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I enjoyed how close everyone was. If anyone needed something the community would come together and help people who were at low points. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. It is like having a big family. The teachers do care about you and are always there to help. I liked the IB program because it has really helped me succeed in college.
Very small school. Teachers are very personable and care about how you do in high school. They are all very real world, which can be scary, but it prepares you for the future more than most.
My friends are a huge impact on my high school experience, from ones I've had since I was a child to new ones I met in classes. My teachers are as well, the ones that didn't pick the popular kids over the ordinary kids, and the ones I felt taught well and taught me well. I wish that our school was bigger and more organized, it would of made learning easier on students, and I thought some of the school rules needed to be looked at and changed.
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At Algonac High school, some of the teachers that I've had seem to know exactly what it is they teach and how to tech. Meanwhile, a majority of the teachers I've encountered seem out of their element and either don't know how to teach correctly, discipline students, or don't know the subject they teach as well as they should.
Not diverse. Some people are lazy, rude, are into drugs, alcohol, vaping. It's hard to fit in, find friends, and so many people are fake. No one is real with anyone. But there are some really amazing people too. I met my very best friends and they are like sisters to me.
i think that because we offer the IB program our academics are really good. We have this program that allows challenging preparatory classes.
There isn't much security but there aren't that many threats that would require it.
there isn't that much variety. There are a lot of new things coming. We now have a robotics team, the Full Metal Muskrats. They could be better but they're good and I really like the things that the school has to offer.
I love my school. I'm very proud to be a muskrat. Friday nights are so much fun whether the team wins or loses. The people are there for each other, and I've made memories that i would never trade for anything.
Most of my teachers are really amazing but I know that sometimes the grading doesn't make sense, sometimes the teachers grade unfairly, but overall I think that the teaching staff is pretty amazing. I am able to approach any teachers for help if I need help and I know my teachers are there for me outside of academics as well. If I have a situation and am in need of support my teachers are caring and willing to listen.
Athletics were okay, but the main focus for education was making sure everyone did well on the standardized testing so that the school and teachers looked good as opposed to making sure we were prepared for college and everything that was coming our way.
For such a small school, Algonac High School offers a variety of academic program that bigger schools don't have, exceptional sports teams, and produced many brilliant alumni over the years. The educators at Algonac high are exceptional and are well trained in the subjects they teach and go above and beyond for their students. Smaller class sizes contribute to student successes and there is a feeling of pride in Algonac's school community.
Algonac High School has the typical choices such as pizza and burgers, but there is the option of premade salads and submarine sandwiches where you can tell a lunch lady what you want and they will put it together for the student. The cafeteria offers the milk, water, and juice choices. The school offers chicken and sometimes pasta dishes, but they are of average quality.
the dress code is somewhat lax, and will sometimes provide in school suspension and out of school suspension for more severe cases. Mostly, privileges will be denied, such as taking away phones and ipads until the end of the day.
Algonac High School doesn't offer a swimming team, but offers an above average track and wrestling team. A lot of the wresting members compete with other schools and sent a few to state finals. The same thing can be said for the track members, an the school has a football team as well
Like a lot of schools, there were average teachers and teachers that were not very popular with the students, but there were a lot of educators that love and are very knowledgeable of what they teach. Many educators have been their for over ten years or even twenty and know how to work with the students and know what they are talking about. Most importantly, they care and want students to graduate and succeed and will do a lot to help students.
Algonac High School offered the typical sport teams such as football and track, but there is also a wrestling team that even sent on of their members to state finals and won second place. There was a cheerleading squad, and an extreme team for the girls.

For those not into sports, there was Quiz Bowl, a trivia based game that competed with other high schools in the area.
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I was very blessed to have attended a school that had such dedicated teachers and staff. Algonac High School offers International Baccalaureate (IB) classes and as someone that has taken five of those type of classes in my junior and senior year, I was very prepared for my college classes in terms of thinking critically and writing essays. I managed to get an A- average in my Biology class because of the two year IB Biology classes I took. The school had about 600 students total, so the smaller classes sizes allowed the teachers to have more one on one time with students. The teachers really care for the students and worked very hard to help them succeed. Many students are involved in the community and their school and help organize events. My graduating class even helped host several blood drives and charity events.

Overall, Algonac High School prepared me well for college with rigorous classes, and caring teachers.
I love a lot of my teachers. There are some really funny and cool ones. I can joke around with them, but still they keep me in line and help me learn a lot. I know there are some teachers that aren't that great at teaching. The teachers are caring though, definitely. If I needed something I would be comfortable asking someone for it. They want to help me.
I know I am being optimistic and I know that this school can be hell for some students, but I enjoy it here. I like that everyone knows everyone. I like having the IB Programme available. To me there's nothing like a home football game and seeing over half the school there. Supporting a team that will lose, but screaming out cheers while wearing maize and blue. I like a lot of my teachers. I think if a person reaches out, they'll find cool people and cool things.
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