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Algonquin is a great school, however there is lots of competition among students. There is a new principal who is enforcing strict rules that leave students with little freedom. There is a huge variety of classes offered. It is not very diverse at all coming from communities that are pretty well off and predominantly white. We have had successive athletic directors who are terrible. The teachers themselves are very good except the french teachers who are terrible.
Loved the school, it was great. The teachers were all great and everyone always made everyone feel welcome.
Algonquin Regional High School is a supportive, high-quality community of education producing only the best alumni. It's educators continuously and consistently strive to help their students reach success. In my experience, after graduating from this school I felt fully prepared for anything my academic college experience could throw at me, and started university a step ahead of my peers after the challenges Algonquin trained me to accomplish on my own. I am the dedicated student I am today because of Algonquin, and am forever grateful for all I learned in my four years of attendance. I would recommend Algonquin Regional High school to any parent or student in question of attendance, it is not only a familial supportive community but an academic environment striving for nothing less than success.
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Teachers are passionate and well-versed in their subjects. They are also generally friendly and many go above and beyond their job requirements to ensure the best high-school experience for students. Academically, the school is competitive and offers many AP programs, though it is hard to get into these programs as an underclassman. There are various clubs that provide opportunity for students to specialize in certain fields, such as robotics. The school also possesses a strong athletic department with teams that are consistently competitive on a district and occasionally a state level. The music and arts department still manage to succeed despite seeming lack of funding, and it regularly produces students of great talent and creativity. The school’s facilities are well-kept and above average in terms of public high schools, especially the outdoor fields. The environment is slightly competitive among the highly-ranked students, but universally welcoming and nurturing.
It is what you make of it. There is definitely a place for everyone. If you want to take tough classes and challenge yourself, the opportunity is there. Some really great teachers will help you along the way.
If you want to relax and have a good time, that option is open as well. The sports games are always fun.
I had a very positive experience at Algonquin. The teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. The school is set up nice, there's a new found freedom, and being there helped me a lot.
I enjoyed my time at Algonquin, I think that it provided me a good education, but the amount of stress that the students have is insane. Finding time to do everything that I wanted to do was impossible due to excess loads of homework and studying. That being said, the school offers many options to get involved in sports, clubs and the arts.
Algonquin has some spectacular teachers that have an incredible impact their students. Many of them care deeply about seeing everyone succeed, especially after high school. Algonquin has a phenomenal sports and club culture; there is always great turn-out at athletic and club events. Also, the school facilities are incredible and well managed by a fantastic custodial team. Anyone who is fortunate enough to attend this school will have an amazing experience.
I feel that I am privileged to be able to live in the Northborough/Southborough school district and attend Algonquin Regional High School. The teachers are amazing and incredibly supportive. They help me with problems that I have whether it's in school or a problem at home. The extracurricular activities and sports programs are fantastic. There is such a wide variety, with something for just about everyone. As a trumpet player in the Wind Ensemble and Pep band, I would absolutely say that the music program is wonderful, with experienced and talented teachers. Algonquin is full of opportunities. One need only ask.
Over the last four years, I've learned that Algonquin Regional boasts not only a fantastic faculty and classes you don't want to fall asleep in but also invested students and contagious school spirit.
Algonquin is a fantastic place to go to high school and I feel lucky to go here. Although I felt lost and overwhelmed as a freshman, over the years I have become so much more confident. The kids here are overwhelmingly friendly. There are endless extracurricular for every interest, many of which are very successful, very fun and a great place to make friends. The athletic program and the music programs are stellar. Their is a wealth of academic opportunities, support for struggling students, and high level opportunities for those who excel in certain subjects. My own experience on the robotics team has been one of my favorite parts of high school, and there is a place for everyone to find their niche. Writers, actors, musicians, athletes, activists, engineers, scientists, politicians ballroom dancers, jugglers, beekeepers- everyone can find their home at ARHS.
There are many after school activities at this school for any kid. From Anime and Video game club to the weightlifting club people are free to explore their many interest. Some kids participate in model U.N while others sing in the choir. We even have a Juggling club who will teach you how to juggle, along with New Englands only competitive high school Ballroom dance team.
I love high school at Algonquin the atmosphere is great the teachers and parents are all super nice. My time on our Robotics team has taught me that parents and teachers care more than just sports as we have had our principles come to our competitions in down town Boston.
The teachers take a real hands on approach to class
There's very little to be concerned of. The school implemented A.L.I.C.E. (look it up), so we're no longer sitting ducks in an emergency. But more importantly, theft is very rare (I could leave my backpack in the hallway the whole day and it wouldn't be a surprise to find everything still in it) and fights only break out when both sides are basically asking for it. There is some bullying but it does not (to my knowledge) go as far as physical assault (although the most dangerous bullying is not always physical).
There are a few pointless or inactive clubs, but the majority are very good! Steering puts in lots of effort. DECA is <3
Located in an affluent suburb, it's a very good school, but diversity is lacking and kids often need to 'check their privilege.' I'm glad I go, however. Academics and sports are both strong, students are generally friendly, safety is not an issue, there are lots of good clubs, and I am confident that I am prepared for college.
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There are several after school activities available that cover a broad range of interests.
It's been fine. My parents, aunts and uncles and my four older siblings have all attended this school. Some teachers were family friends. It has been a family-oriented experience and I would attend this school again.
Almost all of the teachers here work their hardest to create success for the students. Most of the teachers participate in an extracurricular club or organization. They stay after school when needed and work with students to bring out the best in each other. Many of the teachers hold in class discussions and debates, and try their hardest to make lessons fun and engaging while sticking to the core or AP curriculum. Teachers will almost always notify students about missing work, even though that is not their job, and they are gracious in letting students make up work for which they were absent. Grading is fairly consistent, although there are several major discrapancies between the harshness of scoring between different teachers in the same departments. Generally this isn't an issue. Teachers are qualified and extremely knowledgeable in their respective subjects. Overall this school has an exceptionally devoted staff and this provides a comfortable and competitive learning environment.
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