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Alexandria High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at Alexandria High School. The administrators and teachers are caring and involved with students. I feel like I am prepared for what ever my future holds.
I love that I feel comfortable with the students, teachers, and administrators. It is so nice that I am a name and not just a number.
I attended Alexandria for about 6 years and loved every memory and moment there! Alexandria is a great community, who cares about each and every student. It is a great community of sports and athletics, they always strive to be better, no matter what work needs to be put in. Alexandria is a very small town, so the community always fills up with everyone. The teachers and staff are always willing to give their all for their students and its high school.
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I love that the teachers care about their students and they want the best education possible for them. Whenever you did not understand something, they pull you aside to make sure that you know how to do it. I did not like the focus on sports. It seemed as if the teachers gave more attention to the students who did sports.
I enjoyed some of the friendlier teachers and the friends I made there, and I generally felt safe. However, the resources were rather limited, and there weren't many options when it came to sports and clubs, although that may have changed since my graduation.
It is a great school with good quality teachers . The time management and senior help could use a bit more help but as far as the school staff they are kind caring and very well qualified . The school has extraordinary sports and clubs . There are things for all students .
Alexandria High School is a school of champions. During my thirteen years at Alexandria, I have been equipped with the ability to lead, learn, and be successful.
I am involved in several areas of my school from academics, clubs, and athletics. I have several teachers and coaches that take interest in how I turn out as an individual functioing in the community. I appreciate the personal interest the staff and community take in helping me to become the best I can be so that I can make it in the real world,
Alexandria is poorly run school. While many teachers are pleasant and aid students, they are not well taught themselves so they cannot adequately teach us. They school could change where they put their money. Rather than spending all of their money on sports, they could help get enough textbooks for classrooms, or like other schools, laptops for students to use while attending. The schools money is poorly spent. The people who run this school care more about sports than our actual education.
Safety policies at the school are considered above average . Teachers must close doors once class is started and all visitors must be registered and the school has security on a daily bases . Teachers and staff are aware of any threat within minutes and know proper instructions and locations when the school is under a threat either by intruder or weather.
There are several types of clubs from clubs based on academic excellent to sports and religion. The post popular club would most likely be Key club due to the high volume of members and excellent opportunity in school and out side of school dealing with the community and other schools in the state.
This school is know as the school of champions not only in sports but also in academics . My experience was good I learned a lot academically but also learned that once a valley cub always a valley cub.
Teachers make themselves available outside of class room time and made sure we was aware of upcoming test and assignment most teachers tried to communicate with each student on and one on one bases for grades or missed test or assignment. The teachers was understanding when someone didn't understand instructions or questions on test or assignments.
All matters at this school are treated with equal concern regarding everything from violence, student safety, etc.
Alexandria is filled with athletic opportunities and club organizations.
I've had a wonderful experience at Alexandria High School. Despite some of the more frustrating and difficult courses, I would never want to attend another school. I would have to say that the best part of AHS is not only the home athletic events, but also the away athletic events. It doesn't matter if it's home or away. We will pack out whatever area were playing in that evening. Alexandria is a very community involved school. A very close knit community. The greatest experience I've ever had was the three hour drive to Russellville High School in the third round of the state playoffs. As we were arriving I'm Russellville, there was a Billboard on the highway that said, "Russellville, the city of state champions." I remember looking to my friends who were riding with me and saying, "just for that, we're putting them out tonight." We ended up winning in what was one of the best football games I have ever seen on a last minute touchdown run by Keenan Woodruff, who only in tenth grade, is probably the best running back to ever come through Alexandria High School.
All teachers at Alexandria High School genuinely care for their students. Some have better techniques and better "hearts," but they generally all do well with their students. The only complaint I would have is the amount of favoritism toward some students by certain faculty members.
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Valley Cub athletics are available to anyone who will try out.
It's great to be a valley cub!
The teachers effectively engage students in most aspects of learning. They do their job well and full heartedly.
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