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Well, based on prepping and school spirit and the number of programs I'd give it a 4-star rating including the amount of teacher I have encountered that actually helped but when it came to the sophomore year I came down with the Flu while my mother was struggling with pneumonia in a coma. By the time I returned back to school, it was the end of the marking period and my geometry teacher gave a load of work I missed expecting me to finish it by the end of the day and still gave me a low grade in that class despite my doctors note. Around this time I was struggling to keep up with the class and I was offered little to no help and worried sick about my mother since she was in a coma. For the rest of the year, I attempted to leave the class but was denied and forced to stay within the class and fail. Sometimes with admin, there can be a bias towards certain students.
All four years I spent at Alexis I. DuPont high school were great and was an awesome experience. It’s a great school with awesome administration and teachers
It is easy to do well academically here, and students that are well behaved are noticed. The school is located in a nice, safe part of Greenville. The sports programs are worth getting involved in, as well as the band.
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It was a great few years. Ai had a great band, lots of sport and club options. The teacher and administrators were very involved and supportive.
AI has a great school community that is very diverse and teachers that are always willing to help you.
The school has staff that genuinely care about the students well being and education. The principal and all the administrative staff do a good job of creating a safe environment. The Staff also likes to provide students with incentives for good behavior such as students vs teacher basketball games.
For the most part, it is a pretty chill experience. If you keep to yourself that is. Of course, you will encounter your fair share of miserable people who like to pick on others for no apparent reason. On the bright side, there are plenty of teachers that take their classes seriously. It is a pretty decent school that I would recommend.
While attending Alexis I. DuPont High School, I had a variety of experiences. While there was a lot of diversity among the students, a lot of them had behavioral issues. Another issue I noticed was that the classes began to become overcrowded, reaching upwards of 30 students. It may have changed since I graduated, but the hallways would always be congested. Second, I'll address the faculty. If there's anything I miss most about high school, it would be my teachers. Personally, I'm more artistically inclined. Several of my teachers recognized this right away and incorporated artistic projects into their curriculum! The teachers here are very good at listening to student's suggestions as well. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this high school. The student body may be eh but when it comes to getting a good quality education, this is the place to go.
I like the atmosphere. Everyone gets along and knows each other. The classes have too much down time and off topic conversations.
A.I. provides a truly great all around high school experience! You get to meet a plethora of people, have opportunities to try all sorts of different activities, and gain a quality education.
The school has a lot of diversity, however, they are very unorganized, and the students are out of control with little teacher/administrative help. The school has a lot of access to internet resources, and provides students with laptops, which can be very beneficial.
Attending Alexis I DuPont was overall an amazing experience. Being apart of our world famous marching band, was by far my favorite activity. Traveling to Italy and London with the band was an honor. Besides band, I was the president of two organizations; Business Professionals of America and DECA. While holding a first place award on stage for spreadsheet applications, all I could think about was our national trip to Florida in May. Traveling to Florida with my team was one of my favorite memories. A free week in Orlando and Disney World seemed too good to be true. AI has strong organizations and clubs that give us knowledge, but also create strong friendships. One thing that I would change about AI would be to add more studies. The school has recently taken out anatomy and auto tech. Two classes that really teach students about useful things everyone should know, was taken off our course list. Overall, high school flew by, but I had an amazing time in the process.
It's like any other high school. Nothing extraordinary about it. However, there are a select few teachers who stand out and are excellent at their jobs. The students aren't horrible but some are the absolute worst. It's not the best school when it comes to acceptance but it's not the worst. And to be completely honest, as much as I joke around in real life, I don't think there are many other schools in my area that I would choose to go to over this one. I have a bond with this school. It's mine, I go here. I'm a tiger and I don't think I want it any way else.
I really enjoy my time here at AI. I have learned a lot from being part of this community. not only do they offer amazing classes, some of the teachers actually teach you something and the atmosphere is amazing and nothing but positive energy and attitude
I love it at AI! The teachers are great and I've made some amazing friends, I'm starting my senior year and I can't wait!
I graduated from here a few years ago. Great school, with plenty of classes to suit different levels of students. I took AP biology and it prepared me for biochemistry courses at U of D.
My favorite thing about the school was the teachers. In my 4 years attending the high school I had some truly dedicated teachers. Theses teachers were interested in my learning and concerned for my well being. The problems with the school always stemmed from the overarching administration and district. The people in charge didn't always do things for the benefit of the actual students.
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I liked A.I because the administrators were serious about our academics and behavior. They wanted us to achieve excellence while respecting our peers, mentors, and teachers. I hope they go back to a no uniform policy.
I had a great time at AI, I didn't involve myself in alot but I did have a nice time these past 4 years. I would like for them to focus on preparing students for the real world.
I like how A.I gets us prepared for college. I dislike all the positive reinforcement that is done on the bad kids and the good kids get nothing.
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