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It was a very nice community but there needs to be more diversity. The culture shock I got when I entered college was insane.
Alden Senior High School allowed myself and others to express our true selves. We were encouraged to explore our own interests, allowing us to truly find a passion. Thanks to my school, I am now fully confident in who I am and what I dream of doing with my life.
Alden Senior High School has a wide range of classes to choose from and few teachers to teach those classes. The sports need to change because there is no set coaches for a lot of the girls teams and the boys have better treatment. they are introducing surface pros for the kids to use and I am unsure of how that is gong to go over.
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During my four years at Alden Senior High School, I have learned many valuable things. The teachers are friendly and are committed to teaching every student the material they need to pass. Each student learns differently and the teachers are well-aware of this. To help every student the teachers will stay on a certain topic until every student is comfortable with the material.

The teachers make learning fairly easy and will even stay after with students who are in need of help. Before students take their exams the teachers make sure that their students were taught all current material needed to know to pass the exam and the class.

Alden is a comfortable district to be educated in.
Alden has been the home of my education from kindergarten to my senior year. I have had innumerable abilities to grow, learn and participate at school or with my school. In school I feel extremely safe due to the execution of regular drills and frequent updates to my family during times of crisis. The teachers and faculty at Alden are extremely friendly and allow one on one interaction with the students to form comfortable relationships. My coach has pushed me to keep going and understands my limits and abilities. In the future I would like to see Alden incorporate FFA and anatomy classes in the curriculum for students. Without these classes I feel that all of my interests are not available in school. I do aplaud Alden with the vast amount of college and AP classes available for all students accepting a challenge. I have had countless opportunities to make myself a better athlete, student and person. I hope others can see this and are as satisfied with Alden as my family and I are.
I love that at Alden Senior High School, I can join any club or sport and not be judged. I also love the variety of AP and college classes that I am able to take to better myself for college.
I believe Alden has given me a variety of opportunities that have prepared me for college and life in general.
As an LGBTQ+ student, I found my general experience at Alden fairly poor. Harassment isn't dealt with at all, I have even been told to "suck it up" when reporting harassment.
Certain administrators are even the perpetrators of the harassment.
I love how all of the students talk to one another no matter what their grade level is. The only thing that would make High School better is if students got more help picking a college, their major and find out what scholarships available for them.
All together, Alden is a very snug and companionable community, with a total population of a little over 10,000 community members within it. Being such a welcoming and small area, the schools are just as personal. Because of the graduating class of about 130, close relationships form not only between students, but as well as teachers, guidance counselors and even the principle. Not only are the people within the school friendly, but the school itself is prominent. Alden Senior High school offers a variety of extracurricular activities including; Oceanography, Creative Writing, Computer Applications, Black and White Photography and Sculpture and Ceramics, only naming a few. Having the opportunity to experience the various courses assists students in discovering what they like or dislike participating in. Overall, Alden School District provides a immense amount of opportunites for all members of the community.
Alden has been great to me. The town is full of volunteers of all ages. The students in my class are highly intellectual, creating some friendly competition. I had the opportunity of playing in several sports, all which I have enjoyed thoroughly. I made many new friends easily after coming in in ninth grade not knowing a single person. Alden has a great atmosphere that is almost always positive. I will miss this school for sure.
The majority of the teachers I come in contact with are are knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and are concerned with the students success. There are many ways the teachers at my school make sure that communication with parents and students is on going. For example, each teacher has a webpage for the class they teach. All information, such as supply lists, assignments, and resource links are available. Other teachers use an app, similar to Facebook to list assignments and review for upcoming tests. I have also had a teacher who would text the class reminders and notify students when test scores were posted. Overall, i believe that the teachers at Alden High School are considerate, resourceful, and very helpful to all students in need of extra assistance.
I have no need to ever feel unsafe in the school. We have many drills through the year so that we are prepared in case of an emergency.
We have an excellent theater program along with many fun clubs although some could be better advised.
Being such a small school, everyone knows everyone and in my opinion, makes the school closer as a whole.
Some are very helpful for students, other may pick favorites or just are generally not as helpful.
Always feel safe, staff is trustworthy and reliable
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Everyone is always welcome, wide variety of athletic and academic opportunities
many clubs and activities to choose from, welcoming teachers and staff, want to help you succeed
Personable teachers, teachers always avaiable and want to help you do your best
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