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Alexander Fleming Middle School Reviews

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I remember being in the minority multiple times but I was never bullied. However, I have heard stories of others being bullied over similar things. The school takes basic security measures; My security was never threatened.
I never participated in any clubs or organizations after school. I did attend tutorials after school that I didn't quite grasp in the classroom. I found the experience very informative and worthwhile.
I enjoyed the little circle of friends that I had, the clothes designed by the school, as well as the snack bar. As far as uniqueness, I don't recall any particular experiences. I wouldn't choose this school again but the reasons has nothing to do with the school rather my personal decisions.
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I would not say the school is horrible compared to some other schools I have attended in the state of California. Although things could be improved such as raising student grade expectations. In my opinion, D's should not be considered a passing grade and students who are struggling should not receive any lenience regarding their grades. There is a difference between a teacher who witnesses a student actually attempting to do the work and a teacher who just passes a kid deemed as a nuisance so the educator does not have to see the kid again. However, there are some teachers who spend extra time to teach students who are interested after school.
The teachers at this school are very helpful and most are very knowledgeable
It's a middle school not many sports take place there
There is a very high Asian and Black Community at this school
They have very many clubs from Leadship to Glee Club
They are not very great with bullying within my time there I got into several fights because of other kids picking on me.

The staff is great at noticing when something is wrong with students. Overall Campus life is fun.
I have many memories from this school and I cannot help but remember the teachers the most. They are the ones that pushed me and maintained my focus. I stayed that way, and I admit, I did miss out on several fun activities. In the end I was valedictorian of the school maintaining a 4.0 GPA for all three years. The teachers were very charismatic, interesting, passionate, and fun. No day was boring at this school, unless you simply don't want to learn.
Technology was widely used within the walls of the schools and surely enhanced the learning experience. The condition of the school buildings were never vandalized in any way. There were the occasional messes in the bathroom, but other than that everything was pretty neat. I was not aware of any college prep resources that were given at any time. The guidance counselors were not amazing but were not bad either. They proposed several options and information about how to deal with a certain issue that you had. Tutoring was offered after school to those who needed assistance with classes. Tutoring resources were found in the Boys and Girls Club after school. The parent involvement was intermediate and the school can see how the education of their children was important to the parents.
It is true that we did not have every field to play every sport. But every recourse the school had, was used to its full potential. The basketball courts were nicely painted and had actual nets on the baskets. We would have two fields wears several sports were played. Softball, soccer, baseball, and football were all played on the two fields. Sports were always open to those who wanted to enter and it was fun. School spirit is average with not many fanatics.
The teachers here at this school are all different. Some are occasionally mean, but some are always nice. The teaching styles differ as well, but they are efficient and careful. The use of technology was never an issue when trying to incorporate outside knowledge into the "textbook environment". Class was never boring enough to put someone to sleep and I find that very important. If you are lucky, you will get that teacher who is hilarious and keeps his cool just to show you that school can be fun at times. The passion of teaching is still burning within the teachers at this school and I cannot help but notice that whenever a lecture is being given.
I was very surprised when I entered this middle school. I had many friends and they all came with different backgrounds. With many different people, the school years remained interesting. No topic was ever boring with my peers because everyone had different opinions. Having different cultures at my school also allowed me to fit in well with those that came to me with the same ethnicity. There was never really any disputes concerning the different races and backgrounds, so I really appreciated the cultivating environment that handled the different cultures.
I cannot remember being involved in any extracurricular activities. I was a well-rounded student who participated in several sporting events but I have no memory of any actual clubs.
I only had to go to the nurse a couple of times. One time I remember was when I pulled a muscle during a sprinting event in P.E. and it wasn't so bad. The nurse told me what had happened, and said that rest was the only option. The following day I was all better.
Tutoring is okay. We have only one place to go to, with only two or three people. Plus it meets sometimes, I think only 1/3 of my school knows.
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The athletic facilities we have are worse than other school.
Overal quality of teachers are okay.
Try to get acceptance at my school.. better luck next time, that's all I;m telling you cause unless you're popular you will not be accepted, unless you;re like we and like to be a little different than others and choose not to be around "THAT KIND OF CROWD".
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