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Aldo Leopold is a non-competitive K-8 school that is astounding for building strong relationships between the students and the faculty. Alumni visit all the time and reflect on the amazing experiences that Aldo has provided them with and often volunteer to help out with special events. Aldo students have a good reputation as they go on to high school, many of them take multiple advanced classes and have great respect for others.
Great school with a focus on each child's individual needs while also teaching children how important our community and their place in it is.
Very good small school. Individual approach to teaching with lots of hands on activities for students. High parental involvement and in a good neighborhood. Earth-friendly and very accepting environment.
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There is almost no bulling at the school and if a situation ever occurred there are staff members trained in assisting and handling the situation. There is not a school nurse but food allergies is a major concern and proper measures are enforced to ensure safety to students. A guidance councilor is also avalible to speak to when you would need to.
Most music based and student council activities are middle school only. There are always new after school activities brought to the school regularly for all ages as well.
The memories and learning expiriences were amazing. I came from a school that had some bulling problems but at Aldo that was never a problem. I made some great friends and bonds with teacher aswell as staff. My high level education I revived here I feel has helped me in High School aswell. I would recommend Aldo to anyone.
By calling teachers by a first name basis you feel a deeper and more personal connection with them. They are very knowledgable in their teaching and care deeply about the students. If you need assistance they are there to help. Most teachers use a very hands on technique in teaching by doing many creative projects such as combining your History and Language Arts class essays into one children's storybook or by making benches to display around the playground for the community to enjoy. The teachers really make learning fun and enjoyable to the students with fresh ideas. The students and teachers have an understanding during the later years as they prepare to move into high school if they need help with getting something done they must pursue advice or assistance and not the teachers tracking them down for missing work. In all the methods are great for students and teachers combined.
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