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As a senior who has had the most expericence in at this school along with alumni, I would same that Hamilton High School is a good school to go to. They have a lot of diversity in both people and SLCs. This school is mostly know for its music and performing arts accademy, which I belong to. They really try to emphysize the need for perfect attendance. Also, the teachers in gerneral are very nice and cool.
Overall I had a pretty good experience at Alexander Hamilton Senior High School. I feel that there are definitely teachers there willing to help students in any way possible and there are teachers who don't seem motivated to be there at all. I feel like the school definitely has resources available to help students prepare for college but I also feel that the school lacks on reaching out to the students in giving them this information. There are definitely several opportunities that students have but don't really know about.
My experience at Hamilton High School was good and fun. I was involved in school activities such as clubs. The administrators and students are amazing and it is so diverse.
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I am in the Humanities Magnet Program and it has been amazing. All the teachers are helpful, intelligent, and caring. My counselor, Dr.Yah, is also helpful. You can go to her for anything, academic or personal. If you are looking for a challenging yet fun honors program then definitely look into the humanities program.
Hamilton is overall a great school for arts, social studies, and math and science you shouldn't have a problem learning or joining a club that has to do with something that you love to do in and outside of school. You should never be bored of the school and you should always look forward to going back the next school day even with the "boring" academic classes that you shouldnt have a problem passing with your desired grades.
Mostly good teachers and okay facilities, the counselors are terrible but the music academy is wonderful.
The students and teachers were very nice, it just needs some remodeling. The field also needs to be redone.
I liked how the teachers in my magnet were very close to the students and really cared for them and their studies. Also they tried to push them hard in their classes and offered them help and gave them a chance to redeem themselves at times. It was a pleasure meeting the teachers and taking their classes.
Sign up for humanities I learned so much and not just about school. Its really fun in the humanities wheel. The books make you think and you'll fall in love like I did slowly and then all at once.
Hamilton is an extremely diverse high school, giving students so much appreciation for so many aspects of life including visual arts, athletics, humanities, education, performing arts, and diversity. I've had so many interactions and experiences at this school that I wouldn't have had anywhere else. It made me ambitious and highly curious about everything. The counselors are very willing to help and the teachers are very willing to network and create connections with the students. There are tons of programs to assist students with high ambitions and Hamilton does their best to help with whatever you need.
I love how the school is very diverse and United as a whole. Many assemblies were held in honor of other cultures and school pride. The academic level is high and there are many resources for us to prepare for college. Many people from colleges all around have informed us on how to prepare for college. I've became involved in clubs and school events.
The best thing about Hamilton are there teachers and staff. They do their very best to watch you succeed and reach out to you to make sure that you stay on track.
As a graduate from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts at Hamilton High School, I could not have asked for a better experience and education. The Magnet helped me in every way with my education as well as with my self exploration through performing arts. I learned so many life skills through the Music Academy and could not have asked for better people to be surrounded by!
I would like for the individual SLC counselors to be more lenient with their students who have issues with their teachers; it should be easier to switch your classes around, considering you are the one attending the class.
There was a diversity in the school that was good for everyone. Some of the teachers where really good but some were not the best.
The technical theater department is outstanding. It changed my life. Through this schools performing arts department, I was able to discover what I wanted to do with my life. Theater makes me happy everyday. This school helped me explore this love.
My experience at this school was a great one I had the chance to be on an amazing softball team meeting lots of different people. The school was great in prepping people for college and prepping people for life in general
Review Alexander Hamilton Senior High School
AP music theory class is truly the best way to go if wanting to major in music and maybe composing. The teacher is open to help and has the top students learn of to teach music theory. Each teacher is different and requires different rules, if followed then there is not problem. The deans will help a student if needed. There are various amounts of resources for students, it just depends on what teachers are available to help and what major or future college you're looking for. School Lunch is basic for those who don't have diatary restrictions. The school can only be clean if the students or adults respect cleanliness.
Hamilton High School was an amazing high school. The school has very high standards for their students and their goal is to help their students graduate. With personal experiences the teachers that I had were lovely and challenged me so that when I got to college I would be ready. Sports are very diverse at Hamilton they have many sports as well as many teams so that any year student will be able to play.
the school was very overcrowded and had very few skilled language instructors. I felt like they did very little to prepare me for college or even for the skills i needed to know to live properly as an adult.
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