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Alger Learning Center & Independence High School Reviews

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There is a no tolerance policy for bullying at this school.
With this school theirs no limits to what you can do. I wasn't very active in clubs and organizations in the school so i don't have the best knowledge of it to answer the question.
I transferred from this school my second semester in high school. I was behind, felt like a failure. I had horrible grades coming into it. It was a pivotal moment for me. My grades changed drastically, i went from having D's to having straight A's in the matter of a few months. the teachers really care and want you to succeed. They helped me build confidence, without this school i would've never considered going to college.
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My teachers were very hands on and helped so much. They were always there to help us in class and out of class and made it a priority to make sure we were understanding the lessons.
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