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Alder Grove Charter School Reviews

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Alder Grove Charter School is the best school I've attended. Great teachers, friendly students, and smaller classes enable a great learning experience and environment. I would recommend Alder Grove to families looking for schools to send their children to.
There are things that can be annoying about the school, but over all I really like the program.
I've never lost anything, nor felt unsafe.
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Helped me to do what I love.
They are very helpful to students.
Extracurricular courses are not generally offered directly at the school. There are many 'vendors' set up with the school, and community sports, music groups, and dance classes are all valid extracurricular courses that can be taken for credit. This system helps students become involved in the community and in diverse groups of students.
My school offered a unique educational experience to me and my few but friendly classmates. I was able to personalize my curriculum while still meeting state standards, and take courses at the school's class site, at home, and at the local junior college. I was assigned a teacher from the school to follow my coursework, and I had to organize my time to keep up with my unusual schedules. I did not have a typical high school career, but I enjoyed that fact. This school may not be for everyone, but I would choose it again in a heartbeat.
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