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My experience at AHS has been amazing. The years I have been there have been great thanks to my principal, who tries so hard to see us succeed. One thing I would like to change about my school is the dress code.
My experience in Aldine High School were extremely awesome. My teachers and other staff members got me prepare to be college ready and be ready for my next journey. My counselor was great she would send you scholarships for students to do and kept up with every single of one of us. Our college advisor was one of the staff members who was really helpful on choosing my college. Her great tips and ways to save up money on the best tips I could've ever gotten in my high school years.
The staff members don't seem to care about the students education much. The classes are very over crowded and the teachers can't have one on one time with the students who need extra practice.
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I had a great experience at aldine high. I was given the classes required to pursue my career and teachers to talk to when i needed help.
Aldine High School has been a wonderful experience so far. They have prepared me both for college and life. Although there has been some rocky roads I was able to make pass it and preform excellent in all of my classes. The students are very amicable.I wouldn't change anything at all as of now.
What I like about Aldine High School is their amazing teachers. They guide you to the real world and they don't stop until they see you make it.
I recently graduated from Aldine High School in June 2016. I would say it's a good school where teachers promote and advocate for education and are willing to help students succeed. However, administration could focus less on enforcing minor school violations such as dress code, and instead of focusing on disciplining students for such minor violations that have no effect on learning, they could use those efforts on collaborating better with teachers and creating more programs designed to help students.
Aldine High School is a school where you can focus in your curriculum classes. Even if you need extra help teachers stay after school in certain days to help you. I really love the college readiness because they have a college center where they advise you from different colleges you are interesting. In the college center is a place where you can find help for financial aid or when you are trying to get prepared for ACT/SAT.
The rules can be pretty strict. There are many policies and regulations placed in this schools that most others do not have. However, the students do have a decent support system and there are a quite a few activities to get involved in and keep us busy.
I am currently a senior attending Aldine Senior High School. This school has thought me so many different things, an example would be the high school spirit. In all the football games I would see all of my friends go and support our football team, this thought me that we should all come together as a school and show some school spirit. Another thing I learned while attending Aldine Senior High School is motivation. In The college room with ms.peña she has pushed me on not to give up, I have done so many scholarships and got accepted into college thanks to her because if would of never gave me that push to apply I would of never of though I would get accepted. As you could see I have learned way more than just education, Aldine Senior High School has prepared me for anything I might face later on in life and I am grateful for that.
My experience at this school was not the best. I had teachers who didn't seem very interested in their jod and would speak in a monotone while teaching or didn't try hard enough . This school has potential but the teachers need to try to understand each student learns differently and they should have a more diverse teaching style to catch our attention instead of the unconventional boring methods. The way schools have been teaching has not really evolved the way other things in this world has, I believe with enough motivation everyone can have more school spirit, which in this case, is lacking and has been for many years at Aldine High School . Some of the extracurricular activities in this schools are more well funded than others, which is not fair for the students who are passionate about what they do. Students should all have an equal opportunity in all fields and be able to have a voice about what makes them unhappy at this school.
Aldine highschool aka" mighty mustangs " is a well know school in Houston's Aldine independent school district . With the best teachers in the nation Aldine highschool moto is "failure is not a option ". With the leadership of Mr.Stuart ,Aldine highschool is making the world's best students and teachers .
When I am in aldine I feel like a big member because we are involved in after school activities also our teacher are the best
Aldine Sr. High is something. Some teachers are good with lessons to cover while some are not willing to show students learning. The administration team cares about dress code WAY TOO MUCH! The principal really cares about education and that's what I like about the principal but the rules are just really strict. Overall, this school does change personality, which some are not in a good way. However, Academics are good in terms with teaching the correct lesson term and their attitude. This school is okay however although way to many students move. The good part is the school is safe which matters more. Education is important but Safety is urgent at all time.
Overall, my experience at Aldine Senior High School has been a positive one. I met the people that reaffirmed my desire and determination to become an educator. Not only did I find experienced teachers that motivated me, but also advisers that "tell me like it is".
The teachers in Aldine Senior High School are the one who will always be there to help you. They are great educators, and will guide you on anything. Unlike the assistant principals and counselor who never tend to listen. They will make a big deal over small problems such as giving u SAC over forgetting your I.D. They will confiscate you're phone even when it's an emergency such as calling your ride inside of school during dismissal because there's a thunderstorm outside. The cafeteria is a mess. When the lines are to long the food will run out, or you will ran out of time and they will tell you to go sit down. Things that I will change will be to let the school post poster around. Nobody ever knows what events are going on, so clubs, sports, and activities never get recognize.
Good band program and other organizations. Needs better academic teachers. Needs better administration as well.
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My experience at Aldine high school has been unbelievable. It is a school in a less than privileged portion of north Houston. Even with that in mind the staff have provided us with unmatched support and encouragement that we could pursue a secondary education. I have been introduced to teachers that saw me for my will to learn instead of my demographics. I have also seen administrators who work with troubled teens to set their future straight. The only flaw that this school has is putting too much emphasize on education instead of high school experience.
My experience so far at Aldine Sr. HIgh School has been great, though the food is not so great. And the food lines are so long, and the lunch ladies can be rude sometimes. But overall the teachers do care about us and our education. They do the most for us to get the knowledge we need to know from them.
I am just so thankful for all the help i had when i first moved to texas from Mexico all the teachers helped me learn a new language, for being with me all the way until graduatio. they not just help you learn but also make sure you succeed.
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