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I have had an amazing experience attending the Alexander Hamilton High School Humanities Magnet. Both the academic programs and learning environment have been perfect for me and I have had very talented teachers in every class I've taken. Students and staff alike are very friendly and welcoming.
Hamilton High School is home to the best high school and educational experience I've had. Coming from a student that switch high schools and considered many others, Hamilton was the best choice. Its Humanities program allowed many opportunities for success and advanced learning that is otherwise unavailable to the average student. Many of the teachers are amazing and you'll leave feeling very well informed. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that, like everything, there are always areas that can use improvement. There are some teachers that I felt were not great but, as long as you go to your counselors and ask around, it's not hard to find the good teacher as there are way more of them than there are bad.
The school provides a lot of resources for students to get help on applying for college. There is also a good music department that has given students the opportunity to improve on their performance. The school should improve on helping students with mental health issues. They have recently put up a mental health care center, but they should do more.
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Alexander Hamilton is an interesting school and it is fun and has a lot of opportunities and has nice teachers
Despite the facilities, the administration and staff make the school a good learning experience.
There's a competition between the students that could be a double edged sword.
I liked all the black students, and I liked how the school looked. I wish there were more opportunities for students who didn't play a sport or did any acting, singing, and etc.
Hamilton is a diverse high school. I loved learning there because the teachers love to engage with the students one by one. The collage counselors also give us a lot of information about collages, financial aid, loans and grants. The counselors also help us whenever we need something.
I enjoyed the academics as well as the adversity. Although many things have occurred during my time, I always enjoyed my academics as well as ghe opportunity that were provided via the different departments Hamilton offered. Now that I really think about it, Hamilton really did serve as a practice providing the different departments, whther it was medicine, technology, music, english, and more. The resources provided are another reason to go. Our proud jewel being the music department which conveys many different talented students. The jazz band and evem the adidas study that was given to Hamilton to serve as a sponsor. The teachers are great, at least from my expereince and will truly miss them. I don't know how Hamilton will be now because of the changes; however, I hope or could even be positive that they won't lose their roots and still be an amazing school, while simultaneously taking care of their students.
My experience at here was pretty good all 4 years. I met some wonderful staff, coaches, friends, and overall good period. Coming into High school I was nervous, shy, excited but the staff made me feel welcomed. I also played on the girls Basketball all 4 years on varsity and coming in the coaching staff welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable. I also led the team to a division 2 city championship and put the girls team on the map and gave a name for the Hamilton's team. But overall I really enjoyed my time there and can't wait to come back and visit.
I love being in Alexander Hamilton Senior High because it’s an amazing experience with meeting people it’s a very diverse school and Great to meet anyone. We all have different backgrounds and I am apart of the Music academy and it is a very connecting experience with lots of opportunities to represent our school. I love the music and arts in our school it’s amazing. Every student is engaging with the music and working towards our performances.
The school has many great components and great things about it. However, the bad outweighs the good tremendously. The staff seem like they don’t want to be there. The teachers need to be taught how to be teachers. The food, something they don’t have much power over, needs Jesus. The campus is filthy majority of the time. The bathrooms are either not open or look like a tornado ran through them. The coaches of the football team seem to be teaching the team anything. The varsity team, as well as the junior varsity team sometimes, wins every blue moon. I don’t blame the team fully, but the coaches who obviously aren’t pushing the team enough either need to be improved or replaced. This school needs major help and I feel instead of investing in things such as laptops and AMPA, that money should be put into repairing the school.
Although I've only been on the campus for 1 year, the Hamilton staff provided me a stronger sense of community than what I had felt in my old school. the teachers are truly passionate about teaching their students and the vast majority of the students are are invested in their education, which is so essential! I love my experience here!!!
The school may not have sufficient amount of resources however the majority of teachers make most of what they have.
I hold pride that I am a Alexander Hamilton Senior. I have had an amazing experience going to this school for all 4 years. There are so many opportunities to succeed and thrive.
Hamilton High School was very challenging academically. The teachers always pushed us to do our best. The counseling and administrative staff were very helpful in preparing us for college and the challenges of life. As a female lacrosse player, the coach taught me to be responsibility and perseverance. Being on the team taught me how to manage time and it motivated me to perform well in school. Overall my experience at Hamilton High School was an excellent one. I recommend that other students apply to the Humanities program, because it will prepare you for college.
I think Hamilton prepared me for college, specifically the music program. I felt really welcomed and supported during my high school career. I took really rigorous course-loads and found support from all resources.
Hamilton high school has gone downhill. Up until 2018 it was a great school with an amazing arts program but after 2019 it was terrible.Current Administration is extremely disrespectful to students. My Son was subjected to the rudeness of AMPA staff for 3 years. Their math program is terrible and will set your child back in college. Along with this students are reckless, there’s always fights or bullying going on. The lack of supervision allows for this to continue and students do not get penalized. This is also not a good school for sports but I commend their dance department for always being spectacular and for creating a safe space for my son amongst the chaos. Overall: subpar academics, okay performing arts, a lot of rude/uncaring staff.
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Where do I begin? Hamilton is pretty much your average high school. It has its ugly moments when the student are fight but what makes this school so unique are the teachers. I feel proud knowing that for the majority of 4 years at Hami my experience with the teachers have been overall positive. I definitely know 5 teachers that have always had my back and supported me in whatever I do. Hamilton does have its shady moments of "random search checks" or staff following a certain group of students who have melanin and for this I would say don't go. But students, such as me, are starting to fight back. This school will definitely always have a place in my heart due to the fact this place was like a safe haven for me. When home was too stressful and I wasnt mentally okay, I could always count on my counselor to cheer me right back up. Overall Hami is a pretty good school with its highs and lows but when you become a senior like me you learn to appreciate those moments.
Loved the choral program, education-wise in music department needed improvements. I wish got more time with students.
I love the music programs they have to offer and the academics they have to offer as well. One thing I would change though is the facilities and the amount of troubled people we have at the school. But in overall, Hamilton has treated me well and offered me many educational opportunities.
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