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this is by far the biggest school ive ever been to but everyone thinks its small for some reason. even so, this is a pretty good school
This school, while not the smallest, is fairly tight-knit. There is a place for everyone, no matter your interests. The football team is exceptional, as well as the band and color guard programs. The teachers are all highly qualified, and are willing to help any student succeed, no matter the circumstance.
In Aledo High school the people surrounding you make you feel welcome. The staff and administration work hard to ensure that you will succeed in whatever path you choose to take. Before the students began to look into their classes for high school, we all attended an informational meeting about what our four years of high school should generally look like. This included showing all requirements for graduation.
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It is a very good school that consists of both good academics and sports. The teachers there always put the student first and the curriculum is driven toward college readiness.
I moved to Aledo in seventh grade, and was so frightened of change and basically starting a whole new life in a new town. It was unfamiliar for me to say the least, but Aledo welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable. The staff and students are amazing, accepting of everyone and their different qualities. I would change nothing about Aledo High School, it is a great school and I'm so lucky for the opportunity to attend there.
Aledo High School marked a distinctive turning point in my life, my future choices, and my educational career. This highly active high school is not only cultivates great athletes, but amazing community as well. Education is as intentional as the student makes it to be which fosters responsibility among students. Aledo, like all other high schools, has flaws as well. It does not meet diversity standards by any means and tends to focus attention to priority sports such as football rather than allowing other departments to flourish. After attending this school for three years, I would highly recommend attendance. I feel more prepared for college after this excellent high school experience.
Aledo High School is a wonderful school to learn and grow, however, it could stand to focus more on education and diversity than sports.
I had a great experience with MOST of the teachers at AHS. However, some faculty members acted as if they did not give two hoots whether you succeeded or not.
Aledo High School has a lot of great teachers that truly care about their students. AHS is very strong in acedemics and sports.
The learning I experience they provided me with was the best anyone could have offered me. Not only was I encouraged to excel in academics, I was introduced to many other stimulating extra curricular activities. The excessive amount of extra curricular can be argues to be expensive and unnecessary but I feel confident to speak for everyone attending high school the the extra curricular programs are in fact what help us grow and mature the way we are supposed to. Attending Aledo High School has show me how grateful I am to be offered such excellent and prestigious options and lucky to have a wonderful staff that prioritizes not only success in education but success in life itself. I am proud to say that there is nothing I would want to change at Aledo High School.
I received an excellent education! Academics are competitive. Sports are huge. Academic UIL and Speech & Debate are well known, and the teachers actually care how the students are doing both in and out of the classroom.
Aledo is a very special place. It is very dedicated to excelling in sports above all else; which makes for a great high school experience for the students, but may be something that needs to change in the future.
Aledo is a great school for both academics and extracurricular activities. We have many talented students in sports, fine arts, STEM events, UIL competitions, and more. The atmosphere is competitive, but positive and encouraging. Everyone ends up finding his or her niche to belong and excel in.
Amazing school with great academics and athletics. Great sense of family within the local community.
I love Aledo High School. It's safe, very good teachers, and a place to look forward to every day. Aledo makes me very proud on how far they have come.
Aledo High School just needs to put more care into things like working bathrooms instead of football.
The thing I loved most about Aledo High School is there ability to truly get behind there students, faculty and community and give them unwavering support. Whether it be winning a state championship in a multitude of sports, helping our school counselor get through cancer, or even helping kids or parents with traumatic events.

However one thing Aledo could use a little more of in my personal opinion and from what I have seen since graduation is acceptance. Not everyone is going to be the 4 or 5 star athlete or apart of the National Honors Society and I feel that one thing they could do better is help those kids feel like they are part of the school at all times and not just when they are at their lowest point.
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Aledo High School is a school located in Aledo Texas. It is built around a family atmosphere and the whole town has school pride.
I loved Aledo High School because majority of the staff is very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to help and make sure that you are fully prepared for college.
I moved to Aledo my sophomore year from a FWISD and I recieved an incredible education. The counselors are some of the greatest people because they really do care about the students and want the best for them and help the students in any way possible.
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