignment or need to finish their work. Everyone makes you feel welcome. The counselors and teachers help you apply to colleges. The teachers prepare you for college.
I would love it if for a change Alhambra were to be better organize that's what I can say needs more help on
I like how some of the teachers were very accommodating. They'll help you with scholarships, applications for college, making sure your on track to graduate. I also liked how sports or clubs helped wanted you to keep your grades up. What I didn't like how messy the campus was. There was gum all over the sidewalks, and trashcans over flowing sometimes. Gum under the desk. I recommend for those that get detention that they help clean up the campus. Who doesn't like a little community service?
I learned a lot from the teachers I had as well as my friends. I met some amazing people in my groups and we had lots of fun. I would like to see more equal treatment of students there was some options favoritism sometimes as well as restrictions on the fundraising.
When I entered freshman year it was considered a ghetto school. But it really wasn't there was so much diversity and I liked that about it. Our teachers and counselors were always there to help us however they could. Although there was many clubs to join I think there should have been more ways to participate in activities.
Alhambra High School will always hold a special place in my heart. All the teachers that I have had were able to make learning interesting and engaging, they were almost always available when I need them, and they were always able to relate to me and my fellow classmates. The only problem that I have had there is the availability of my counselor, but that may be due to the fact that my counselor was the head of counselors.
I love my teachers and the staff. Students in my school arent the most respectful, but the staff and teachers they don't care becuase they want us to be succesful. Alhambra is a wonderful high school to attend despite what people had said about it when I was in middle school I love it there, and I can't wait to go back to see my friends and all of my teachers old and new.
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The best thing about the school was that there was many lines a person can get into without have to wait for too long. The office staff has the potencial to be better at attending parents or whom ever is at the office or is calling by phone.
My experience at Alhambra High School over all was excellent. I as individual did enjoy going to school there although I know of people who would say otherwise. What I would like to see changes at Alhambra High School is Security. These individuals are not in the physical form if there was an occasion to run and provide protection for the school or a student.
I am currently a senior at Alhambra High School. I meant wonderful people here, but the school lunches are terrible, I mean at school are they not? I liked it here because of the people I meant, but the school overall many people are not involved in school activities.
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