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Alexandria-Monroe High School Reviews

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I loved attending Alexandria High School. It was a small school, but that just meant you knew everyone's name. I loved graduating with a close class. My favorite part was being apart of graduation and knowing everyone that walked across the stage.
I believe, that AMHS is a school that really helps there students. they don't mess around when it comes to the students education. AMHS does have its flaws, though i knew for sure that they are working on it.
Great education, teachers and staff that care, opportunities to be involved in many activities, school has a real sense of community
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The school has about 500 students. There are a number of caring teachers, and opportunities, however, there is still is a small town mentality and favoritism plays a role at times too. Overall, this was a good experience.
I quite like how involved each teacher is in making sure you learn and understand, in every class. So many teachers are willing to give whatever extra help you need. I also love how close each class is with each other.
Many of the teachers there really want to help you and see you succeed. I felt like there was no reason for you to get below a C in classes due to the availability of the teachers to help you.
I like all of the things my school does for those in need.They care for each other and treat everyone as equals, no matter the race, sexuality, or religion. Alexandria is a place for all around small town love, and we would do anything for each other. Although I would like some tensions between students and small town drama go away, AMHS is an awesome school to attend, and the teachers love to teach, and the students, for the most part, love to learn. It's a great atmosphere, and I'm proud to be a tiger.
Many of the teachers try not to give us a lot of homework because they know we have other classes.
There are many clubs and sports for students to join. They are interesting and fun.
My school has a bully box in the office. If you or someone you know is being bullied you should put it in the bully box and at the end of each day they check the box and the problem gets addressed.
My experience at this school has been great. I have been in Spanish club and choir for many years. I have wonderful memories from my time at this school. I would choose to go to this school if I had to do it again. This school has made my high school experience wonderful and had given me many memories.
The teachers at my school try to teach so that everyone understands. They try to teach with visual and hands on activities. They always try to help all of the students if they are struggling with something. The teachers make time outside of class for the students to come in for help or to make up work.
Most clubs are well organized.
We really don't have any security, but we also are in a very small town in a rural area. We don't really have any security threats.
The clubs are welcoming, but they aren't necessarily the right topics for everyone.
This school is like family. Whether you like everybody or not, you are still comfortable sharing space with them.
These teachers are very close to the students and very approachable. They help us reach success as well as they can. They are also lenient with grades.
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Our school has many security measures and have not had any threats to the people there. We generally have a nurse in the building in case any one needs to ask about medical problems or need assistance. The school is a safe place although it be biased because i feel safe anywhere I go.
Our school has several academic and athletic opportunities for people of all different types of backgrounds. People can either improve on athletic ability or on their academic performance. A lot of students play at least one sport or workout after school for their own pleasure. Clubs such as chess and spell bowl team have been growing the past couple years and offer a great way for people to connect outside of the classroom.
My school has a great overall crowd of people that support each other and do not disrespect people higher up than they are. The teachers and coaches are genuinely good people that will bend over backwards to help their athletes or students any way they can. Students and parents alike will support each other even if they are in competition.
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