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Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle School Reviews

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This school mostly prepared me for high school which was nice. There were also a handful of teachers I really enjoyed meeting and learning from.
Most teachers in Nobel are very good. If you struggle ask for help and there are resources for you. The school is always beautiful and safe even without gates. I do recommend this school but the transition from middle school to high school math would be a bit difficult depending on the teacher you have.
Principal is very hands on. He is proiud of his school. In the beginning teachers were great after some left it began to slide little.
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I had an okay experience at Nobel I think it definitively lead me in the right direction, but after i culminated (2015) it went downhill.
The campus is nice, safe, and clean. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the strong sense of school pride the staff members had, it made me really appreciate being enrolled at Nobel. I gave this place 4 stars since no school is perfect, but this school came very close to it. I just wish they had more electives instead of the wheel program.
I attended Nobel Middle School and graduated 4 years ago. I loved it there. The atmosphere was great, all the teachers I had cared about the students' success and well-being. The students were well behaved for the most part. The principal was very involved with the students as well. The safety was also amazing. This school is not surrounded by a fence, but the responsibility of the students and safety of the neighborhood around it causes no problems. In fact, I believe the lack of a fence made the school feel less like a chore. The school also has great funding so there were numerous events hosted by both the school and the student run leadership. I honestly wish it extended to 12th grade because I miss it so much. Best school ever!
As I student at Nobel, I believe that this is one of the best middle schools due to their arts and academic programs. I am in the music program. It not only teaches us how to play aninstrument, but also uses English and history to help us learn more about music itself. Our school also offers accelerated academic classes. Our great teachers help us to understand the rigorous courses.
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