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The food could be better. Also, more guidance for college applications would be helpful. Most classes don't prepare for real the world.
Good facilities and teachers. Slightly expensive lunches. Wide variety of different classes to choose from.
I thought it was a great school, and it had some pretty great teachers. There is a fair amount of bullying that goes on and more often than not it isn't taken care of and the school is biased to those who play sports and are good at them. They are also biased to sports. Football is a favorite and you can definitely tell. They do have many fun events, and being in people from different careers and colleges to help students get ready for the next step after college. They also have classes geared towards allowing kids to see and understand what the job will actually be like, which I think is really cool and helpful.
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They do a fantastic job of getting students ready for college and the workforce. There are plenty of teachers who are willing to help their students be as successful as they can as well. They are flexible with schedules and when there is a problem, the staff there are more than willing to try and help. The facility itself is almost brand new and state of the art. Technology is integrated throughout in a helpful way that prepares students for college life.
This school is good in some departments, and terrible in others. If you want to be a sports student great for you the school will literally help you every step of the way as long as you are apart of a dumb club or a football player but if you are a music student or a theatre student be prepared for the school to charge you an arm and a leg for any field trips. the sports department gets all the funding so as long as your in a sport you should be fine.
Great school. Currently a freshman and can't wait to move up in this school. There's a lot of classes available, the food is good, and there's plenty of activities for students. There is a police officer on staff. I'm not sure about college readiness yet.
This high School has successfully brought technology to the classroom and has a large, helpful staff that will do everything in their power to prepare you for college as long as you have the motivation.
Alexandria Area High School is in the middle of Minnesota, so there is very little diversity, but it does have nice people, and offers good preparatory classes. Though they do not actually prepare you for college, and you are thrown in totally confused. The staff is good at their jobs, and all very friendly and approachable.
The building is gorgeous, and has a great atmosphere. Everyone there is so welcoming, the teachers are very nice and fun to work with. There are so many opportunities, and there is something for everyone. I am going to be a senior this year but I will most definitely be back to visit.
The new building is excellent and the staff is great! Certain teachers like Hilbrands and Kor especially make an effort to connect to their students. Also the principal is very friendly and does a great job.
There are great club opportunities, and the teacher really care about their students. Unfortunately, the counselors aren't very helpful for students.
I was there for 2 years, the first year it was built was nice. Good choices for food and good academic choices. Good teachers. The hallways are crowed, but I think they were going to fix that the year I left.
-Jadon olson
Beautiful built school with the newest advances in technologies to help the students grow in their learning to the best of their ability. Provides a welcoming and competitive environment. During my time at Alexandria Area High School, I felt challenge to do my best everyday. The faculty at AAHS did their best to ensure we were getting the most out of the curriculum and incorporated immersion to what the students would be experiencing in the work field. This helped the students see where they wanted to continue their future and the school was able to build their curriculum off of the student's wishes.
I've enjoyed attending Alexandria Area High School for the past three years. As a new high school, it's extremely involved with its students and the community, and they're always looking for new ways to improve even more. I find this school to be very open to any student; it's easy to discover what your passions are so you can make the right career choice, and you can easily make friends with similar interests. They also have lots of great programs for students to enroll in; from fine arts to agriculture, and from business to health sciences. It's a great school to attend!
My overall experience with the high school was beneficial. While their was drawbacks, I came out with an advantage and prepared heading into college. I was given a broad background in education and am well rounded in terms of my extracurricular activities. Staff cared about me and my achievements and they showed me that they cared. I believe that was crucial in my success at this school.
I am currently a senior here at Alexandria Area High School. Our academies and block schedule days are as new as our new building. The freshmen have an "academy" where they each have one block dedicated to figuring out their passions, practicing their education, and looking ahead at what they want to focus on. At the end of freshmen year everyone has to choose between three academies which each offer many electives that specifically help students gain education that will directly apply to their career of interest. From welding machines to Mac labs to CNA labs the entire school is built around partnering with local businesses and being focused on your future. Each academy has an adviser that helps you personally. The staff are friendly and the facility is amazing. The only thing I would change would be the ability for students finished with college, college open blocks, or a.p. classes to be able to leave the building when their work is completed.
Overall academics here are awesome. I had plenty of options for classes in fields I wanted to be in at the time. I wish they would expand more on physical education more. The workload was normally manageable, especially compared to college. I normally never had a problem getting into a class I wanted either. The teachers all seemed to have their own way of teaching in every class, but all graded the same. You knew by the first test what they were looking for. It was a great High School for academics.
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Jefferson wasn't that diverse, but there are a lot of different students when I went. We did have students from different countries thought. Got to know a few and they were all great people. Jefferson often had a lot of cliques or groups, but that seemed to be normal high school. There wasn't a lot of peer pressure that went on, just more of a divided into groups. Everyone was accepting of every race though.
I wasn't often in extracurriculars, but I there were always a lot to choose from. Seemed like Jefferson had a diverse selection for students and they were run very well.
I really never paid any attention to this experience in school. I'm sure there were parents that showed up on the daily. My parents came whenever they could, up until I was no longer in sports anymore. Never really had any meetings about grades because I was an A & B student, so not sure there.
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