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Generally the town of Northborough has a very good education system. i enjoy the teachers and the classes at my school, but at every school there are a lot of people who just don't take their education seriously. I feel as though I'm not getting as much out of my classes as I should and that I am not being challenged enough in school because of the attitudes of my peers.
I like the academics and sports, but the new administration is not good. Too nit-picky with large punishments for little problems. The parking permits cost too much and the late policy is absurd. The administration likes to focus on attacking the average student while making friends with the delinquents. Also they implement policies like color-coded hall passes which fix nothing. They need to learn to divert their attention to the real problems with the school.
The teachers are great. But the new principle is a pain. Northboro/Southboro is a good educated town, and she doesn't get that. She is changing rules that don't need to be changed and ultimately ruining the fun in high school.
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Algonquin Regional is unique. It is supportive, academically challenging and rich in traditions. Our division 1 sports teams all support each other and are very successful, the success comes from hard work and determination. Algonquin offers a variety of clubs and organizations. Our music and arts departments are top notch and have won many awards. When entering the grounds at Algonquin Regional you can;t help but see the beauty of the well maintained sports fields that spread for many acres. You will often see many community members taking advantage of the various fields around the school.
Algonquin is a great place. The administrations could be better at listening to students but it’s heading in a positive direction. They’re very very safety oriented, threats are taken very seriously. They also try their hardest to crack down on smoking weed and vaping. The teachers are great and classes are rigorous enough for students who actually want to learn. They do a great job preparing for college and AP exams. Diversity could be better. There’s a club for everyone. There’s a culture around drugs vaping smoking and alcohol which isn’t great but it’s not difficult to stay out of it. The only time you come across anything bad if you don’t want to is when kids vape in the bathroom but that’s about it. If you don’t want to do drugs then you don’t have to, you can stay out of it fairly easily.
Algonquin is a great high school. I believe it has effectively prepared me for college and the professional life. The majority of teachers are good, some are phenomenal, others should probably (definitely) get fired. This year, we got all new administration and as a Senior I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dissappointed. They added all new excessive rules like signing out of a classroom to go to the bathroom, then signing into the bathroom with a teacher posted at e v e r y bathroom in the school to combat the use of vape devices, although it doesn't make it any harder to vape in the bathroom. Diversity is lacking as nboro and sboro are both predominantly white and virtually all teachers are white.
Academically, ARHS is an excellent school. It would benefit from adding more ethnic and economic diversity to the student body. My experience is also that students can find it hard to really break out of original tracks and class schedules - rules are rigid
Algonquin is either the best or worst four years of a student's life. I see many kids that enjoy it however it seems as though the majority of us struggle to make it through those long four years. It is very "clicky" so socially it can be a struggle, however the academics are also difficult. The homework load is very strenuous and many teachers do not seem to communicate with each other or plan out the year to prevent having four or five tests in one day and hours of homework over the weekend. The administration also has become increasingly strict, giving the students less and less freedom which is the opposite of what should be happening to prepare us for college and the real world. Personally, I can't wait to graduate.
At Algonquin, they are definitely very accepting. The school is nice; funds tend to go to the right places. Most teachers are great at what they do, knowledgeable, and very qualified. Students tend to do great on standardized testing. It doesn't hurt that we're also in the best state for education. My only complaints are about the foreign language department, which isn't very good. I think that they need to hire better teachers there because kids want to learn, not waste their time in those classes.
Good school overall but has some very bad teachers who simply do not know what they are doing and make the system very unfair. It also offers high level AP classes, but in some cases where there are 2 different teachers teaching a class, one grades students a lot harder than the other one, which makes it very unfair to those students who have to struggle to get an A with the harder teacher compared to the students who easily get an A with the other teacher.
As a recent graduate of Algonquin (2017) I'll say it is a very nice school and I was blessed to go there. The people and teachers there helped to create a positive environment that I really enjoyed. I wouldn't like to specifically recognize the guidance department for doing a great job of preparing the students for college. I personally got plenty of help with this. However I beleive the upper administration had it's ups and downs. It seemed like once students entered their senior year they became a little irrational. We had no senior prom due to the actions of seniors many years ago. This always made little sense to me. Despite this I had a overall great time at Algonquin and can't wait to visit again and see all my teachers and friends that did so much for me.
Wide variety of classes that speaks to multifaceted interests of students
Great teachers who care about personal as well as academic growth (in my experience)
Many extracurriculars
Offers lots of opportunities for students who look for them
Good teachers.
Good overall preparation for college academics.
Needs top level administrators to be more aware of student issues.

Some of the teachers "leading" student groups tended to choose their own favorites rather than allowing for legitimate student elections.
Academics, curriculum, and teachers are excellent. Also the extra curricular (especially the music program) are amazing as well.
Academics: variety of classes (History thru Film, Python, Urban Gardening, Biotech, Ceramics, Contemporary Issues Facing Global Economy), good academic rigor w/o overly competitive environment, many AP options, even CP isn't that shabby

Teachers: knowledgeable, some are excellent teachers, a few teachers suck at teaching. Teachers also offer extra help sessions after school

Clubs: Harbinger (newspaper), Sachem (art and literary magazine), DECA, Model UN, 15-40, HOSA, Tri-M, Bee Keeping, Broadcasting, Anime, Quidditch

Food: decent, they do try to vary the menu + sometimes have ethnic foods.
Lines: hot sandwiches, main menu, deli, pizza, salad, grab n go, Corner Cafe
Recommend: chicken nuggets, pizza, baked potato, soup, pretzel, cookies

BUT we aren't called the Pharmacy for nothing. Don't use the bathrooms unless you have to bc you will run into drugs + we are NOT diverse - if someone tells you we are, they're delusional
(also we aren't the most technological, if you're into that)
I loved being a T-Hawk! From football games to freshman orientation I loved showing my pride. Education is excellent and teachers truly care about their students.
Overall, my experience at Algonquin has been amazing. The classes are challenging but not overwhelming, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the students and teachers are very kind. The only changes I’d like to see made is to the pep rally, which seems to revolve around the football team, and to the hovering feeling that the teachers give; constantly watching, not allowing students to be independent.
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Algonquin is an institution that continues to provide a great education to its students. The faculty will help students with whatever they need to succeed. Students receive an endless amoun of support from all faculty.
Algonquin is a great school, however there is lots of competition among students. There is a new principal who is enforcing strict rules that leave students with little freedom. There is a huge variety of classes offered. It is not very diverse at all coming from communities that are pretty well off and predominantly white. We have had successive athletic directors who are terrible. The teachers themselves are very good except the french teachers who are terrible.
Loved the school, it was great. The teachers were all great and everyone always made everyone feel welcome.
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