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The teachers are very supportive and will help you with anything you need. Everyone is very friendly and they are very welcoming to new people. I am not a fan of the exemption policy at the high school. I feel that exempting people from their finals does not prepare them for college, does not help them develop good study habits, and causes people to be more worried about their attendance and making a passing grade than trying to really excel and do well in the class. Other than that Aledo high school is a very good school, and I recommend it to others.
The AP teachers care greatly about their students' success. Grade inflation is extreme, to the point that a responsible student who turns their work in on time can nearly always achieve at least a mid B. Football is almost like a cult, and people tailgate the high school games, but they are very successful. The population is very white and there is little diversity, but the campus is extremely safe and students can leave their valuables in the open, and the worst thing that happens is having to go to the lost and found to retrieve them.
I had a fun time while at Aledo High School and some of the teachers might just be the best teachers you’ll ever have. A downside however, is that some of the teachers might also be the worst teachers you’ll ever have. Overall though, Aledo is a pretty good school in which I enjoyed my time at
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I loved how involved I was for the last couple years and it was the typical high school experience you would think! It included it's bad times, good time and aledo definitley helped me grow as a person
I once saw a map of Fort Worth in a book called "Judgemental Maps" and on the map Aledo was labeled "Parents who think their kids are too good for Fort Worth schools". I laughed at how accurate this was! I was my third high School I went to and the only word to describe this school is extravagant! The academics were generally very productive and enjoyable as well as the teachers. The athletics were top ranking in almost every sport although I never involved myself with any because they did not offer my sport (Lacrosse). My only complaint is the diversity, generally all of the students were well educated, white upper middle class who were very sheltered. Although even with this fact, I found it very easy to make friends and everyone was very accepting!
Excellent School for academics and sports. Reasonable number of students. Plenty of clubs and extracurricular activities. Locates in a rural setting which makes it community based with a great deal of parent involvement. Administration really cares for the students and accepts diversity which is mostly found in learning challenges.
The teachers were very helpful in guiding me to succeed in my future. The counselors were very insightful and the school in general was very well organzied.
Nobody is prepared for the real world while living in Aledo. Everyone is in this bubble because most people have money and no problems. People are fake and stuck up.
Aledo High School offers a 5-star high school experience for students of all kinds. The staff and student body are both very warm and friendly which serves to create relationships throughout students' 4 years of attendance that will last a lifetime. The academic competition and athletic dominance inspired by tradition and top-tier staff give students an extreme competitive edge in whatever they pursue upon graduation. Reflecting after my first year of college in San Antonio, one change that I would like to see at Aledo High School is an increase in ethnic diversity in students and staff.
Great opportunities for athletics and fine arts. The teachers are helpful and the AP courses prepare you for college.
The staff is so amazing, and they are always striving to bring out the best in the student body, but one thing that I could criticize my district on would be the distribution of funds between the programs in the school. Having been in band since 6th grade, I understand the struggles we have consistently endured to raise money and support for the band program. With most of the districts funds going to the football program, other programs are having trouble obtaining money for simple necessities. Another example of the unequal distribution of funding is found within the theater department. For the last production, students had to personally cover the costs of costumes and props. Is this really the way it should be if we want the students to truly enjoy what they may be going into a career in? Yes all 3 programs mentioned are successful. But without sufficient funding, the artists withing the fine arts programs are struggling to unlock their full potential.
I have lived in Aledo, Texas my whole life and I would not have changed anything. Aledo High School has been a tremendous experience and has gotten me ready for the next chapter of my life.
Aledo High School is known for their sports, mainly football. If you do not play a sport or have not gone to school there for most of your school career, it is hard to make friends. Overall, the academics were okay, and nothing was very rigirious.
I really like it, the teachers are great and really care about their jobs and students. The school is nice and racism and bullying aren't really a problem.
This school is okay a lot of judging and the classes and very hard on you. All the teacher except you to be the best. A lot of worksheets but thy don't explain things to you
this is by far the biggest school ive ever been to but everyone thinks its small for some reason. even so, this is a pretty good school
This school, while not the smallest, is fairly tight-knit. There is a place for everyone, no matter your interests. The football team is exceptional, as well as the band and color guard programs. The teachers are all highly qualified, and are willing to help any student succeed, no matter the circumstance.
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In Aledo High school the people surrounding you make you feel welcome. The staff and administration work hard to ensure that you will succeed in whatever path you choose to take. Before the students began to look into their classes for high school, we all attended an informational meeting about what our four years of high school should generally look like. This included showing all requirements for graduation.
It is a very good school that consists of both good academics and sports. The teachers there always put the student first and the curriculum is driven toward college readiness.
I moved to Aledo in seventh grade, and was so frightened of change and basically starting a whole new life in a new town. It was unfamiliar for me to say the least, but Aledo welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable. The staff and students are amazing, accepting of everyone and their different qualities. I would change nothing about Aledo High School, it is a great school and I'm so lucky for the opportunity to attend there.
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