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I now have 2 children at ACS, I am so thankful for everyone here, the teachers and staff are amazing and very invested in the children’s lives. The foundation that they have formed al Algoma is one that will set them up for success. My concerns as a parent were always heard and many times teachers went out of their way to help. I definitely recommend it, if you are looking for a Christian based education this is the school to choose.
This is a great place to teach. Wonderful staff and administration. Great, supportive parents who want their children to be challenged and prepared for both college and life. A strong Christian worldview is not only taught in the classrooms, but also lived out by the teachers and staff. They are great examples for students and care for the students like family.
The Teachers are well educated in their subject areas and they take care to get to know every student and build a relationship with each. The Teachers communicate with parents not only when the student is struggling, but also when the student is doing well. The overall atmosphere is like a family, and the entire staff has high expectations for the students and themselves.
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I like how Algoma Christian School is small, because you get to know everybody. Everyone shares in my religion and the teachers are very helpful.
I loved the small, close-knit community that the Algoma faculty fostered with all of their students. However, I would have enjoyed more elective opportunities and academic challenges.
Algoma is a very small school, but I enjoy the environment. My class consists of 25 students, and we are all like a family. The teachers are all very nice and genuinely care about helping you learn. However, since our school is so small, we do not have the chance to have more sports and clubs.
Algoma is so small that there are not many options available beside the basics. Activities such as band, multimedia, agleam news, choir, and art last all year.
My school is small, but thats what makes us all like a family. In a class with only 25 people we all know each other very well. With such small classes it also means that the teachers get to know you on a deeper level and are always there for you. I would do it all over again simply because of the amazing support through your classmates and teachers.
They care about your academics and your well being.
Our school from the outside sort of looks like a pole barn. we have two computer labs one with twelve outdated computers and one with about 30 newer computers(most still outdated). We have a guidance councilor who comes every other Friday for college prep stuff, she is also a parent of a student here. Parents can be very involved if they want to but they are not necessarily required to.
the school doesn't have a whole lot of cultural diversity, we have a few African American students who are as white as can be, there are a few exchange students from Asian countries and they get along with everyone just fine, there is an exchange student from Italy here as well he speaks great English and gets along in his classes fairly easily. There are also a few Latino student who recently began attending our school, I am not sure how well they get along with everyone as they stick together but I often see them hanging out with other girls in their respective classes. Our school can sometimes have a hard time excepting a student with a very different culture, last year we had a student from Spain and he had no idea of American personal space no mater the gender, so he was always right in your face or touching your shoulder while talking to you and several students had a hard time with someone being that much in their personal space.
Our school sports program mostly revolves around Varsity men's soccer in the fall, Varsity men's basketball in the winter, and Varsity women's soccer in the spring. These three sports teams each do fairly well every year, but the other sports we have, women's volleyball, baseball, women's and JV basketball, all are left out of the spot light most of the time. the basketball team recently raised money for weight equipment and we know have a strength and fitness class that uses the weight equipment. Many high school students will attend varsity games during any season, but the biggest turnout is always Varsity men's basketball.
Our teachers are great, they know their subjects and are able to teach them well. they also care about us students as we are a small private school and teacher salary isn't the greatest so if they stay they obviously care about the students.
My school may have some issues, but its a small school (only 70 students in the high school), so we don't have large funding to do a whole lot here. we have the average sports programs excluding football and if you want to play an offered sport you can no tryouts. Most students do very well academically as well and the small class size(20 students max) allows for a lot of one-on-one with the teacher for the student. I love my school and my friends who all go here.
I attend a small school, where everyone knows everyone. I feel very safe at my school.
At Algoma Christian School our staff and principles, are excellent. It was very easy to talk to our principle and to ask all the questions I needed to get help with my academics, or social problems. The administration has fairly handled problems that have arisen and they are good at explaining controversial policies.
Our school has excellent teachers, being a small christian school most of the teachers are their because they have a desire to serve. There are a wide variety of teaching styles in all of our teachers at Algoma. They all have their own way of teaching their subject the best they can with their own quirks. All of the teachers are knowledgeable and want to help the students to achieve the best.
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Due to the fact that we are a small school, Dietary accommodations are easily made. As long as you inform our head lunch lady on what you are allergic to, she will make accommodations for you. There is a well balanced hot meals and salad bar available everyday.
Our sport teams all have good attitudes when it comes to playing whatever game or sport it may be. Whether we win or lose we still love each other on the team, and no matter what small argument or disagreements happen before or during a match/ game, we always come off the court/ field still loving each other. Our sporting events are well attend, and our students have a lot of school spirit. We worked recently on doing pep-rally's for the Varsity Volleyball team, and Varsity Soccer team before their district games.
I have had a great experience at Algoma Christian School over the many years I have been there. The teachers are amazing, they will go above and beyond to help you out in any situation. Whether its academics, social, spiritual, or athletic problems they are there to help you through the issue and to hopefully guide you to solve it. The teachers at Algoma made my experience all the more beneficial to learning today's academics and guiding me in future learning.
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