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One of the things I liked most about my school is how small it is: you get to see the same people every day and not have to worry about seeing a new face, unless there is a new student of course. We may not be the biggest school, but I feel like we are the most united as we all try to make the community a better place through volunteering especially. I think we need to work on improving our food for lunch and adding more clubs and sports for people to participate in.
Going on 6 weeks since we enrolled our child in AHHS, maybe it was our expectations since it is such a small school but they (the teachers ) lack at their jobs. Poor response to emails if none at all, uploading of grades barely, random changing of dates for exams & hw, my child is still awaiting after over a week to find out his test results. Double period in library where they get to surf risky content online with no problems nor teacher caring as to what they do, read, or watch online. This is where our tax dollars go ...We don't exactly feel the core classes are building enough stability needed to conquer the regents exams ..When compared to what others are learning in other schools it seems AHHS is just giving easy work/ bare minimum instead of helping kids be prepared for the regents. We are trying to keep an open mind as it's still early in the school year but so far very disappointed..
The school is small enough that all faces are familiar. What like about this schools is that its small that every teacher knows everyone and are able to help each student individuality according to their needs. Overall, this high school has the right environment for learning in which our graduation percent is high. The activities offered in this school are helpful for the students to achieve the seven highly effective habits: Sharpen the saw , begin with the end in mind, be proactive, put first things first, think win-win, seek first to understand, then to be understood, and synergize. What I do not like about this school is that they do not give out opportunities for outside activities as other schools may offer. Any student attending this school goes out and finds their own opportunities. In a way, it shows students responsibility but going out to find opportunities for most students is difficult. Lastly, Alexander Hamilton has given me a great experience.
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I enjoyed my time here and from what my younger sister has said, things seem to be even better than when I attended. The food is great! The teachers are spectacular!
Alexander Hamilton is a very diverse and academically acclaimed high school with friendly teachers, great sport programs and awesome after school activities.
Not a great school, many teachers don't truly care about advancing the students; they simply collect their paycheck. That attitude translates to the students, and in return they don't care about their own future. As a former student here I can attest that the environment does not help one learn. I would like to see more programs to stimulate the interest of the students, maybe some classes or programs that can better prepare a student for college and the real world.
It's a very close knit community: everyone knows everyone.
Should have more programs for students to get involved in. Especially academic clubs.
Teachers are very kind and willing to go beyond traditional responsibilities.
The teachers care deeply about their students. They inspire them to do their best and often find ways to reach students with all sorts of challenges. They communicate with parents and students always know where they stand. Teachers look for unique opportunities to challenge our students and encourage academic growth, from Princeton Model Congress to slam poetry contests, to all sorts of inter-district competitions.
The school may seem small for others, but I like it. You develop a close bond with teachers as if they are your best friend and aren't a teacher.
I really enjoy this school.
There are many groups and clubs to join at Hamilton. More than half the school participates in sports/clubs.
The teachers at Hamilton are so nurturing and care about the students and help each student succeed in life.
The school administratives are always so caring and do their best to help students.
The students love to play sports. They are always ready for any game and persevere through the game.
There are not a variety of courses at this school. The work is not challenging or stimulating. The teachers mostly do the bare minimum and do not go above and beyond for their students.
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There are not that many athletic facilities at this school, but that is due to its small size. There is not a variety of sports and there is no school spirit. Some teams to really well and others have losing streaks.
There have been many new cameras installed in my school. The main doors are now locked and can only be opened by an access card or you have to be buzzed in. Bullying is very prominent in my school, but there is an anti-bullying club.
My experience at this school has been okay. It is very small and everyone knows each other, which is what makes it unique. Being that it is so small, the variety of courses, sports, and clubs is limited. Although I often want to go to a bigger school with more opportunities, I cherish the experiences I have had here and the friendships I have made. The teachers are really nice for the most part.
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