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The students are the best! Small town, friendly, welcoming, and helpful kids. Teachers are great too, but I would like to see more AP or some IB courses offered. Sports are well-organized and competitive. Our counseling center is ever so helpful and knowledgeable. Our school and town is not really diverse, but our French exchange student program helps out there! Our bathrooms are a bit outdated, but workable.
I think that this school is really what you make it. There's crappy teachers but if you just ignore them and it'll be fine. I've been bullied and threatened but nobody did anything but tell me I was the problem. Eventually it stopped so I guess I was pretty lucky. Honestly just ignore everyone that's not worth your time and you won't be as miserable. I hear so many people complaining about people after picking a fight with them. Just don't pick on them and you'll be fine. I think one of the best things about the school is how open they are to trying new things. If you want to start a club all you have to do is get people interested and find a supervisor to teach. They definitely don't discriminate between clubs. I think that the school board favors sports over the arts programs but the administration at the school isn't as bad. This is coming from an art kid by the way. Keep your head down, do good in something, and you'll get through. It's not the best school but it's tolerable.
I have enjoyed doing extracurricular activities during high school, but when we go to competitions with these clubs or groups it seems like many other schools put a lot more into these clubs than our school does. They have more resources and money to put into the clubs and teachers who put more time into them. I appreciate the time our teachers put into our clubs but when I see other schools perform, I can tell they have probably been practicing since the school year began, while our school only started practice a month ago. I do like my school a lot but I believe I do not have as much opportunity here as I would have at other schools. I also believe that our school is weak in the math department. There are not many good math teachers here. I used to like math but now I can't understand it very well, causing me to dislike it. I am one of the top students in my class so when I am struggling, many others are also struggling.
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I had a bad experience at this school with fitting in and being bullied. Some of the teachers would look away and others would break it up. I was crutches for the majority of my sophomore year and that seemed to make the bullying worse. Teachers actually got involved at this point. Lots of lockdowns.
ACHS is a good school with overall good students but the occasional unrealistic teacher or principal.
I loved Alexander Central High School it has help me so much, and helped me to be able to attend college. I enjoy the experience at Alexander and I had many amazing teachers that had teach me so much of what I know now. I have also made many great friends there and had a great time with them. So overall I really liked my high school.
There should be a higher focus on academics and preparing for college. I would also like to be informed of prestigious activities outside of school.
Though I had a couple teachers that I didn't fully agree with during my time so far, it is, overall, a great school with friendly people and not as chaotic as some other schools. I have pride for this school and hope the rest of my years are just as great.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience! I love all the employees and students that make it up; and I know that each teacher has a true passion for their students. I love my school and how amazing it is. The only thing that could be improved is the communication from faculty to parents. Other than that this school is a wonderful school and I have had such wonderful experiences here.
Money is more important than education to them. They run a puppy mill out of students. Unless you're rich or athletic they don't care about you.
Alexander Central High School is an awesome school. The principals are strict, but also approachable if you have a problem. All the teachers and counselors are very nice and help you in every way they can. Becky Dupuis was my biology teacher, and she is the best teacher I think you could possibly ever have. The entire school is great. If the school would have more money it would be even better, because they could have faster and more reliable technology. I truthfully wouldn't change anything. Alexander Central High School is a great high school.
The work load is not too much but also is not too less. It is a fair amount. Teachers are involved. Scheduling is made online and with help of our counselors.
Our school is very accepting. I know there is some situations where it could feel like someone isn't accepting but give it a few days and everything will go back to normal. There is peer pressure everywhere so that is hard to explain. Race is never a big problem we are mixed with different kinds of ethnic /racial people.
Beta club is a big organization for students with a 4.0 to do community work for hours. It looks good for college applications. Skills USA is another club that is considered great. I think student section/ Spirit club is a fun group to be in. Administration is supportive.
Friday nights at the Alexander Central High School football games is the best experience. The students become involved in the student section and parents and basically the whole town will be there. What makes it unique is that there is no bigger family like Alexander Central and our supporters. I would choose it again if I started all over because cheerleading for the my High School is a great experience. My friends and teachers have become family. Our Principle is a great man with great personality and does not discriminate. Alexander Central Cougars is the best out there!!
Teaching styles are broken down by steps each day. I have not had a teacher that is not helpful or is not willing to help me in some way. Every teacher has communication by either email or instant text message apps. Grading is very fair, we have an online website where our teachers post our grades and let us know how we are doing or if there is any missing work.
Teachers have to do the nurses work.
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Most of our extracurriculars are during school, so they are easily accessible.
I love this school so much.
Every teacher that I have personally met at Alexander Central High School wants thee best for each of their students and will use all of their resources to help the students.
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