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I like the Dual Credit and advanced courses the school offers. They make sure to prepare you for college and give you the best advice. One thing I’d like to see more at Aldine is better school spirit. Kids at school aren’t as involved and the school doesn’t do much to show our school spirit.
It's a pretty good school in my opinion. There are some problems here and there but the current principle is doing a great job in making our school in a great experience and help with college.
Aldine is good because the students there are very loving and accepting of everyones lifestyle. There is not very much bullying like you may see at other schools. Although the students are nice, the staff can be very rude a lot of times and so strict that it is impossible to have a fun high school experience. However, the relationships created with your classmates makes up for the lack of love and encouragment from the staff.
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Its a well rounded school. Many of the teachers background is similar to that of the Aldine community.
It's a fair school however because the district does not have a lot of money, there's a lack of school clubs and activities. Aldine high school has no orchestra or school spirit. Aldine High School is way too strict on students and treat students like they're 12 year olds when we're actually young adults and teachers and administrators treat and see students all the same rather than looking beyond their differences. There's only a small variety of classes a student can take because a lot of classes offered at other schools are unavailable to take at Aldine High School. High School should be a place where the environment is not always heavy not filled with yelling and screaming towards students.
It’s a good school with great teachers and counselors. The college center is the best they help you with any college related questions and concerns.
Aldine Senior High School did alright in educating their students but I do believe more could have been done. The staff seemed to be a bit unorganized because whenever something unfavorable happen such as a teacher leaving they wouldn't be able to find a replacement for the longest, leaving the students without a teacher. The students didn't have any spirit either which made the high school experience dull.
Aldine was super great and it was a good experience. There are a lot of sports and clubs. A lot of culture. Different classes and classrooms
I like that we get to use free dress code and dress however we like. i would like so see more improvements to sports. For example, more nicer uniforms for the sports.
I loved my school because it was part of my community that I have been in for all of my life. My teachers were inspiring and loved what they did. I had great opportunities to seek my interests and it influenced me to pursue going to college. Now I am graduating from college and applying to graduate school. I hope to become an art teacher and teach in the same district I grew up in. I can't imagine myself somewhere else.
Aldine is a great school. Mr.Stewart was really strict on dress code but other than that it was a good school.
It has been a great experience being able to attend at the same high school as my bother. Not very many people get to finish all 4 years at the same high school but I am very lucky!
It has been a good school in my opinion. It has given me a lot of opportunities, when it comes to taking classes related to the career I would like to pursue. Most teachers are great teachers who actually care about their students.
I enjoyed my time here as a student, despite the strict rules. I was a part of the band program and had lots of fun! I would like to say that there was more spirit within the band, soccer and dance programs than any others there. A bit more would have been nice. Nonetheless my overall experience was fantastic!
Honestly I really appreciate and like that Aldine Senior High School pushes their students and encourage them to apply and receive help from our college center teacher in order for all of us who want to go to University or college can go with little problems about financial issues. However, I do not enjoy how students can get in trouble for expressing their true selves with their hair style/color and outfits. I believe all students should be allowed to express their inner selves through their preferred appearance, because at the end of the day, that student is still capable of learning the same way they did before. They are still the same student.
There are many types of students who are striving for an education. Also, many groups with diverse people that help each other.
Aldine Senior high School is one of the best schools in the district within our academic level. Most of the students here make it to good universities and are mostly college level ready, it is our goal to do the best while we can in order to succeed later on in life.
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Attending Aldine High School all four years of my high school life has been a great experience. They really care for the students and their education, they push everybody to make sure everyone is great. They care for everyone's safety and personal life.
I love Aldine because despite the bad location and the all the tragedies that occurred within it. They will always push you forward towards a successful future and do everything in their effort to make sure resources and support is available to you at all times. They want to see you succeed. Make something of yourself. I love the vibe of the school when certain sport seasons come around. Everyone is full of school proud and come to support. Win or lose you can see them cheer on the teams. The pep rally’s are always funny. As a senior now I think I did a good job of having a good high school experience.
This school is known in the area by their soccer team. The school spirit is very poor. Students don’t participate and just come to school because it’s “needed” there’s no fun to it at all.
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