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I liked ASH overall, great teachers, even better counselors. The ROTC program was awesome! The food for lunch/breakfast could have been much better but it sufficed.
Alexandria Senior High was in my opinion one of the best high schools you could attend in central Louisiana. They school fells like a big family when you are there. The school has some of the best teachers in the district and they care about how your doing. I will always be grateful of ASH.
ASH is a school like no other. Where all schools have their benefits and drawbacks, ASH is overall pretty good. Generally, the faculty and administration are supportive of their students and want the best for them. ASH is also very competitive, and our administration enjoys seeing ASH students at the top and helping them get there. It's not perfect, but it's high school. Go Trojans :)
Review Alexandria Senior High School
I had a great expericence at ASH. I played varisty soccer for 4 years. We were state runners up my senior year in 5A division II. My teachers were very dedicated to the students and went above and beyond to ensure their students' success.
Going into Alexandria Senior High School as a freshman was nerve racking but once the first week of school was over I felt really comfortable. Upperclassmen (some ) were so friendly. Now into my Junior year, administration has become a little too strict but its tolerable. Glad I now only have one year left.
Hi I'm Erica , I just graduated from Alexandria senior high school on May 12,2017. This school was a great experience for me all four years of high school . The teachers here are willing to help you improve on everything such as math , science , reading , social studies and even physical health . ALL of the staff strive for the best for the students , teachers and the school as a whole . There is no other high school I would recommend in the whole rapides parish before this one.One thing I would like to see change is the dress code because wearing uniforms isn't always fun especially if your waking up late and have to find uniform clothes and risk being late to school.
Great school!!! Great discipline. All teachers and. faculty strive to help students pass the course and overall succeed in life
Alexandria Senior High, also known as ASH by locals, is definitely the best high school within the school district. The school employs teachers that genuinely care about their students' well-being and their upcoming futures. The school offers multiple AP courses and does an adequate job with preparation. The school counselors, however, need to do a better job of supplying students with better resources as to how to pay for college. Staying in-state to use TOPS is not the only way.
Alexandria Senior High is a great academic school. The four years I've been there, it felt like home. The facility is very clean and is always neat. Teachers and students create unbreakable bonds and are involved in school work. Alexandria Senior High is very family oriented and spreads love like a big family. If I could change my school, I would make ever student become involved in some type of club or sport so that they can be more involved.
My last 4 years at ASH have been wonderful. My graduation will certainly be bittersweet, as I am sad to go, but have been well prepared for to go out into the world by the encouragement and discipline of the administration and staff. To be apart of the school spirit has truly been an honor. I hope that never changes, so that generations years after me can experience what I did.Yet, I do hope that they will soon be aided in expanding resources, so that children for years to come can have a full learning experience. Overall I could not ask to have had a better high school experience, and I am eternally grateful for Alexandria Senior High, for making the 4 most crucial years of my life wonderfully unforgettable.
I've enjoyed my years at Ash. Now it's time for me to close one chapter in my life after graduation; and open a new chapter once I start college in the fall next year. I would like for the bathrooms to be changed and updated; because they are horrible at times and unclean. Also, I would love to change the place that we hold our graduation. It's not roomy enough when you have a big family; and it's unfair to have to choose which family member would get a ticket to come. I have a lot of family in and especially out of town that wants to be able to see me graduate. My mother is my #1 role model in my life, she's always encouraging me to do my best at everything I do. She tells me and my two older siblings that the sky is the limit. We can be whatever we want to do; all we have to do is apply ourselves and focus.
My school is an average school in my opinion. While there are plenty of advanced classes to take, I think there should be a few more. The majority of the teachers are nice and give one on one help to students if they need it. I usually feel safe at school; our school safety officer knows just about everyone on campus. He would know if someone wasn't supposed to be there. There are plenty of different types of people at Alexandria Senior High. We have a few foreign exchange students, people from around our area, and also people who live an hour away. There are numerous programs for kids to be in. We have sports that not many schools have like tennis, golf, bass club, and archery. We also have an amazing MCJROTC program. I am overall proud of my school.
Overall, ASH has somewhat of a culture. Enough of one for me to appreciate it. One thing I'd like to see is a little more diversity. It seems like everyone has been so scared to be different, I however am not. The facilities are run down, considering on some stalls we don't even have doors. One thing I really enjoy is that most teachers have an authentic background in what they teach. It's cool to know my biology teacher was a dental assistant, and my theatre teacher used to own an acting facility in Nashville. Overall, I wouldn't change my experience because I made me who I am today.
Super great school. The teachers really care about you. My sophomore year of high school my home completely burned down. As soon as the faculty and staff heard about my loss they immediately began setting up fundraisers for my family. this school is super great in all aspeacts.
There is something for everyone to do.
I like the atmosphere and people.
Some are better than others.
Review Alexandria Senior High School
They have various amounts of clubs and the different things that goes on such as Student Council. They'll stay after school to make posters to post around the school daily and to keep everything creative and eye catching.
Alexandria Senior High is an enjoyable school. With my personality, I am a very shy person but ASH tried very hard to have everyone involved. They organized a study hall just for kids who don't understand and need more help. They care a lot about academics! My favorite experience at Alexandria Senior High is to work with counsellors and learn more.
The teachers at Alexandria Senior High are ok. I applaud them for most things they do because some students like myself, sometimes, really need the extra help. I like most of their teach styles and strategies, it's usually more for the average student to understand. The teachers are very approachable, you can ask probably anyone and they will greet you nicely and answer your questions. The teachers at my school are very adequate.
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