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What I liked about Alexandria Senior High School was that it helped me build myself over the past 4 years. It helped me become the person I am today. Helping me to believe in me. The school is good at in courage kids to do their best and be their best. What can change in this school is there school meal. But everything else in the school can stay the same because it’s the place to be.
this school is okay they just need to update it and the administration needs to listen to the kids more when they have a problem.
My school went above and beyond in student involvement. We made lip dubs to promote the school; we were given rewards many times for doing our work; and we were treated with respect. The classroom atmosphere was comfortable, and students were encouraged to jump out of their comfort zone, but they weren’t forced. One thing that I would change is that some teachers should be more inclusive with their students. Certain teachers would give their lecture, but some students wouldn’t be able to apply the given knowledge because they were never able to do hands-on activities.
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I loved how the administration was so open and communicative with the students. The teachers truly cared about our education and were always willing to help. The atmosphere of the entire school was family like, and even though there were a few cliques here and there, overall everyone got along with one another.
It is one of the biggest high schools in the area, and it is very diverse. There are plenty of different clubs and organizations to get involved in.
I would like to see the facilities of Alexandria Senior High change. The school is outdated, but still provided with a strong foundation to start college with.
I had a great time at ASH and saw that many more classes were being offered as I left, which is great for incoming students. Football games and rallies are the perfect place for everyone to show their school spirit. The administration are very friendly once you get to know them and the new principle is excellent as well. Some teachers tend to be harder to work with, but every school has that. Overall, I am very happy with my decision I to attend ASH.
I like that Alexandria Senior Highschool is so diverse. I love the fact that there are so many different people and cultures. I like that Alexandria Senior Highschool is open to inviting people from all walks of life into our school. I feel as though with certain things my school could do better though. One of the ways I feel like Alexandria Senior Highschool can do better is by including everyone in their individual say in certain topics that the school is supposed to talk about as a whole. I’d like to see that administration not only acknowledges the class president or the football player, but also the students that aren’t as outspoken. Because if some of the students that were soft spoken actually were to have an individual conversation with someone from administration, feeling heard, changes could be made.
I attended ASH beginning in my Junior year up until I graduated. The time that I spent there was grueling and agonizing. I felt that I was not receiving a meaningful education and that they cared more about attendance and sports than the actual material being taught. I would like them to focus more on the students needs and concerns first before making decisions that will hinder their learning opportunities. Giving students more of a voice would be ideal because it would enhance their experience in the school. I hope that one day ASH will improve and give their students better opportunities.
Love the school and the student body, some of the subjects could use a little bit of bolstering. It was the perfect place to spread my wings from my k-8 private school experience and prepare me for the college world ahead. I developed great relationships with a few of my teachers and they were and still are fully invested in helping me succeed.
What I liked about Alexandria Senior High School is the environment and the people. Here you’ll meet all kinds of people while obtaining a great quality education.
I really like the culture that the school has. And over my four years at ASH many new things have been incorporated to help students academically as well as be prepared for college.
Many changes have been made to the school in the last couple of months that are very progressive. The school dress code has changed to be accommodating to clubs and students alike. School morale and spirit has greatly increased. Administration is stern and structured, but always ensures that its students are safe and comfortable.
It's a very fun school to attend. Loved football games and pep rally's. Teacher were fun and nice. I wish we had a fun day every once and a while like we did the video for the school. The principal is very nice and he even remembers my name every time I see him and always gives me high fives.
ASH is one of the better schools in the area but honestly Rapides Parish school system really sucks. The teachers do not care. They enforce rules that are not actually in the hand book. The administration belittle students into thinking they will never achieve. They also only care about football and soccer even though both teams are not very good. A kid said a racist joke to a teacher and got his suspension revoked because he was a soccer player.
What I like about ASH is that it has a way of making it feel like home.All of the teachers and students interact with each other and always have a positive mindset.Personally since I have been enrolled at ASH I have learned more and formed many friendships.Also I've learned that school is important and even more what you learn can help you in your future for the better.
Alexandria Senior High School is an amazing school to attend. Although it was challenging, the reward of a diploma at the end of your twelfth grade year will be the most amazing feeling ever. You will make tons of friends in a friendly environment. The one thing I regret is not getting involved in as much as I could be involved in. My experience at Alexandria Senior High School was just amazing!
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I liked ASH overall, great teachers, even better counselors. The ROTC program was awesome! The food for lunch/breakfast could have been much better but it sufficed.
Alexandria Senior High was in my opinion one of the best high schools you could attend in central Louisiana. They school fells like a big family when you are there. The school has some of the best teachers in the district and they care about how your doing. I will always be grateful of ASH.
ASH is a school like no other. Where all schools have their benefits and drawbacks, ASH is overall pretty good. Generally, the faculty and administration are supportive of their students and want the best for them. ASH is also very competitive, and our administration enjoys seeing ASH students at the top and helping them get there. It's not perfect, but it's high school. Go Trojans :)
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