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Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts Reviews

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Excellent school, loved the time I have spent there. Great academic and artistic education. The school is very diverse and accepting to all peoples. I wouldn't trade the education and time I spent here for the world.
Alexander W Dreyfoos School of the Arts has been an absolutely amazing place to grow and flourish into the artist and person I want to be!
The best people you will ever meet. I had to work incredibly hard, but I am a better person for it. I was a theatre major and was offered tons of artistic opportunities that I would have never had if it had not been fro Dreyfoos.
The academics are very strong and difficult, however all of the teachers that I have had are truly kind and helpful. For me, what sets Dreyfoos apart from other high schools is the student body. The student body is artistic and creative, and ultimately together we celebrate the power of the arts by learning from each other.
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At Dreyfoos i had the best year of my high school career. I felt understood not only because it is an arts school but because the environment is phenomenal. The teachers and staff are great people. I learned a lot about my major and felt really immersed in what i love. The academics are also amazing the curriculum is balanced so well at the teachers are so understanding about the difficulty it is to be working hard in school as well as working hard on your art form.
Dreyfoos is an excellent school, and the experience is unlike any other. It is very diverse with every kind of race and sexuality imaginable. The environment is very accepting and allows students to find themselves in a safe space.
I could not imagine this time of life being anywhere else. This school has shown me an abundance of support for my love in the arts and how I want to pursue the career of film and cinematic studies. My teachers are one of a kind who supply me with the knowledge and passion to fulfill the standards of life. The preparation for my college future has been made at balance with the continuation of my high school experience and for that, I could not be more grateful.
Dreyfoos is the best high school I could go to. The admissions always want to help me succeed. The students are always accepting and I love being inspired by their talents everyday.
During my time at Dreyfoos, I have learned a plethora of information that will transfer to daily life as well as my future career. The environment is fun and positive, but at times lack diversity. This also dedicates huge portions of their time to prepare me and my peer for higher educations that comes from college. I mostly appreciate Dreyfoos for it's interesting learning environment.
I have had such a unique experience at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I have had the opportunity study music in great depth and discover my passion for music composition. Dreyfoos is a healthy environment where all the teachers are very helpful, and the student body feels more like a family. Everyone works hard, and cares about their work. I've learned to be a good team-player as well as a leader, I've learned how to go about in the professional world of music, and how to take criticism. I have been truly blessed to attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts.
I like the diversity and inclusion. Attending this school prepares you for college. Because it is a performing arts school you have an academic tract and arts major tract and you have to balance both.
Overall, I'm very grateful for my experiences at A.W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts. As someone who plans on pursuing a career in the arts, the education and training that I recieved enabled me to have a leg up in the college audition process. The school does not focus on athletics and nobody seems to mind, as the students who attend are all more interested in artistic expression and creativity. Students are provided with the opportunity to found any club that they would like to have at Dreyfoos. I myself started a club the worked to protect endangered species. It is expected that students take Advanced Placement courses. For the most part, the teachers are very helpful and want to see their students succeed. Since Parkland shooting, school saftey has been a major priority, moreso than ever before. Actions are being taken to ensure that everyone who is on campus is supposed to be there.
This school has given me so many good memories. Dreyfoos is a huge school and the teachers are super fun and loving. You will make so many friends and so many connections, keep in contact with your favorite teachers because they will help you out as much as they can in the future! I really miss Dreyfoos and the whole atmosphere of the school spirit. This school is completely different from other public schools. It was an honor to graduate from this school. Take advantage of your resources while you can, because this school has ALL of the resources and connections. :)
The atmosphere with the teachers and students is awesome. Everyone is so supportive of each other's majors and support each other by coming to showcases and performances.
Dreyfoos school of the Arts is the most amazing environment for talented students. Everyday there are tons of students and teachers striving for excellence through their art. The support we get from our fellow students is amazing combining our talents to create something so special. The diversity of people so wide and we are all exposed to something new every day.
I am a senior at Dreyfoos and it has been an elevating experience and the programs offered are top! Relaxed environment is created by staff and teachers. A school where there is a diversity of programs and clubs that enhance your learning and prepare you for your career goals!
the experience at dreyfoos is amazing, the staff and teachers go out of their way to teach you as much as possible, and it's a lot of fun.
One important thing to note about this school is that while the arts classes are amazing in training , the academic classes are equally as challenging.
The curriculum in both types of classes are at the very top of the field. My four years at Dreyfoos has thoroughly prepared me for college and has afforded me the opportunity to be a contender for some of the top programs in the country.
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I had a great time at Dreyfoos! I was a theatre major on the Musical Theatre track and I learned so much! The training, teachers and classes were all fantastic. I came across a very small handful of problematic teachers(they were academic teachers) but overall it was great! If you want good training in the arts Dreyfoos is definitely for you!
I sincerely enjoyed my time at Dreyfoos. It is an extremely welcoming and accomplished school. For the arts, there is no better place to go. I had so many opportunities as a dance major, performed at so many functions and got so much experience. The academics are also one of the best and always improving. The only thing that lacked was sports which was important to me but not to many other students. I was on 3 different teams and did not have much support or training but still had a lot of fun. It is an audition school and they can be selective but many transfer in and even the students that only come for senior year love it and do not regret it. Graduation rate it always 100% or near it, this school is definitely one of the top schools in the nation. Its hard to understand how amazing it is if you haven't attended a "normal" highschool.
This is a great school overall. However some of the teachers, especially in the science department, are not very competent. A lot of teachers at the school are also revealing way too much their private information to the students, making it not comfortable. It feels that the school is so great academically partly not because of the quality of the teachers, but because of the quality of the student body. The atmosphere is very competitive, and definitely prepares one for college.
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