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New administration recently for 2020-2021, hopefully better management across the board from new principal.
I recently graduated from Algonquin and I had an overall good experience. I had so many opportunities to excel and my teacher genuinely cared about my mental health and grades. If you want to succeed and go in with a good mindset, you will go far. It set me up well for college. Almost all of classes were honors level or AP, so my classes were very focused, but I can't speak for the class structure of CP classes. I was also able to join a bunch of clubs and play 2 sports.
I liked it a lot. I enjoyed playing football there and learning how Algonquin loves to give back to the community. I liked learning there and met a lot of great friends along the way.
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Algonquin is a such a fun school. There definitely are some not so great things about it but overall I have enjoyed my years here.
Algonquin is a great school in preparing students for college and other post-high school endeavors. The teachers are very helpful and supportive. There are also great opportunities in sports, arts, and other extracurriculars. However, the school could have some more spirit.
I loved my academic experience at Algonquin! There are so many clubs and athletic teams available to students, and I found it easy to fit in. The academics are top notch and the teachers are helpful and supportive to students. Overall, these last few years at Algonquin have been great for me, and I will especially miss the school spirit!
I like the most part of Algonquin, the structure, the way they teach, the different way each teacher is and the dinamics. Is a good place
The teachers are really nice and grade fairly for the most part. There are many sports teams and clubs for students to join. There was a lot of excessive and strict rules for an overall good and behaved student body.
My experience with Algonquin Regional High School has been absolutely fantastic. The teachers have challenged me and made me realize how capable I am. It is also very easy to get involved, as I have found many clubs that speak to my interests. If there are no clubs or sports that you feel comfortable joining, it is very easy to start a new club.
Algonquin provided me with opportunities that other surrounding school districts did not. At Algonquin you don't need to participate in a sport to find your niche. There are a wide variety of clubs, electives, and ap classes to partake in. If you put your mind to it you can really discover your passions. There are also many passionate teachers at Gonk. Although school spirit and the administration need improvement, I loved my time as a T-Hawk.
The academics and sports are good I only really have a problem w the administration they changed the schedule w/o giving students a notice also they changed the lunch schedule for the second half of they year not giving anyone a notice even the teachers were confused they also have double periods which are a waste of time and causes class to not focus~I reallY hope next year the schedule will be more consistent throughout the year
I have met some of the best people of my life attending Algonquin. The only downside is that administers make it so hard to enjoy school. I can tell that our school spirit/pride has gone down over the years. Also, if you are looking for a diverse school, Algonquin isn’t the place. As a person of color i found it hard to fit in at first, eventually i was able to find my people but it took some time.
Good academics and sports system. Poorly run by principle and vice principle which made the school not very fun and felt like an strict environment.
There is two extremes the kids who care too much about academics and the kids who don't care about academics. The administration is a complete mess who does not do anything for the school. I have found heroin needles and juul pods around the school. The student body is a complete rats nest and are some of the most vile human beings I have ever met. Clubs at algonquin are somewhat non existent with most students not participating. If I have to give the school prompts for something it is that most of the teachers are decent at there job.
Overall great experience. Lots of clubs, supportive teachers, good academics. There are some administration rules that don't make sense, but overall a good school to spend 4 years at.
My experience at Algonquin was pretty average. The classes were okay, the teachers were fine, the building was clean, the people were nice enough. Not the best high school but definitely not the worst either.
Algonquin has a pretty supportive and familiar community. There are always a ton of clubs and sports activities happening. There are interesting clubs (like DECA) and classes that cater to specific interests in an academic field ( like biotechnology). The teachers are usually good at teaching and are easy to talk to, but sometimes it just depends on who you get. There is a competitive academic environment with high achieving kids, but it largely depends on who you choose to surround yourself with. There's minimal diversity (mostly caucasian). Also, the administration is crap.
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For the most part, Algonquin is a great school. It offers a wide variety of classes in every subject, and many of the teachers use effective methods to make sure that students understand the content and are successful. Most of the sports teams other than football and boys' basketball receive very little attention, however, despite there being several other teams. Additionally, the administration tends to make errors with issues such as bus routes and attendance.
The academics and extracurriculars at Algonquin are strong and the school itself has become one of the best high schools in Massachusetts, but it lacks in dependable teachers at time and the administration is being by one woman.
Our school is a little strict on rules and fines and the administration is cracking down on privelages.
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