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Aldine is a great school overall. Shows principles and discipline. The teachers are there for the students and their sports programs are great. School spirit is shown and both students and teachers are involved.
Some things I like is the incentives that are available if you're over the credits needed to graduate. Some things i dont like is the policies in place.
My experience at Aldine high school was life changing. I met so many people I consider life long friends because, we had the shared the same goals and mindset. Many people say that nobody can be successful if you went to Aldine and my desire is to prove them wrong. Aldine gives me motivation to show everyone in that area that anyone can do it!!!
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My time spent at Aldine Senior High has been full of roller coasters; roller coasters that I thought I would never be able to overcome. As I was going through many obstacles, my teachers, administrators, and coaches guided me through every step. My school has taught me to become a leader, to never give up, to love, to communicate, to meet new people and how to manage things when they hit you.
Aldine high school is a strange case. You see both people who care deeply or don't care at all whether students come out ready for the real world. I feel like Aldine is in a transitional phase where is is trying to escape the stigma of being a lower tier school to an actual good one, but it is not quite there yet.
Well for the 4 years i have been there at the school most of the teachers and staff are cool people to be around they will work around your schedule and keep it real with you but you will have a few A.P.'s and teachers and the principle that will bug the mess about you about the most smallest issue such as a few hairs on your chin, hair color, an i.d. if you don't have it around your neck you WILL go to iss(in School Suspension).
It makes me miss high school. I miss all the special memories and lesson the school offer to us. It made me into the person I am today, which I find very grateful for.
Overall, I had a good experience at Aldine High school. There were many activities to get involved and many teachers were good and nice.
Aldine high school gave me the opportunity to take dual credit classes, which allowed me to have a better understanding of my future experience with college. It was a great chance to be ahead in my career , and I was able to save 2 years of my life.
I didn't see too much parent involvement in my years there. I did learn a lot and am very proud to have graduated from there. There is tons of school spirit that's for sure!
Extremely education, the principle only want you to be successful, not only that he always mention that failure was not an option. Teachers would often tried their best to make you better not only as a student but also as a person
Aldine is a very safe school overall. Is an amazing place to learn at. The only thing I would change is how strict they are.
There where Administration that would favor so many students and at times because of their ethnicity. That would not only infuriate me but, as well as my other classmates that would get in trouble. Also, the faculty would be unfair towards students. The principle would try his best to show power and it would make everyone's life just a bit harder. The school has poor food, poor maintenance, but most importantly, does NOT let the student body express themselfs a bit more freely.
Aldine Senior High is a diverse school where We do what’s right is our prime in education, and discipline.
My experience at this school was awesome. we has lots of different things such as clubs organizations and so many community services opportunities.
I like how I have made friends easily here, however the school doesn't have the best of funds. The teachers and courses are good, but I wish there were more course choices. The courses are kind of limited.
Aldine High School, to put in short, is a very active school. Active as in the teachers are very interactive. they go out of their way to make sure you know what you are doing. It is not just the teachers, the assistant principles and the principle show care for their students; especially the counselors. They make sure to keep on top of students so they know that someone is there and rooting for them. Overall the whole faculty makes sure the students are in an environment they need to not just succeed, but to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. If there was one thing that I would change about this school it would only be that they make sure you know that high school is a skip, hop, and a jump from ending and that may put a little bit of pressure on us. They do what they need, but go above and beyond with it that it leaves us, the students, overwhelmed at times. Other than that, the school is great!
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What I like about my Aldine High School was the great staff of teachers. The teachers were always so motivational and wanted the best for the students. They never showed that they didn’t care but showed us that we can make a change in today’s society if we put action.
Although most of the strict rules that were enforced were reasonable, there were some that had unbelievable consequences. Most teacher genuinely cared about students. Principle Stewart seemed to only care for appearances.
Aldine High School was the place that taught and molded me before my entrance into the real world. Its teachers and other staff are one of the best- many of whom I still contact and interact with 'til this day after graduation. Adding to the greatness, academics and sports were priceless in worth when it came down to it. Overall, I am truly proud to have called this institution my high school.
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