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The teachers here have your best interests at heart. I really like the new gym because it is nicer than most DII college gyms.
I loved the school. The atmosphere and the environment was amazing. The school spirit was to die for; however, i want to see more money go to the clubs that are not as popular so they can have a more full high school experience.
What I like most about the school is the administrations desire to allow us to make our own decisions but bad decisions come with consequences.
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The teachers are wonderful and care for the student to excel. Students are taught to be respectful and behave accordingly as visitors or fellow students are around.
Great school and wonderful environment for students to learn in. Teacher and faculty help with anything that you might need. Its like a family.
Best experience and High school I have ever been to... honestly the people/ students are so kind and gentle, but there are a special group of people that will help you when you least need it. That group name is the smart kids.
This school lacks in quality of education, but makes up for it with a friendly enviroment. I do not enjoy attending this school.
I've been attending Alexander for a memorable 3 1/2 years and my experience here has been nothing less than exemplary. The atmosphere and school spirit flowing through this school is unlike any other and EVERY student takes pride I what we do, whether this be in band, football, or Jrotc. Our teachers have done an amazing job at preparing us for our future, starting as freshman. I couldn't have dreamed of spending my teenage years learning and growing in any other place.
I love being a part of Alexander High School. We are all One Family! This has been a great four years of high school.
Overall from my experience of attending Alexander it is a pretty good school. I wouldn't choose to go to any other public high school in this county.I personally as an academic student despise the fact that teachers, students, and administration favor athletes and athletics more than scholars, they still recognize scholars but no where near the recognition an athlete gets.The teachers are good. I bring my lunch to school because the lines take too long and we only recieve 15 minutes to eat which in my opinion is ridiculous. I appreciate the vending machines. It is always fun to go to any of the sporting events. One of my favorite things to be involved in was JROTC.The Cougar Battalion became a place I could put hard work into and see my results. The 1sg,Cln,and the cadet staff do everything they can to help each individual cadet.I encourage and recommend every student to participate in JROTC at least one year if not all.
When attending Alexander High School you will always be greeted with a warm smile. The staff there is very friendly and open to help anyone anytime.
A very fun experience at this high school! The school spirit is awesome here! The teachers are nice and the workload is manageable if you manage your time wisely.
Alexander high school is a very safe environment for me .i loved this high school academically the teachers were helpful and amazing. They wanted nothing but the best in our education life as well as home life . I would highly recommend this school.
I like the variety of opportunities to be involved in things like the community or sports. I would like the see education valued more than athletics change. Or just valued equally.
What I like about Alexander High School is their team work. We do everything as a team here and our academics and sports are the best in my opinion.
If you interested in a school with rich community involvement and diverse opportunities to further yourself, Alexander High School is your school. With an AP Capstone program and a multitude of over 20+ AP classes offered, you as capable of taking as many rigor courses your heart desires. The administration at Alexander is amazing with a strong group of leaders who ensure our school stays organized and effective. Teachers at Alexander create an environment of trust and your teachers are not only educators but mentors and supporters of your future. Our school is also an amazing community to be a part of because we exhibit such school spirit that surpasses many other schools in the region. Friday Night Lights and other sporting events are nothing less than extraordinary thanks to the performance of the athletes and groups like SGA and Booster Club. AHS is an amazing school that exhibits all the qualities necessary for an amazing high school experience.
My first two years at the school have been very good. In academics, Alexander has the best test scores compared to the other high schools in Douglas County. I'm proud to say that I have contributed to my school's high academic excellence as I'm in all honors and AP classes. Student life at Alexander is interactive as there are many clubs and activities. Our school is known for sports as our sports team excel in events that they participate in, as our Wrestling Team are the 2017 6A Dual State and Traditional State Champions!Overall, our sports teams and academics wouldn't be as great as they are without parent involvement as they contribute to every aspect of student life at Alexander. The staff of the school always set examples of the school being united by expressing quotes of unity.Our administration always enforce safety measures on a daily basis. I would like to see more classrooms in the future .Alexander has its flaws but there's no other school that I would rather be at.
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Alexander High School overall is a nice school to attend. Teachers are willing to help students thrive, especially if they are apart of the extracurricular activities at the school such as football, FCA, or cheerleading.
I absolutely love Alexander. The teachers are very friendly and very helpful, and not only the teachers but also all of the Alexander administrators. You're also able to meet new people and new friends!
The teachers are the best thing about Alexander High School. They care about each individual and aspire to teach the students to the best of their ability in a way each student understands. Attending sports games are also an amazing experience. Football games are one of my favorite memories at Alexander.
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