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Algona High School Reviews

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It's an ok school that I feel needs to change. I feel it's to strict and doesn't really understand high school students.
I love my school! Algona is the best place to be. My teachers care about me, challenge me, and want me to succeed. I feel like I am being prepared for colleges in my wide variety of class choices. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
I always enjoyed the extracurriculars and they were widely available to the student population.
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Parents are very involved in the school and with activities. They go above and beyond what they need to do.
The teachers are great, they are helpful and knowledgeable. They will help you if you are struggling and if something happens they are there for you.
The teachers and environment is lively.
I love attending Algona High School. I is a great community and you are surrounded by positive people!
Bullying is a large topic at our school. We have orange shirts that we wear every other Wednesday that say "Not in Our School", saying that bullying will not be tolerated. R-5 has spoke many times at our school and also the Governor of Iowa and lieutenant Governor came to talk to our school after we won a video competition for a bulling video.
Algona High offers a lot of athletics. We have a weight room that is opening almost every morning and every day after school throughout the year so our students and graduated students can use the weight room. Our school spirit is intense, we have many people from the community who come to our gym and other sports centers. We just got knew bleachers that are more comfortable and easier to get up them.
Some teachers have gone to a switched classroom to help incorporate technology. This means that the student watches a video of the lesson at home and they work on the homework in class. Some teachers also use the Chromebooks now that we have gone 1:1. The online classrooms are an interactive way to use technology in the classroom. Also the smart boards have helped us use technology. Teachers at Algona High are very approachable. We have good relationships with them in school and out. They truly care for us. Consistency in grading is usually very well. Although, they have the normal bias during grading of papers which is found at every school based on teachers preference.
We have an awesome lunch selection. They always have two options and a salad/sandwhich bar. They always have fresh fruit and vegetables. They always have new things to try too. They try and get food that we will actually eat and we can have as much fruits and vegetables that we want.
Students at Algona High School are very involved. Weather it is in athletic sports, speech, or an academic club I would say 90% of students are involved in at least one. Our school spirit is very high too. Our bleachers are always packed and the auditorium is always full. We do not have much racial diversity at our school, although there is some. I believe that the kids accept it very well and it is helping prepare us for the future. We also have Spanish offered as a second language at the high school, and I think having some Spanish speaking students has really helped us learn better.
The school is like a typical small town school.
The teachers are very good at what they do. They interact with the kids and let then participate in the lessons.
Its typical schools food, so it depends on if you like school food or not.
We may not have good teams but our school does allow anyone to join most of the time and we do have some school spirit.
The school really helped once you were ready to leave for college but nothing really before.
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Great public school with an amazing staff and interested administration
The school is great, but the curriculum is very different from other schools. If you want to do one class you have to take another before. It's hard to get into classes that you want due to the mass amount of kids. Other than that the school is very good. The staff is very nice and very helpful!
I graduated early, but the school handled that very well. Algona High School lets you graduate after three and a half years. The school has a very good staff. If I could ruturn to Algona High again, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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