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very nice school. well organized teachers and planning done by teachers. safe environment. i went to douglas county the beginning of my freshman year and transferred to alexander because of the students and classes there. alexander is probably one of the best schools in the district.
It was a good school but there weren't too many clubs or activities for the gay community at the school. Also there were some people who yelled offensive things at me while walking to class but that's to be expected.
Alexander’s teachers are amazing. They care about our grades and our education. The academics are outstanding, as well as the sports team.
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Alexander high school was a great school with an amazing AP research and magnet program! Great athletics too. Teachers are good, cleanliness could be better. Needs a make over but I loved it.
Ive been here since my freshamn year and ive had a pretty good expierence. This school is full of strong spirited students, helpful teachers, and people that would blow your mind. I my time being here i have learned so much from thetime i firsted walked these, to now where im mentally preparing for college. Sure the school has some flaws, but it's overall a really good school. I wouldnt change any of my past experiences and i appreciate most of the people in this building today.
Overall Alexander High School is a good school. I like how diverse it is and how spirited it is. The teachers i had were great and totally helped in so many ways to make sure that students including me got the best out the class. Also love how they put so much time and effort in preparing us for our future plans like, going to college and getting a job. They made sure we got all we need for our future. There is not much that i would change except for little things like providing better food varieties to choose from and maintain the bathrooms especially the girls because sometimes we run out of soap and paper towel. Another thing that is a problem at school are the hallways, there are so many students at Alexander that the hallways get too crowded in between classes which makes it hard for some students to get to class on time. But overall Alexander is a superior high school and i am glad that i got to be a Alexander Cougar for all 4 years of my high school career.
Alexander is ok school I guess . I just hate the people it’s mostly filled with basic white snobs . Also the school is dirty, the bathrooms ... don’t even get me started . Other than that it’s ok it’s just I just want to where all the money goes to.
This school is a very good school. All teachers and administrators expect the best from everyone. Everyone is very helpful and nice at Alexander high school. If a student is falling behind the teachers and administrators do everything in their power to help that student back up and help them achieve their dreams. The sports department at Alexander, I would say, is the best in douglas county and top 30 for the state. The education level is very high at Alexander high school, for the graduating class of 2018 there were over 30 students who could have a hope scholarship. If you are looking to go to a fantastic high school go to Alexander where they welcome everyone!
Teachers are understanding depending on the area of subject. A great academic high school with amazing Ap and Honners classes. Choir and band is outstanding . the administration staff is well involved in the school as well as in to the student teacher life.
I chose excellent, but that doesn't even begin to describe Alexander High School, it is so much more than that. Alexander is a place where students and faculty belong, have fun, and learn. Whether it is being teacher of the year, or being a substitute teacher, faculty cares about the well being of the student and vice versa. The diversity of extracurricular activities also makes it an enjoyable environment for the students. And that is why Alexander is so much more than excellent!!!
My experience at Alexander High School was unlike any other; I always felt part of their community and I am honored to be a part of Alexander High School. For the most part, the teachers and administration are willing to do their best to support and take care of all their students, and they do their best to provide for each and every student in need. The students are all very uplifting and the positive presence of Alexander High is clear as soon as you walk through the lobby doors. As a high school senior, it has made me proud to be a part of an amazing high school for all four years.
Alexander High School (AHS) is an excellent high school. The teachers are all about making sure that you understand the content of the lesson they teach. They would even come in early or stay late after school for tutoring. That I find to be impressive. AHS has a strong football team and marching band. Being in the marching band, I had the opportunity to go to several different places including Disney World in Orlando on two separate occasions. I also enjoyed the good times we had in the band. The members and band Directors all get along very well. We are like a family as well as we all look out for each other. Overall I must say that I had a great experience with AHS.
The teachers are great!! Willing to stay after or come early to help you out! The coaches are bad to students though
Th eenvironment is very friendly and welcoming.There is not much diversity.The acadmemnic level is really high because there are alot of honors and ap classes available for students to take.There are also many clubs students can join including Hosa,art club,and Fcla.
Alexander has a wonderful and friendly environment that allows students to learn everything they know as well as work it into a real-world situation. The school has several programs to let you explore what you would like to do as you prepare for college.
Alexander High school has energy of pride in what we do, sports is where we succeed but even though our academics is fine as is it can be cared for and made into something more.
I enjoyed Alexander because it felt like everyone there was caring and truly wanted the best for you. Whether it was from the outstanding teachers and faculty or the students, everyone at Alexander High School tried to push you to be your best and try to prepare you for life and how to be the best at what you do. I truly believe there is not another school like Alexander High School in the country.
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My experience at Alexander Highschool has been one to remember, over the course of these four years Alexander has been there for me. The staff makes sure to focus on every students abilities and will continue to make sure you are were you need to be even more!! The experience of the school is more than I could ask for from extracurricular activities to my standard classes. The administration is always there to make sure the rules are enforced but also allow students to express themselves in other ways such as clubs, sports, and in the classroom and award the excellence of each student.
Teachers are lenient and most truly care about your education. They are many clubs and organizations to fit anyone’s interests. I love the cafeteria food however I am in the Last lunch and they tend to be out of things sometimes.. Overall my teachers and I get along well and based solely on the school itself and not the other students in it, it is a good school. Many of my peers are childish but that is high school for you. I would say my school is the best in our county though.
I can honestly say that Alexander High School is by far one of the best schools in Georgia at least. There are several teachers that actively do their best to help their students and intellectually challenge them. The school culture is also fairly nice. However, the school lunches, the regular presence of cockroaches, the occasional teacher that does not do much of anything in class, and the administration providing college information almost exclusively during senior year does not do the school or students any favors.
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