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I was very involved in my school. I was in almost all the bands it offered and I was on the varsity girls soccer team, and on the Science Olympiad team. My school had some great teachers. I just recently graduated and now they are really struggling money wise and you now have to pay to participate in activities. Other than these new issues I never had a issue with my school. I got a really good education through the honors classes I took and I really enjoyed being at a smaller school.
The best thing about Alexander is the amazing teachers. They care about the students and their education, and try to create an open-to-learning environment so even those who do not enjoy being in class can get something out of it. I would, however, like to see Alexander try harder to help end bullying.
I love the amount of activities there are to do to stay involved in the school. There are multiple sports offered during every season and also many clubs functioning throughout the school. The teachers also care a lot about the grades and how to help kids that are struggling with subjects. I love the school and the community that surrounds it!
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High school is a rough time for everyone, however I do not believe the environment at Alexander helped with this. There are wonderful teachers at Alexander who care about their students, however the academics and resources are just okay. The high school poured a lot of money into sports, including the construction of a new fitness building while they were asking for the school to be provided with more money, and it would have been nice to see the administration care about other groups and clubs more. Overall the school is a little less than okay, with poor academics that do not do well to prepare for college or teach a student how to study (something I realized once I started taking courses at the local colleges). To be frank, I wish my parents had enrolled me at Athens High School where the academics are known to be better and the student population is more diverse.
Alexander is a very tight knit school, everyone knows everyone. The academics are okay. However they do not offer a lot of college readiness classes. The school is not very diverse so it does not help a student experience different culture as they may in college so the culture shock might be too much for some. There is not a lot of facilities able for the students to use to do extracurricular activities so that involvement is slowly dwindling.
I would like to see a change to how bullies are being dealt with in our school. We have many students who have been bullied and the school has done absolutely nothing on multiple occasions.
There are many extra-curricular activities at Alexander. The administration, teachers, and parents are very supportive of students' sports and other activities.
The academics are great. We learn a lot, and the teachers work with us and strive for us to do our best. However, the workload can be stressful while I'm also participating in extra-curricular activities like band and church events. I often get less sleep throughout the week because of the workload and extra-circulars.
I think Alexander is the best school in the Athens area. I have absolutely loved my experience at Alexander. Alexander is especially unique because of the teachers' true care for students and bettering their education.
The teachers are very fun and care about their students and their education.
There is no variety of classes offered at this school. Also there are only two AP classes avalible and there should definitely be more. Scheduling for classes is always a nightmare and even when you do schedule you have to go in during the summer to fix it because they always mess something up. There is also a new counselor, who is way better than the old one. Since I only had her one year I can't say much because she was always very busy which is way better than the old one who did absolutely nothing. When I did get help she was very helpful and knowledgeable.
I do feel safe at school even without armed guards or metal detectors. I think students would feel more safe though if some metal detectors were implemented because I know of too many people that have brought guns and knives to school without administrators knowing. Although there are far too many doors for people to get in that it would be impossible for everyone to go through metal detectors. Most doors are supposed to be locked almost all the time, except there are many times when people can just walk into the building or even get out of the building without people knowing.
Just like the rest of the school it is just okay. There aren't many clubs and the ones we do have a not a variety of them. Most have little involvement because they aren't funded enough to do anything people actually want to do. Sports have a variety of people in them but football is way overfunded leaving less funding for all other sports. They are trying to buy new things for the football team but can't seem to fix or update current facilities they already have.
There are definitely worse schools out there, but there are many schools so much better out there. In its are it is one of the best but outside its small little area there are so much better places to go. This school is just okay and that is all I have to say.
There are a select few great teachers at this school. They genuinely care and are helpful to students. They want all their students to do their best in everything they do. On the other hand, the other teachers aren't that great. They expect respect but don't like to give out any to their students. They do the bare minimum and don't make learning fun, engaging or exciting. They do not care for students and make most students wonder why they are teaching since they seem to hate their jobs so much. To the teachers who excel, thank you for making my high school experience better than it would have been without you, you are the ones who have made me get to where I am today.
Overall good. Have not problems with extracurricular.
90% of teachers are very good and show interest in students and the school as a whole. A couple don't teach with very interesting topics and just lecture. These teachers are stern and don't seem to have much fun with students. Again these teachers are few and far between.
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Never had an issue with any health or safety issues.
Most teachers are very approachable and easy to talk to. A few don't teach well and get off topic and aren't motivating to the kids and those teachers sometimes stand out more than the great ones.
The community is overall great and very supportive.
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