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Alex really is a great school and it keeps getting better. We have administration and staff that actually are about their students. Our school is getting a lot of new upgrades. This includes technology, bathrooms, classrooms, and they also added a student lounge for kids who are enrolled in college classes. I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over. I think Alex High School is a school that has prepared me for college the past couple years while also making it an enjoyable experience.
Need to start the students out earlier in high school or junior high learning about scholarships and job opportunities with college.
The students do a pretty good job of enjoying high school, but have never truly been tested or shown the real world or consequences of actions.
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Very fair dress code, but sometimes certain kids can get away with wearing stuff yet others cant.

Most of the teachers do a pretty good job, but could be a whole lot tougher on their students and even add more work to them.
It is not the schools fault that the food is not plentiful or very good, because Mrs. Obama has the lunch regulations we must go by.
The classes that the students are offered are the very bare minimum. I have a friend who wishes she could have taken all the classes I had got to take at Mount Saint Mary Highschool which I attended my freshman and sophomore year.
I love the friends I have made at this school, but because of the fact I have gone to bigger and better schools I can make a very fair comparison and say that kids are not challenged or punished for their wrong doings enough.
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