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Algiers Technology Academy Reviews

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This school is unique for its technology programs and opportunities.
The teachers are really good. Some of them are very reliable in their consistency and care for the materials they teach and some aren't.
Alot ofthe techers at the school do not help you
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There is a vide variety of foods in the cafeteria and healthy options for everyone. There is always a security in the school. If there was someone being bullied on campus, the staff will immediately solve the problem were both parties are satisfied.
The student athletes are the talk of the school. Everyone supports the school when it comes to basketball, dance and band. It's very fun when it's game time and the school provides transportation for students who wants to support.
My teahcers, from grades 9 to 12, have helped me with everything thing that I've needed help with. They not only teach us the things that we have to know but they also teach us thing that will benefit us in real life. One thing I would tell someone that would like to attend my high school would be that if they wanted to build a relationship with their teachers so that they would feel comfortable enough to go to the teacher for anything they need, then this is the school.
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