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Alexander Middle/High School Reviews

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I have enjoyed my 4 years at Alexander High School making new and lifelong friendships. Coming from a different elementary school, I was nervous about meeting new classmates. But everyone has been fantastic to me and welcomed me with open arms.
The health and safety policies at this school are great, but have a few issues. The students do often get in trouble with the law, making the school bring in police officers and dogs maybe once or twice a month. But, bullying is not an issue in the high school, and this school is constantly making security advancements day by day.
There are a ton of extracurricular opportunities at this school such as Mock Trial, SADD, Choir, and so much more, for many different interests of the students.
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I absolutely love this school, especially the athletic activities that go on, the students make it such a fun experience.
The teachers at my school are very engaged and each of them gave me a unique experience, and helped me if I was struggling.
There aren't many available clubs. Most of the clubs have a low amount of students who participate as well.
My overall experience has been both good and bad. Some of the kids are not as accepting towards others who may have different views than them. This school is very small and most kids have the same views, making it difficult for others to enjoy school. But, there are some kids who are very accepting and welcome everyone no matter what so I would go here if I could do it all over again.
Most teachers are available to help when you ask. Some however are hard to reach and get help from. Most do try their best to give a good education to their students.
My favorite experiences were making new friends and knowing who my real true friends are. Each year there are new students in every grade. I think this is why Alexander is a unique school because most schools have mostly one grade that gets all new students.I would go choose this school again because I had meet my friends there. I wouldn't choose this school because even though the teachers are mostly fun and nice to know, some do have favorite.
Most of the teachers are outgoing, care general for the student that go to school. Also, most of the teachers do stay after school to help any students the need help. There teaching style is okay, they had in stories or make jokes that will make students remember the material and make them laugh. The consistency in there grading use to be like whatever but now with with the new standards, they are good enforcing the late policy.
Alexander has great teachers and a friendly environment. Despite all this they haven't prepared me as well as I would like for attending a private college. They don't offer that many college classes that I could use for credit and they don't have a very good advanced study program.
The teachers here are great. They are passionate about what they teach and care about students.
Alexander has a good staff but maybe someday all cameras in the school will work
Alexander's Football and baseball teams have emerged to be elite competitors in the Genesee Region over the past 3 years.
I enjoy this school based on our community. Generally no one dislikes each other and the community helps add hype towards sporting events like when we beat Attica for the first time in decades.
Teachers are willing to help with students that generally care about their class. Some teacher though usually help the ones more that are not passing the class
The opportunities are amazing, but low interest.
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The teachers are amazing in every way!
The courses are great! Very challenging.
The food lags in its lack of monetary resources.
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