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I have been here for the past 4 years and my experience has been good. I have met many people here and made really good connections with my teachers. I am apart of humanities and the courses they give us are challenging. It is preparing us for college and makes us more responsible and teaches us new things.
Alexander hamilton high is very welcoming and they definitely prepare you for the real world. Faculty at hamilton care about every student on their campus. There is a no bullying policy they will not tolerate it. Hamilton overall is just an amazing school when it comes to all their different magnet schools.
I loved the diversity and the many programs they offer. All staff is friendly and always ready to help!
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I like how Hamilton shows their pride in a unique way. How teachers there actually know how to teach and put your minds out there. Hamilton has a good safety environment which is very comfortable to be in. Then again the bathrooms are never fixed they’re always dirty. The cafeteria food is never too good just decent. Overall Hamilton is a good school for education but not to socialize.
My experience at Hamilton High School is eye-opening. I have experience so much mastery in perfecting my performing skills. At my school I've not only practiced my talent but I've learned the history and the vocabulary of every subject.
Alexander Hamilton High School is a great school, especially for those who join the SLC that matches their interests. Each SLC enables their students to be immersed in their field of interest with enthusiastic teachers. All classrooms are open for students during lunch and nutrition, therefore communication with teachers is always open for students. Our schools culture is very active both socially and politically. Restaurants and transportation are present just outside our campus. The school has also taken part of the walk outs in support of the students in Florida, allowing us to exercise our right of speech. Events as these bring bonding through out the school outside the classroom.
In the future I hope to see a growth in diversity as only two percent of the school is Asian. There is improvement and I can see this lacking slowly starting to disappear, and I know that Alexander Hamilton High is headed towards a brighter future with their students.
Hamilton High School has taught me different things for the past two years. Teacher encourage you to succeed all the time.
Hamilton is a great school I feel you want to pursue music. It has one of the best music programs. But if you’re a big sports fanatic or an academic driven student, this is not the school for you.
Unfortunately, too many teachers that are currently teach there didn’t help or were supportive of students when they struggled with a subject. Algebra 2 was the subject I struggled with and the teacher I was assigned to, ignored students like me who had longer time comprehending the topic we would discuss or be taught. Instead of helping us understand he would move on with the other students who understood the material.
Well, I am currently going into my junior year of high school. Alexander Hamilton High school has been pretty good to me so far! Something I personally really like about the school is how diverse it is and how socially involved everyone is. Whether it’s parents,students, staff, everyone is involved in their students/child’s life. Something I wish changed in Hamilton is the ability to have more AP art classes. Hamilton has been great to me so far, I hope the next two years do the same!
I like the dynamic of the students, but the teachers are very inconsiderate of other and tend to be stagnant in their ways.
The students at Hamilton are very friendly. Someone you think you may not like can become your best friend. The teachers there are very helpful and students can get along easily with. They provide laptops which makes it easy for me to access my homework on schoology at home and able to write essays, create PowerPoints,etc.
I have been attending Alexander Hamilton Senior High since freshman year. Overall, the school is just okay. The administration doesn’t prepare you that well for college. The teachers do not seem that concerned with each individual students’ education. Whether a student passes or fails a course is not much of a concern for them. The hours are very long. The food is bad. Most of the time you have to go out of your way to make yourself comfortable in the environment and obtaining knowledge for college readiness.
My experience has been so great so far. It’s very diverse which I like you know talking to different people and finding out where they come from and how different your culture is from theirs is fascinating. Of course we celebrate their cultures; we make assemblies that students write plays so other students can get a preview of what their culture is like.
At Hamilton, I enjoyed how much they supported the music and performing arts program. It would have been better if the program had more funding so that the instruments could be renewed and the students would be able to go on more field trips.
It would be nice if the school would provide more classes to take health (since it's a requirement) and not always suggest students to pay for health classes and not suggest free classes, especially if they won't prioritize upperclassmen who need to take the class. Other than other minor issues, I didn't have much of a problem.
What I like about Hamilton high school is its diversity. All the staff want to see you succeed and helps you in any way . It’s an excellent school and has a lot of resources.
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Personally I liked the different resources at Alexander Hamilton Senior High School. The different resources include the distribution of laptops to students to ensure our ability to complete work as well as the different SLCs at hamilton.
Personally, as a sophomore and part of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts I have enjoyed my time at Hamilton. The learning experience is great and most teachers know and teach the curriculum very well. I enjoy my electives choir and dance and am proud to be part of a diverse school.
My experience at Alexander Hamilton High School was pretty average. I enjoyed being in the music academy at Hamilton because I was able to pursue my passion of dance while going to school everyday. I had some teachers that I loved and some not so much but overall I think I received an adequate education. I would recommend going to this school if you have a passion for the arts because that part of my experience has had the biggest impact on me.
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