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liked how much opportunity u have to work on art, wish academic teachers wouldn't say "my work is your number 1 priority!!" since everyone has to worry about concerts and whatnot
I love Dreyfoos. I have learned so much here from my teachers, but most importantly from my friends. I have met so many diverse people that it has really made me appreciate certain things. I wouldn't really change anything besides the food.
It is a very good school, and it really does not discriminate against poor kids who go there. Everyone who gets accepted and attends this school is there because of their talent, so that is what you are judged on most frequently.
Review Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts
Being a visual arts major at Dreyfoos I really enjoyed my experience there. They let you find your own path instead of being guided constantly. You get to think about what your art is about to you and not let others tell you what to do. The only thing I would change is some academic teachers but other than that it's a 10/10 school!
It is a great school. However, I would like to see more diversity and the school becoming more like a family.
This school is basically a mini college where you have the freedom and responsibilities of a college student. Teachers, staff, and students are very kind here.
Dreyfoos is an amazing school for the arts and truly acknowledges effort that is put in by the students for their academics and their art area. The school itself is a little outdated and older but it shows a lot of character about the school.
I was in the theatre department. Dreyfoos provided great art-focused opportunities, but at the cost of freedom and support. Although people can be mean/petty/malicious anywhere you go, I found that type to flock at Dreyfoos. If you have the slightest bit of hesitation in pursuing your art area, I wouldn't go here, especially if you want good academics.
Dreyfoos has great academics and AP classes, professional arts classes...especially dance and music. I would change 4 bad teachers but 2 have just retired and 2 are still there. The rest of the teachers are superb. A competitive private school education in a creative atmosphere.
The school is an amazingly place to cultivate all your creative ideas and ambitions but there is a sense of politics, in the aspect of each art teacher having their favorite students, as opposed to helped the students that lack the knowledge.
A. W. Dreyfoos is the most unique school that I have ever heard of. Yes, it is still a high school, but the students there are some of the brightest people I will ever meet in my life. We all are involved in arts and have a special talent and to be surrounded by passionate and talented people is the best learning environment. Dreyfoos is know for both the arts and academics which is unlike any school around. It is really an honor to be accepted into this school and I wouldn't want to get a diploma from any other high school.
This school changed my life. I met some amazing teachers that changed my life for the better! I got to do what I love everyday and I'm so thankful I got to atend this amazing school!
I love everything about this school. There are so many great opportunities at Dreyfoos and we are all so privileged to go there. Not only is the campus beautiful but it's also in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. So many great teachers and guest artist come to Dreyfoos with so much to offer to such hungry artistic minds. My school is also very strong academically but at times I do feel that the academic competitiveness does get in the way of what we are really there to do which is to improve our craft and truly become the artist of the future.
Dreyfoos allows you to explore your passion for the arts, collaborate with other artists, and seek high quality academics. It is truly a unique school.
Alexander W Dreyfoos SOA was an amazing experience for myself and my friends and colleagues. It definitely taught us about the real world ad prepared us to the best of its ability. The teachers and education overall was outstanding!
My son has had the privilege of attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts for the past 4 years. It is truly a unique and wonderful
high school experience. Most of his teachers have been outstanding and he has had the opportunity to explore the arts in depth. By his senior year, he was not really that interested in his art area anymore. That is the one downside. He still had to continue in his art area senior year. He would have benefitted if he was allowed to take some different electives, or additional academic courses, instead of wasting time in electives that he had discovered were not related to the new interests he had developed since starting school. All in all though, I feel it is a fantastic school and he is fortunate to have attended it.
If you want to give up all your free time and have no opportunity for a social life this is your school. Art teachers that don't care about their students and don't realize their kids have academics too, academics that are super demanding, and the most competitive kids in the state. if all you care about is using the name of Dreyfoos on your transcript this is for you. No one pursues art here, they all shoot for Ivys, art school is an excuse to get a public school together of kids that don't want to be in normal public schools.
Review Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts
Dreyfoos was an overall amazing experience for me. I was fortunate enough to go there as a piano major, and my teachers greatly helped me excel in my art and pushed me to become even better. The academics were outstanding; my teachers for my AP courses were phenomenal! It's only been a year since I graduated and I miss it already. Dreyfoos gave me a unique high school experience, and for that I will forever be grateful! It was a privilege to be a part of such a diverse, accepting and extremely talented student body.
This school is really a gem. It's a school that focuses on both academics and the arts. The teachers really push the students, so the academics are very rigorous and the arts are also very intensive. The combination of the two make for a great school. The environment is very friendly and open and the students here are very talented and intelligent. There are many cultures and ethnicities represented here which many other schools don't have. This a a magnet and art school so you have to audition for a specific major if you want to go here.
Dreyfoos give students lots of opportunities to connect to colleges; college fairs and visits from college representatives.
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