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Personally, as a sophomore and part of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts I have enjoyed my time at Hamilton. The learning experience is great and most teachers know and teach the curriculum very well. I enjoy my electives choir and dance and am proud to be part of a diverse school.
My experience at Alexander Hamilton High School was pretty average. I enjoyed being in the music academy at Hamilton because I was able to pursue my passion of dance while going to school everyday. I had some teachers that I loved and some not so much but overall I think I received an adequate education. I would recommend going to this school if you have a passion for the arts because that part of my experience has had the biggest impact on me.
My experience was one of a kind at Hamilton High School. I attend the Academy of Music and Performing Arts at Hamilton High School as a graduating senior in the Jazz Department. Although Jazz was my focus, I was given countless opportunities in the Academy of Music to explore and train all my musical ambitions in a very professional setting while also maintaining a 3.9 GPA and excelling in my academics.
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It is terrible everyone in the humanities thinks they're are better than everyone at the school. They don't teach anything. Everyone is so judgmental and the food is nasty. Most of the kids smoke and get high. The staff treats the students like they are friends instead of putting them in trouble for what they need to be in trouble for.
Hamilton High School is such a great school. I made so many friends that encouraged me to try hard in school and it’s a school filled with what i love to do. There are so many opportunities here and i’m sure there’s bound to be something that you love to do.
My experience at Hamilton has been primarily quite positive. I’ve had several amazing, passionate teachers as well as some mediocre, less enthused ones but overall I think it’s a great high school with plenty of activities for students to get involved in.
Alexander Hamilton Senior High School is a great high school to intend. It has great faculty and great teachers. Overall you should attend to Alexander Hamilton Senoir High School.
I enjoy my school one because of my friends of course but also because the administration do care when they see that you really want something. Also the music academy is amazing whether in dance, choir, or orchestra. We all have a passion for what we do and you can see the practice behind what we do. I honestly love my school because even though not all classes may be fun there will still always be good memories.
At Alexander Hamilton HS, I am involved in several clubs at school. These clubs focus on ethics, academics, volunteering, leadership and hobbies which anyone can join any club and is a great way to meet people and learn and share with others. At Hamilton there is a variety of sports, I am in the girls tennis team. Joining a team is a fun experience to meet new people, learn new skills and a great way to spend time. I enjoy most of my teachers because they explain what we are learning in the classroom well and want us to understand the concepts. The campus is alright, personally it can be better if students would not make a mess but our hard working custodians try to keep the campus clean.
The only thing I enjoyed was the basketball program and bsu program. I had some really wonderful coaches and the BSU you program had some really wonderful people and teachers involved.
I am a senior who plays two sports, therefore I am very invested in my school. Although Hamilton isn't sport based we have a top music program in the city. We hold and rent two full studios sponsored by Adidas on campus. Our performances happen to be also one of the most popular in Los Angeles, and its something we all take pride in. I have attended this school for three years and must say they have assisted and driven me to be more than capable and prepared to attend a four year university.
As a senior, Hamilton High School has supplied me with everything I need to be ready for college. I feel ready to start college without hesitation. Teachers take time of their own to make sure you're on track to graduate. The only thing I had a slight problem with how far better the school treats the kids in the humanities program. It sort of makes all the other kids feel left out. After all, they do have some of the smartest kids on campus. Hamilton High School is without a doubt one of the best high schools in the city.
Hamilton Highs School is a good to overall. My experience here was the best and I wish I can start back all over again.
Alexander Hamilton is a good school if you want to follow a music career, because they have a great musical program.
I was in the music academy at Alexander Hamilton and the academics was a bit easy so you were able to focus on music, but since I love music but want to pursue engineering i had to go above and beyond and take college classes.
As of recently our music programs have had a break though with Adidas funding the construction of a new recording station.
For the music academy the mathematics teachers aren't that great and pretty slow and boring. I suggest applying the humanities mathematics because it is faster and more challenging.
Alexander Hamilton High School is a school that contains a myriad of resources for students who are college-bound and also has a great ethnic diversity aspect. Fulfillment Fund and Upward Bound are two non-profit organization that offers its services on campus that include one-to-one mentoring, college advising, and leadership opportunities from which I've greatly benefited from. I feel fortunate to attend a school that offers AP courses because not only do I love the challenge, but it is also eye-capturing to colleges! Although, I've found it a bit hard to develop that one-to-one relation with teachers- it seems that some do not enjoy their job. I think that there is a lot of discipline needed as there are often children who disrupt classes and many fights. I feel that as students, we do not have much of a voice as we are "children" or "under 18." Also, as a vegetarian, there are not many food choices offered to us by the LAUSD so I can't count on the school food.
There's problems with the relationship between students and administration. However, things are changing and there's meetings about what students want to change about school.
in Middle school, i had to choose between going to High school near home or to Hamilton High. I live in the Valley and school is in the city, i wake up at 5am every school day and get home around 6:30pm, so my school days are pretty tough. i went to Hami to follow my dream of music and i believe it is worth it to go this far for school. Hamilton has changed me many ways- it has been a great experience so far, the teachers are awesome! some days are tough but i i remind myself the reason i go here in the first place, friends, education, music.
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Hamilton High School is a great performing arts school and has good academics. Teachers, councilors, and other faculties make sure students know what the rules are, what the A-G requirements are, and where to go if they need help. Hamilton has a no bullying policy which makes it easy for students to get along with their peers and accept one another. However, Hamilton does need to improve in their parent involvement, facilities and the food they serve to students. Most of the time bathrooms don't have toilet paper nor soap which makes it hard for a student to maintain clean, as well with the food, there are many low-income students here at Hamilton and they need to get lunch from the Free Reduce Lunch program. Moreover, Hamilton High School is great school, but they do need to improve in other categories.
The school consists of multiple small learning communities, each learning community consists of a common interest, among the most recognized are the Academy of Music and Performing Arts and the Humanities Magnet. These multiple learning communities offer students with different interest a place to all come together, making the school a melting pot of diversity in many different aspects.
I am currently a senior in the Humanities department at Alexander Hamilton High School. My experience in this program at the school has been nothing short of spectacular. My teachers encourage critical thinking and class engagement to fully grasp topics being addressed. We constantly have discussions about the human experience and important current events. I have truly learned many things about the world by being in this program, and my curiosity about why certain things happen the way they do worldwide has been influenced by my high school education and by my incredible teachers who have always pushed us to be the best we can be. The school's diversity is unmatched and I have met many lifelong friends here from all different backgrounds. My experience as a Hamilton Yankee has been extremely rigorous, yet memorable, and has left me with wonderful experiences that will last with me throughout my lifetime.
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