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Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts Reviews

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Probably the best school you could go to in Palm Beach County considering that it’s a high school. The experience here is unique, the teachers are caring, and the students here are nice.
DSOA is a wonderful School, unlike any other. It is a place filled with incredibly talented students being taught by gifted instructors. The guidance department and front office is always there, going above and beyond to help each student. It is a very special place!
The best school you'll find around, not only the academic greatness but the incredible environment you involve yourself in is truly magical.
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Dreyfoos School of the Arts is very unique. It doesn't have a football team so you don't really get the full high school experience, but I wasn't expecting to, especially from an Art School. Overall, Dreyfoos is very lenient and gives the students a lot of freedom, while still making sure that our grades are kept up and we are being challenged by difficult classes that will prepare us for the future. Its a very fun school and is no where near similar to most high schools. Plus, the pep rally's are sooo much fun.
I think overall my experience at AW Dreyfoos was pretty amazing. Because it’s a school for the arts, I knew that this was where I belonged, surrounded by like minded, disciplined students who were passionate about their art form. Although I came to Dreyfoos as a theatre major, I am also a musician at heart and plan to pursue music as my career. Dreyfoos has allowed me to combine my passion for both theatre and music on levels that definitely helped me to grow as an artist and feel fortunate to have gotten my high school experience here.
Dreyfoos offers a great environment to students, both academically and through arts, but just like all other schools Dreyfoos has their faults, such as the excessive placement put on grades.
Lets be honest now, high school sucks no matter where you go. But Dreyfoos is honestly the best most inclusive school. Now that doesn't mean that it is perfect Dreyfoos has its flaws. But I would come here again over anyone of my home schools. A lot of the teachers are average/below average. But the art teachers are incredible, which is all I cared about when coming to an arts school. I was given many opportunities and advise from my art teachers. Dreyfoos is 1 in a million. There is no "popular" crowd everyone accepts and loves everyone. The 'incrowd' here is the 'outcrowd' at normal high schools. This school is so accepting and open minded. I've met so many unique people at this school and it was such an incredible time.
Dreyfoos is a school that treats their students very well. They treat them as adults and give them a lot of trust. They also make sure to go as far as they can to help their students understand what is being taught. The community is great and provides a safe space for students where everyone has a voice and usually uses their art to do it.
I think that Dreyfoos is a great school to attend if you're are into the arts.The school has given me a sense of family within my department and outside of it . The teachers and admin are very nice and work hard every day to make sure that we reach our maximum potential as students.I can walk away saying tha Dreyfoos has given me the best four years of my life full of fond memories and memorable people.
Dreyfoos is a good school. Although the teachers can be unintrested in their jobs, and at times, in your success, the friends that you will make with be great. The workload is manageable, although our academics pale in comparison to our "rival" Suncoast.
My time at Dreyfoos School of the Arts thoroughly prepared me for college and life in every way and I am forever grateful to the faculty of the Theatre Department for raising me like a member of the family. Not only was I able to excel in my department as a theatre major, I had the opportunity to be a leader within our community and develop critical skills as a human being that I will be using for the rest of my life. Through my training in theatrical arts, I am now able to speak publicly without hesitation and direct and stage manage and design and so much more that I owe to Dreyfoos. The other students I met at this school as well as the faculty are unforgettable as friends and mentors. I would not be who I am today without the guidance of everything Dreyfoos has to offer to their students from the majors, the diversity within each major, the incredible faculty, and the environment that allows artistic students to be who they are and blossom.
Dreyfoos really helped me be prepared for my first year in college. not only was the things i learned useful but the environment i learned it in really helped me prepare for the college environment. the work loads were also about the same so it didn't feel like i was just being thrown into the college lifestyle without being prepared. i'm very thankful for having attending that school and if there are any other students unsure if they should go there or somewhere else i would say to them to take that chance and go to this school, it will be one of the best decisions for your future that you have made so far.
This school has opened me up to such an amazing world of the arts, I've never been in such an area with such an amazing group of diverse students and people alike. all the teachers are genuine to make everyone succeed and they treat everyone like family, as I've had my own experiences with the teachers that goes beyond what a teacher required to do for their students. the administration has been nothing but helpful and everyone is free to express themselves in any way that they please regardless of gender, race, shape, sexuality and their interests. The school had so many opportunities for the students to become prepared for college and are given many tools that are easily accessed for every student.
DSOA promotes a strong commitment to training in the arts while also enabling students to be as academically rigorous as they choose to be. There is a tremendous amount of talent and hard work going on here. Every performance is worth attending across all art areas.
Dreyfoos is a place where you are free to express yourself and your views. The clothes you wear, the friends you make, and the people you choose to surround yourself with are free for you to decide. I’ve never felt a place more accepting of the students choices to express themselves. The teachers support for the arts is none like I’ve ever seen. Dreyfoos is a place where the arts and academics have equal rigor, where students are extremely talented and bright. I’ve never met anybody like the students here. The way everybody pushes themselves to be better creates a positive atmosphere where every student is encouraged to be their best self. I also love the diverse amount of students at this school. No race is superior to another, making the environment one that is very accepting of all cultures, views, and religions.
I really enjoyed the specified majors that they provided, they really showed you all sides of that specific art and really allowed students to find their own passion. Loved all the teachers with all my heart as they were so caring and supportive. Would love to see what the students produce in years to come.
Dreyfoos is indeed an amazing school for the arts. They give you so many oppurtunities to do things that aren’t so easily available anywhere else and they try to involve their students as much as possible. Academically, this school is indeed hard but it forces everybody to do well. Most of the students there do not mess around and get everything done. They let everybody express their individuality and give people the chance to do anything they like. It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best schools in south Florida for sure.
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Dreyfoos is the most diverse and accepting environment. I got to pursue my art and do what I love every day. I love Dreyfoos and I had so much fun during my 4 years.
I am a senior at dreyfoos and through out my 4 years here I have enjoyed the Visual Arts program. You really see the improvement in your art through the years and they help you learn so much about yourself by being there.
Excellent school, loved the time I have spent there. Great academic and artistic education. The school is very diverse and accepting to all peoples. I wouldn't trade the education and time I spent here for the world.
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