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Alfred-Almond Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Alfred-Almond is the best school in the local area to attend. There's a variety of classes, as well as AP classes, to choose from to compose your schedule. The guidance counselors are extremely helpful and informative. The teachers meet the needs of all students and are approachable for academic concerns.
The bullying policies say that they are doing everything they can, but they aren't implementing anything other than getting the wrong people in trouble.
There are many options to be a part of an extracurricular activity. Activities range from sports, to arts and theater.
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Most teachers are really good at what they do and are very good at motivating students to learn!
It was one of my better experiences with schools. Going from private Christian schools to public school allowed me many more opportunities.
The classes are challenging and the teachers care.
I find that academically, my school is really very good. It is challenging, especially with AP courses. There are of course, many smaller problems that need addressing, especially when it comes to how money is spent.
Academically, AACS rates pretty high. There are caring teachers and staff. Classes are small (50 avg), and teachers know their kids. My son started 2nd grade here and my daughter started kindergarten, and we felt instantly comfortable here. A "good old boys" mentality is somewhat present, but you can easily ignore that.
The people are nice, even though the classes are not challenging
The school is not strong in preparing students for college. The academics are not challenging at all.
The guidance counselors are usually available if you want to talk; the school cares about the wellbeing of students, even though their rules can be inflexible at times
Being a small school makes it easier to establish friendships... You get to know most people in the school.
I loved most of my teachers in school, with the exception of a few. We had challenging teachers who pushed us to our capabilities.
A lot of the food isn't very good and needs variety.
I feel perfectly safe while at school.
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