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Alhambra High School is a welcoming school that consist of friendly people and workers. They offer wide ranges of extracurricular activities as well as variety of resources.
Alhambra High School is a very welcoming school with a lot of diversity! It’s a school that loves to interact with everyone and have many become involved in clubs, which is a great way to meet new people!
I like the large school feel. There are a lot of opportunities through clubs and teachers to begin pursuing your future. For example, many students from my school are contributing to the Vote at 16 movement in Alhambra.
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Alhambra High School has a very diverse environment and provided students with lots of resources and opportunities to get homework help, sign up for internships, participate in many extracurriculars, and to be involved with lots of school events (like games and rallies). However, I feel that because of the implementation of the Common Core Standards and the taking away of classes such as Geometry, Trignometry, and other classes that were replaced by CCS classes (such as Math 1, Math 2, Math 3), it has hindered the students from truly exceling since the classes require the student to think for him/herself; there are teachers that do not teach, and thus it is easier for many students to fail simply because the standards implemented were not well taught or received by students.
Better administration, less busy work for students, implement useful skills that students can carry with them to college
I have a really good experience in this school. The teacher is professional and helpful. They help me to be better prepare for college. One change I would want to see is that the food doesn’t taste so good.
Alhambra High School is a great diverse community. There is lots of resources for students to use and help them with their work.
The people are not self motivated. We are supposed to be "college bound", yet I see no one striving to go to college. Everyone only wants temporary satisfaction. We are not competitive enough or hard working enough.
Large campus, food can be improved. New science building and numerous extracurricular activities and clubs offered to students.
I went to this school for four years. Every year I get a great teacher that will help me thrive to become a better me. Everyone at school is friendly and there are lots of food places just around the school.
I love the teachers! They are so amazing and the majority that I have had helped me in so many ways <3
Alhambra HS has its own unique style in teaching. They encourage students to learn over memorizing. The counselors are very caring in taking care of many situations. I enjoyed
The majority of my high school experience at Alhambra High School was honestly really tragic. While the academics and resources provided to students are fair, the administration and good number of teachers were either unqualified or not great in their roles. I would say the best part of AHS is the diverse population of students and several phenomenal, respectable teachers.
Alhambra High School is a very old and historical place of education. This specific establishment has gone through many historical events including World War II. Alhambra High is a friendly and diverse school where students can easily fit in and have a good education experience. Alhambra High teachers are very nice and understanding as well as the counselors and staff. Alhambra High welcomes everyone from all walks of life.
My experience at Alhambra High School has been greater than I ever would have expected. With great and welcoming teachers, students and faculty, I have always found myself a place in this community. As I near one more year at this school, I often reflect on how much this school has made an impact on my life and education journey. I am truly grateful to have learned so much information from various subjects offered.
Alhambra High School is a decent school and I've enjoyed studying here. The staff were very helpful. The school environment was basically what you made of it and was competitive if you decided to take the more advanced classes. There are many opportunities for tutoring and most teachers made themselves available to their students. There is not very strong parent involvement in this school. As for its athletics, Alhambra is not known for its sports. The school population consists of a large population of Hispanics and Asians.
I liked the fact that our school has many supportive peers, we all pushed one another to do well both academically and physically. However, being ASB Vice President I saw the struggle for us students to have the administration approve new exciting events to increase our school spirit. Furthermore, academically students who are left behind were stuck struggling and having to take summer school to make up for their high school credits constantly. Teachers never really pushed or went out of their way to help students in need. Overall, our school provided us a great number of opportunities to pursue our interest through clubs and sports.
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I loved that the people who were in charge cared deeply about being well educated and pushed each students to their limits. The down side would be that Although our Academic programs have been giving all the funds needed the VAPA programs where not given as much attention and as a student involved in VAPA programs i would have to say it was very disappointing to see
I like that we are a very diverse community full of both Asians and Hispanics. We offer tutoring programs on campus that includes peer to peer tutoring. The location of the school is amazing. There is a library, police station, city hall, courthouse, movie theater, and several food options within walking distance. The environment of the school is very welcoming. I would prefer a better food options and more supplies as this limits some learning experiences.
Alhambra High School is a school dedicated to lowering the D and F rate of students. It is not a school dedicated to, as much as it would like to state, raising college-ready students. The expectation of a student here is to attend a 2 year community college or attend a 4 year California State University. Nonetheless, many students often still fail courses and there is a culture of apathy towards education in many of the students. However, many students desire to strive towards academic achievement and do put in work by taking more challenging courses.
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