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I liked the fact that our school has many supportive peers, we all pushed one another to do well both academically and physically. However, being ASB Vice President I saw the struggle for us students to have the administration approve new exciting events to increase our school spirit. Furthermore, academically students who are left behind were stuck struggling and having to take summer school to make up for their high school credits constantly. Teachers never really pushed or went out of their way to help students in need. Overall, our school provided us a great number of opportunities to pursue our interest through clubs and sports.
I loved that the people who were in charge cared deeply about being well educated and pushed each students to their limits. The down side would be that Although our Academic programs have been giving all the funds needed the VAPA programs where not given as much attention and as a student involved in VAPA programs i would have to say it was very disappointing to see
I like that we are a very diverse community full of both Asians and Hispanics. We offer tutoring programs on campus that includes peer to peer tutoring. The location of the school is amazing. There is a library, police station, city hall, courthouse, movie theater, and several food options within walking distance. The environment of the school is very welcoming. I would prefer a better food options and more supplies as this limits some learning experiences.
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Alhambra High School is a school dedicated to lowering the D and F rate of students. It is not a school dedicated to, as much as it would like to state, raising college-ready students. The expectation of a student here is to attend a 2 year community college or attend a 4 year California State University. Nonetheless, many students often still fail courses and there is a culture of apathy towards education in many of the students. However, many students desire to strive towards academic achievement and do put in work by taking more challenging courses.
Alhambra High School has a fair diversity and some great teachers. There are very different types of students, like there are the super studious and the students that are also not so into academics. The environment is fine and good for learning in the advance classes. Clubs are terrible except for very few. Many clubs are very inactive and do not do much in school. People are alright and there is a large mix between Hispanics and Asians.
Alhambra High School is your usual, slightly better then average high school. The academics all depend on which teacher you may have. There are definitely some great teachers, but like every school, with the good comes the bad. I am impressed in a new program that is offered to the school, the Early College Program (ECP). This allows students to take classes in which will result in an AA degree with the completion of high school.
I liked the fact that some teachers really care about teaching and the students' learning. However, there is a good share of people that seem like they don't know what they are doing in the classroom too. If you choose the "right" classes, this is a good place to be.
Alhambra High School is very helpful in academic aspects as well as preparing students for the future.
Alhambra High School was a good high school compared to the other schools in the district. The student body was quite diverse and very open-minded. While school pride was not that great, it was evident that ASB and the student councils were trying hard to bring it back up.
Academics were also pretty good. However, there were a handful of teachers that did not care enough about the material or the students which often resulted in poor academic results and more stress for the students. Speaking from experience and from the examples of close friends, these teachers were often biased and assigned heavy workloads in addition to useless busywork. Aside from these few teachers, Alhambra High School did a great job with emphasizing the importance of academics as well as student involvement in school activities and clubs.
Alhambra High School is overall a very nice school to be in - it has decent academics, teachers, and extracurricular activities. It also offers a wide range of tutoring for various subjects for free. However, some teachers are not very good at their job and will have trouble teaching the class necessary material. There are teachers who stand out above the rest and really enrich your experience at Alhambra. The atmosphere is nice as well and overall is a wonderful place.
Alhambra high school is very diverse. It is around many shopping centers and restaurants. Although it is a great schools it lacks inclusiveness of all students. But lets be realistic its not possible to include everyone in everything.
The high school overall had solid teachers, with a few exceptions. There were a good amount of challenging classes to keep students on their toes. Extracurriculars were great as well.
As a student in this school, it is evident that this school is lacking in academics, regarding poor teachers that cannot teach, clubs that are exclusive, and poor diversity. The principle is not knowledgable of his own policy of 40 students per club and in order to join one, a student has to do 10 hours of service, and pay for fundraisers and go through an interview. Even then, it is likely they will not make it into the specific club because of the bias towards friends within the clubs during the interview and the 15-18 people cap for new members when up to 80 people are trying out.
I graduated Alhambra High School in 2017 and it was an experience I won't forget. During my time at school I was able to start my own club that focused on gaming and teamwork. I am proud to say I was able to connect with so many of my peers and have them become more involved with school through the club. Overall, as far as academics goes, Alhambra is a school that is middle of the pack to above average compared to schools in the region such as Arcadia, Mark Keppel, and San Gabriel.
Alhambra High School gave me lots of opportunities and resources to accommodate myself wherever I saw fit. College readiness is heavily encouraged and our college advisers were definitely a big help in the confusion of applying. The staff and teachers were typically on the extreme ends, ranging from rude to extremely polite.
Every student has a different experience at Alhambra High School academically and socially. Overall, it seems to be a fairly accepting environment. There are certainly teachers and curricula that need to be reevaluated. One new development within the resources available to students is assistance with college prep. Deadlines are emphasized and help is readily available to all students whether it be with scholarships, financial aid, applications, or even what college to attend. Workshops and one on one are open to students. It comes as a shock that such resources weren't available at an earlier point in time, as many of the students partaking would be lost without the support.
Alhambra high school was a basic school. Some teachers were good, some teachers were just there for the money. The programs/clubs that did not make money for the school were always pushed aside and forgotten. There were fights occasionally, nothing brutal. The staff was nice, but not always helpful. I think with a little more money from the district this school could improve. I did enjoy my time here, as I try to make the best of situations, however it is the little things that could have made my experience better.
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Overall my experience at Alhambra High School was fantastic I participated in sports such as soccer, swim and cheer. These extra circular activities helped me learn how to work on a team and give my 100% effort every time. I feel as though the school should improve on the cafeteria food because it can be pretty nasty and very unhealthy. Teachers need to be qualified and prepared for the job and actually teach the class. I believe the school should stop putting so much restrictions for students music.
This school is full of lies, they try to look good to get recognized by the government and get money from them. In order for them to have a high graduation rate, they send all of the students at risk of graduation to another school.
I have been in Alhambra High for all four years of my high school life, and overall it has been a wonderful experience in preparation for college. The teachers really help to prepare the college standards that universities will be expecting out of you. Anyone can succeed if they put in the effort to. The only problem I have with the school is the food, as there could be much improvement in terms of variety, healthiness, and taste.
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