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Alexandria Central High School Reviews

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Our health and safety I feel is very good. We have people always paying close attention good enter and exit systems and our health always feels pretty good.
This program is okay we don't have enough sports choices in my opinion. We only offer soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, and basketball. I wish we had more choices like the surrounding schools. We have tons of great clubs and support for them!
I love this school because in most cases we are all a close group of people who aid each other whenever help is needed. The only thing I would change is all the bullying that happens on school grounds. The school however is great with sports and singing concerts and other fun school trips.
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The teachers are overall great teachers who treat everyone with respect and love and are great with increasing knowledge.
I believe that there are only 2 clubs at Alex Bay.
Alexandria Bay is a small school that is fairly poor so sports teams can be an issue. For example there currently are a Boys and Girls Varsity and Modified soccer team for the fall.
there are no healthy options. it is mostly still frozen pizza and frozen yogurt.
the strictness of the driver varies depending on what driver you have
this school doesnt offer a lot because of the poverty level.
Some classes are great some classes it is better if you teach yourself
A lot of the rules only aply to students who are not liked by the principle
This school doesnt offer a majority of the sports included above including football. The boys teams are far more taken care of than the girls and they recieve a higher budget than the girls
This school has foreign exchange students and they are always treated the same as all of the other students. Most foriegn exchange students love coming to this school.
My school did not prepare me for college or work at all. The Guidence counciler that is suposed to help the students does the opposite and actually messing almost everything he does up. It is better to do things on your own than to have the school help you
This is a small school in a small town. There are not a lot of opportunities for higher education in this school and it is a poor school. Being a small town and school all of the teachers know the students on a personal level and when there is hardship in the school generally all of the faculty is there as a suport system
Many students are drinkers and drug users. People can be very compassionate but are usually rude and self centered.
There aren't very many options for advanced students or extra help for students. The classes aren't overwhelming when it comes to workload, although some classes will have more than others. The school does offer a few college enrollment courses that are more challlenging.
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The food service is poor however the cafeteria workers give more food than the state requires. The quality is poor for some meals and good for others. I recommend bringing a lunch because it's the only way to ensure you won't be hungry the next day. Vegitarian options are far and few between and the food is generally unhealthy.
The scheduling options at school are limited because there arent many optional. The curriculum does not challenge students unless one takes the college courses avaiable through SUNY Jefferson. Teachers encourage students to think and to would independently and stress the importance of college preparation.
A lot of the teachers are wonderful at what they do. They have been teachign ofr a long time and it shows in how they teach. A couple, in contrast, are teaching without required degrees or do not clearly explain things. One does not even have accurate knowledge of the topic and students with straight A's received B's and C's because they did not understand the material.
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