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This school is full of lies, they try to look good to get recognized by the government and get money from them. In order for them to have a high graduation rate, they send all of the students at risk of graduation to another school.
I have been in Alhambra High for all four years of my high school life, and overall it has been a wonderful experience in preparation for college. The teachers really help to prepare the college standards that universities will be expecting out of you. Anyone can succeed if they put in the effort to. The only problem I have with the school is the food, as there could be much improvement in terms of variety, healthiness, and taste.
I went to Alhambra High School for 4 years and it felt like a sub-par experience. The students here are extremely focused on buffing up their college resumes with club positions without doing any good to the environment, taking more AP courses than they can handle to make their GPA look nicer, and a sense of competition between the students that make them go at each other rather than focus on learning. The school feels like barren because the students are all tired from the loads of homework and juggling it with extracurricular activities. The school spirit is not really there and most students end up going to hang out at restaurants around the school as there are many to choose from.
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Alhambra High School gives me more opportunities to learn about college readiness. We have college counselor to guide us with applying to college and they are very helpful.
Most of the staff and teachers are horrible at their jobs. There a rare few teachers that are good teachers. The school does not have a parking lot for students. The security in the school is horrible. Overall had a bad high school experience.
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I like how nice the staff is. Something I would like to see change is more college readiness prep. There could also be a larger variety of food. Majority of the time they serve the same foods everyday. There are the same options and most options only alternate to two different kinds. For example, cheeseburgers are either sliders or normal burgers.
Alhambra HS has a great AP course catalog, and most of the teachers are great! The English and History departments are stronger than those of the STEM fields, but a good school none the less. Offers a variety of clubs, field trips, and community volunteer opportunities!
During my time at Alhambra High School, it has been pretty good, My teachers have taught me well , the resources are good, and everyone is nice and friendly. We have a wide variety of ethnic groups. I am currently in a class to prepare you for college, that is named PODER. Alhambra High has also been preparing us for the real world when we are adults, we have learned many skills like time management, finance, critical thinking, and more. Whenever we need help or protection there is always someone there for you. The clubs and sports allow us to become more active and give us more school spirit. It is a good safe environment to live in. Overall this has been a good experience , I would definitely recommend Alhambra High.
My time in Alhambra High School has been pretty good. The teachers are great and they are willing to help out if you have any problems. Our school is pretty diverse and many people are friendly and willing to help. They have a class to prepare you for college named PODER. They are also people around for our safety and to help us if we are lost or something has happened. The parents are pretty involved for example meeting for PODER if you have questions and they help explain what they are doing. We have clubs and sports to keep you active and into the school spirit. We have a great learning environment that is safe to be in. Overall I enjoyed being part of this school and I recommend it to you.
Alhambra High School is a good school and I would recommend going there. As a student there for 4 years now I have become very comfortable and safe being there. Their staff work well with the students except for one woman who works in the Career Center, she is very rude towards the students and that is definitely something that should change. They offer a variety of classes to take which I like very much. The teachers are excellent as educators because they become close with the students and have every intention into preparing them for College.
Some teachers are good and fun and some aren't. They can really get on your nerves because some has attitude and refuse to listen even when your being nice. Not only that but the rest of the staff such as the "narts" and custodian are super nice! Well some narts are rude but most are super nice and just wants to be in the loop. But the career center lady ONLY the head honcho is the rude one so beware! Besides all that Alhambra is alright. It's a wide outside campus rather than stuffy, cramped hallways in other schools.
Alhambra high school is an amazing school thanks to most of the teachers who are very dedicated and the diversity of culture and clubs. I have been involved in the thespians club and have grown because of the desication of the students and the teachers. Alhambra has many great teachers but some just don’t fit in. Few teachers at AHS have proven to be not as loving of their students and work. Besides that, Alhambra has been the perfect fit for me. (Senior, Dahlia)
Based off my first year attending Alhambra High School, I'd say it's quite a nice school. There are several clubs and activities one can partake in, and the school itself is very diverse, filled with people of all different places. I'd say the teachers and administration are just average, the same you'd find at any other school.
The school is a bit run down and overcrowded with students in each and every class but it does help students keep on the right track to college through the avid program it used to have. Not sure about that program now.
Alhambra High School is the perfect environment to improve your academic
skills. The teachers are highly motivated and dedicated to prepare you for college. With that being said, the high school is competitive and difficult, however, if you invest hard work into this school, you will receive an even better education in the future. Many educational, career, and financial are located around Alhambra High because it across the street from the library, City Hall, Main Street, and the police station. If you want quality education with committed teachers, Alhambra High is the school for you.
I like about Alhambra High School is that certain teachers really get involved with students and care. What I would want to change is the dress code for girls because they are too strict.
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Alhambra High School, what a school. Recently, Alhambra high has just earned the golden ribbon and I couldn't say I was any prouder. Alhambra is truly an amazing wonderful school and frankly if you don't agree you must be from San Gabriel.
It's a pretty good alot of the Teachers and Students are really cool and nice. There's alot of programs and clubs to be apart of so everyone has something. Alot of the security and Staff are really cool and really good at there job
I love the environment affiliated with Alhambra High. The school is very welcoming and offers numerous courses to ensure students get the classes they are most interested in. Also, the teachers and peers are very friendly and I never feel as if I do not belong.
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