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The most accepting shool with the most driven students and most caring teachers and staff. I love being able to focus on my art area along with having a great academic program.
I can honestly say that Dreyfoos is a school unlike any other. I have been enrolled at this school for almost two years now and in that short amount of time, Dreyfoos has managed to change who I am as a person; not just my maturity, my character, but it has changed my work ethic, my social skills, my ability to express my thoughts--it has changed how I view myself and overall how I feel about the atmosphere of the incorporation of the academics and the arts. Dreyfoos allows you to be comfortable with who you are-- it's okay to express yourself--in fact it is encouraged.
If Dreyfoos were to change one thing, I would encourage the involvement of more aice/ap classes. Although the workload the students receive is like no other, I believe that the opportunity to offer more rigorous courses (especially in the earlier years of high school)--should be considered. Overall, the staff and counseling at Dreyfoos is exceptional. I just wish that as a freshman I was shown more direction.
To got to Dreyfoos is an experience any high school student would be lucky to have. From our dedicated teachers to the resources we are provided with to further our art it is a school that is for the student and does everything it can to help make our futures bright.
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It’s an amazing institution that prepares its students for any college career. Its community is very welcoming and involved. I love the place!
Alexander W. Dreyfoos changed my life. I never had a lousy high school experience. Dreyfoos is filled with faculty that was to help you grow and be successful. Yes, they can be harsh sometimes, but it's for your interest. I feel so well prepared as a student and artist because of all of the things that they taught me while I attended Dreyfoos.
Dreyfoos prepared me very well for college. The is a wide selection of AP level courses, clubs and sports of many kinds, and a very diverse student population. By attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts, it enabled me to be accepted into Duke University.
This school is a dream come true. The teachers and advisors are amazing. I am challenged on a daily basis and pushed to excel to be my very best.
My four years at Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts has been possibly the most wonderful four years in my life. As a musician, i have taught learned a lot that will make me an exceptional musician and dedicated music major. A
few things that have really helped my experience were the excellent teachers, super friendly staff, and the creative students. I'm sure I wouldn't get this kind of experience from any other high school.
I've had some of the best teachers, classes, and experiences I could ever wish for here. I can't imagine going to any other school.
Dreyfoos let’s you have a school and art experience. Having guest artist always around really enhances your learning.
Dreyfoos is best high school I could have ever asked for. The community is very friendly and accepting. You're constantly surrounded by people with the same interest as you and no one is afraid to be outgoing. Dreyfoos has the best teachers both for the arts and academically. Definitely apply if you have a passion for the arts!
My experience at Dreyfoos was average and so-so. Dreyfoos is the perfect school to go to if you are planning to pursue your major in your future, but not if you want to steer off from the arts. Dreyfoos focuses most on the arts and sort of puts academics on the back burner, which is hard to balance out. If I went to another school, I could already be in classes that have to do with what I want to pursue. Nevertheless, I still love the school because I am constantly thrown with opportunities, and it being the best school in Palm Beach County, opens doors for me.
My career was shaped by this school, the amazing classes and teachers as well as the rigorous curriculum.
liked how much opportunity u have to work on art, wish academic teachers wouldn't say "my work is your number 1 priority!!" since everyone has to worry about concerts and whatnot
I love Dreyfoos. I have learned so much here from my teachers, but most importantly from my friends. I have met so many diverse people that it has really made me appreciate certain things. I wouldn't really change anything besides the food.
It is a very good school, and it really does not discriminate against poor kids who go there. Everyone who gets accepted and attends this school is there because of their talent, so that is what you are judged on most frequently.
Being a visual arts major at Dreyfoos I really enjoyed my experience there. They let you find your own path instead of being guided constantly. You get to think about what your art is about to you and not let others tell you what to do. The only thing I would change is some academic teachers but other than that it's a 10/10 school!
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It is a great school. However, I would like to see more diversity and the school becoming more like a family.
This school is basically a mini college where you have the freedom and responsibilities of a college student. Teachers, staff, and students are very kind here.
Dreyfoos is an amazing school for the arts and truly acknowledges effort that is put in by the students for their academics and their art area. The school itself is a little outdated and older but it shows a lot of character about the school.
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