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Alexander Graham Elementary School Reviews

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The school....where do I begin? Everyone is wonderful here. The staff, the students, the teachers who are all willing to learn something new each and everyday. The memories of the school are only positive, happy ones. The librarians are as well great advice givers when 8th graders are planning on leaving for high school. I'm a former student myself (class of 2011), but I cannot help but think of how much this school has formed me to becoming the successful young person I am today.
The security was very watchful. I never seen the nurse.
I enjoyed being apart of chorus. However, I felt that the extracurriculars needed to be more organized.
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I love the time there. I grew such strong bonds with my teachers. They had helped me with everything even personal struggles. They had given me so much wisdom and shaped me into the respectful, model student I am.
The teachers are very compassionate. They gave much care to every student and worked with each student independently if needed to make sure they are on track. They have given so much after school hours as well to do so especially when it came to graduation.
There are many different extracurricular options at Bell! From knitting club to homework help you are sure to find something you like.
Bell has a great team of administrators always monitoring students on the playground to ensure safety. The guidance counselor is always there to talk and the teachers take bullying very seriously. The school nurse always makes sure that a parent or guardian is informed on the status of the child.
The Bell School environment is wonderful, everyone is accepting and loving. The school is advanced in both their academics and their creativity. Every year there is either a talent show or a musical, a sign voice theater performance as well as a legacy art project done by the eighth graders. I love this school and all its students and faculty and would choose to attend this school again in a heartbeat.
The teachers at Bell go the extra distance, helping you not only academically but also with home life. They help you decide what high school to go to and help you to get the means required to attend the high school you choose. They are supportive and will always be there to talk to even after you've graduated.
There were a lot of options for extracurriculars from sports teams to languages to different clubs.
The school is in a great neighborhood with many parents always watching out for the kids, in addition to staff.
The sense of community within the school is great, and I think most of it is due to teachers. The classwork and activities the come up with are truly engaging and as a student, it got me excited about learning. Every class I had used the same grading scale which was convenient, and the teachers tried to make themselves readily available before and after school.
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