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I have grown up at this school, and it has truly shaped me into who I am. I would love to see the school grow since it's so small.
As a senior at Aletheia Christian Academy I have taken part in what I believe to be one of the best private schools in Pensacola, if not all of Florida. Its class size is small, allowing an easy transition for homeschoolers, and a personal teaching experience for all. I would heartily recommend ACA to anyone interested in a high-level education centered strongly in Jesus Christ.
What I like about Aletheia Christian Academy, is the sense of family which pours through the hallways of this tight knit school. The love and support given by the teachers and fellow students is overwhelming. The constant push to success often inspires one to keep that drive and determination and reach your goals.
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The school did a good job of protecting its students and preparing them for any kind of incident.
There could be more extracurricular activities.
It wasn't the best time in my life, but then again high school just maybe wasn't for me.
Each teacher does what he can to help each and every student to the best of his abilities. Some fall short of this standard, but for the most part they meet the expectations set before them.
Teachers are caring and have more interest in students than just their class (home and personal problems). They are easy to talk with and very accessible at any time of the day.
No nurse but are quick to take care of sickness and very safe school
No busing available but great in every other area.
Dress code is a little to strict by todays standards but would still choose it over a public school which has not standards
Being a small school it does not offer near as many options as a larger public school but the ones that is has are good
Teachers and curriculum are good
I did not have to apply for financial aid but acceptance paperwork and interview were fairly easy.
No football team but excellent basketball and volleyball
I have attended Aletheia Christian Academy for 14 years and would not change the experience for any larger school private or otherwise. It is like an extended family to me and when my father almost died last year my whole school prayed, visited and helped in ways a public school never would have. I am hoping my college experience will be just as awesome!
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