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Aldo Leopold High School Reviews

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Aldo Leopold Charter school offers a different take on education, this different take is based of thinking outside the box. The school uses backpacking and other outdoor activities to stimulate learning other than inside a class room. Bringing up topics such as global warming and habitat loss as a problem to battle with new applicable solutions. While this is their ultimate goal many hindrances plaque this school, primarily a lack of funding, as well as a regular change of leadership.
The ones that they do have going are underfunded and over rate, and few and far between.

For the most part the students are allowed quite a bit of leniency but to apoint. administratively everything runs smoothly excepts for exstra curicular activities they tend to either get canceled due to last minute changes or delayed.
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the teachers there are excelent but as you get closer top the end of the school year things get decently hectic and kids tend to fall behind.
they dont really care that much
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