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It's like any other high school. Nothing extraordinary about it. However, there are a select few teachers who stand out and are excellent at their jobs. The students aren't horrible but some are the absolute worst. It's not the best school when it comes to acceptance but it's not the worst. And to be completely honest, as much as I joke around in real life, I don't think there are many other schools in my area that I would choose to go to over this one. I have a bond with this school. It's mine, I go here. I'm a tiger and I don't think I want it any way else.
I really enjoy my time here at AI. I have learned a lot from being part of this community. not only do they offer amazing classes, some of the teachers actually teach you something and the atmosphere is amazing and nothing but positive energy and attitude
I love it at AI! The teachers are great and I've made some amazing friends, I'm starting my senior year and I can't wait!
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I graduated from here a few years ago. Great school, with plenty of classes to suit different levels of students. I took AP biology and it prepared me for biochemistry courses at U of D.
My favorite thing about the school was the teachers. In my 4 years attending the high school I had some truly dedicated teachers. Theses teachers were interested in my learning and concerned for my well being. The problems with the school always stemmed from the overarching administration and district. The people in charge didn't always do things for the benefit of the actual students.
I liked A.I because the administrators were serious about our academics and behavior. They wanted us to achieve excellence while respecting our peers, mentors, and teachers. I hope they go back to a no uniform policy.
I had a great time at AI, I didn't involve myself in alot but I did have a nice time these past 4 years. I would like for them to focus on preparing students for the real world.
I like how A.I gets us prepared for college. I dislike all the positive reinforcement that is done on the bad kids and the good kids get nothing.
Second year in, and it's been good so far. The teachers are great and very knowledgeable, I can't say so much about all students. We have levels for each class there's College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement(AP) & college classes that are from the Early College Academy that is provided from Wilmington University. I'm in the Early College Academy & it's a good program, I have learned so much from being in it. I participated in Field Hockey, and Soccer. I'm in BPA competitions, Science Olympiad, Math Leagues, Band, & college classes. I believe it's a good school. It would be great if the school is more strict on students, some students take advantage of the teachers here & I don't like it. It'd be great to have an environment where you can have intellectual talks with others than talking about drama, & unrelated things. I would recommend this school, because despite (some) students, the teachers, & the school are great!
Teacher were very caring. Lots of activities to get involved with. Principal was not that great though :(
I came here sophomore year and had massive culture shock. It's really easy to do well academically here, since most of these kids are just trying to graduate. The administration is a mess though, and I don't feel safe most days. good luck
I transferred into AI for my senior year and it was the best experience. The students in my class were welcoming and my teachers helped me catch up and work through my transfer without hesitation. I don't think i could've had a better senior year anywhere else.
okay cool. great place. i have to get 100 characters umm lalalalalalalalalalalallalalalala for this scholarship
If you're genuinely injured or in pain, you will receive help from the nurse. And the Health Services offer a psychologist on some days of the week should you need that kind of attention.
There aren't a lot of different clubs here. The clubs are mostly academic based with a couple that is community serviced based. Usually clubs meet once a week so if you do sports or have a heavy course load you'll most likely be able to join a club. Administration was a mess in the past and many of them left or we would get random ones in the middle of the school year.
This is an average public high school. There isn't really anything special about it if you ask my opinion. We have a band that takes a lot of trips, both in country and out of country. The band is alright but has a reputation of being partiers which isn't really my cup of tea. Fights are pretty big deals here since there aren't a lot of fights that happen here.
The teachers here are very mixed as in how well and effectively they teach the students. You have some teachers who are engaging students and by telling stories that go along with the lesson. Other teachers will stick directly with the textbook and offer no real life examples. The teachers here overall are friendly and helpful.
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Extracurricular activities are pressed on in this school. They wanted us to be in them but if we decided not to that was fine too.
There is a huge number of parents that arent just sending their kids to school to keep them out of court but they really incourage them to do their best and graduate.
More than half of the teachers tend to just teach without even having the classes attention. As if they just do it to get paid.
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