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Algoma High School Reviews

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Small school, so you get to know staff, teachers, and students super well. Everyone is so friendly and willing to take you as far as you're willing to go.
The whole town of Algoma is currently on a health adjustment, and a large part of that has to do with advancements to the high school. This includes a wellness center, new ways of dealing with problems, healthier food choices, college courses available in high school, and many other positive accomplishments. Algoma also has many new opportunities for kids interested in music and art as well as kids interested in sports.
There are lots of opportunities here and great people to help with whatever you need. This school has offered me many college classes which will help me get credits towards college. I am very college ready.
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Besides for year round athletics there is not much extracurriculars. Though that is the case our school offers many different sports that are very successful.
Parents play a huge part for how the students are.
Teachers do a wonderous job so we are knowledgeable.
High school wasn't the best time of my life. It was an okay experience, but I fell the school was way too small to accomplish much of anything.
Teachers are good most of the time. Some are better than others of course.
The teachers don't give a lot of homework.
There are a lot of sports that you can join but the coaches aren't always the best.
The teachers have favorites and give them extra attention.
We take a lot of pride in our sports programs.
Because we are such a small high school, students can very easily participate in many different extracurricular activities. Students can make the most of there high school career
There isn't a school nurse and now one is really helpful with injuries
It seemed like sometimes if you weremt the athlete you weren't payed attention to. The principal would most of the time favor the football players and the basketball players
The worst food in my life.
In all honesty I had no idea what I was doing my high school councilor was no help at all. She chose favorites and didn't help the rest
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I think my high school experience was great because I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities. Plus it was a small town which is why I strived in my academics. Overall even though there were problems, I mean it high school, I loved my experiences and I wouldn't change it.
It seems every time I go to the nurse's office she is at the grade school, which is because we share a nurse. This probably isn't the greatest idea, but thankfully I only need a band-aid when I go to her office.
There are plenty of classes offered in the beginning of the year for those who sign up fast, however popular classes do tend to run out of spaces.
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