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Alcovy has sucky students and sucky administrators, but it is not all bad, Newton county, in general, has a lot of great opportunities for students. If you know where to look, Alcovy can help you advance your career with offers such as work-base learning, dual enrollment, etc.
Pretty terrible school all around, when I got out was one the best days of life for sure. There was a large amount of stupidity happening at seemingly every moment of the day.
I liked getting to see my friends and favorite teachers everyday. There’s some sports teams that did well such as soccer or baseball but, the football team didn’t do so well.
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During my years at Alcovy, I was able to make many new friends and rekindle flames with old friends. I grew close to teachers, teachers that I know I can count on if I ever needed anything throughout college. Whether it’s advice on school or just life in general. Also another thing that I really loved at Alcovy, was the school spirit. Although we didn’t have the best sports teams in Newton County, we had the best school spirit in Newton County. And although Alcovy had its bad days, at the end of the day we were all still a tiger family.
I enjoyed the easy curriculum and most of the teachers. A lot of students are immature and that causes the administration to treat the entire student body like toddlers.
I have liked it since I been here just needs to no bullies . bullies effects much on other people. they need better teachers who actually care for the students and want to teach each other. most don't care enough. the food is not good at all its sometimes not cooked.
I started going to Alcovy High School in the 10th grade. I was kind of frustrated because I moved from a different county and the school I came from was accelerated, so Alcovy didn't have everything academically. Now I am a senior and I have more than enough credits to grafuate but I am still being forced to take more classes. Another thing they did was put me in the wrong classes or tried to put me in classes I've already taken every year. Aside from that, they're like every other public school. Many say it's lame and I have to agrre with them. Definetly did not see my self graduating from here and I don't want to.
Although Alcovy staffs seem to care, after being there for four years, it is obvious they do not. We have multiple incidents where there should be some sort of outcry, but instead, administration covers it all and pretends it never happened. The clubs try to cool and fun, but most are poorly funded. There are some teachers that care for their students and the rest have an attitude of hatred towards students and generally their job and as a result their students suffer majorly. I'm giving this an average because I was involved with the marching band, which I enjoyed until the principal fired the band director and replaced him and I had great friends to make that hole of a place enjoyable.
My experience at Alcovy High School was a very interesting journey. Through the process there were the high and low moments and even the in-between moments. Though there were many sour moments during my time attending this school, there were many positives. Some of these positives include, intriguing field trips, gaining close bonds with some of the faculty, and outside vending for lunch (Chikfila, Zaxbys, etc.). There were also many sour moments during my time here which includes, (poor location, lack of school spirit, and an overall toxic environment. The environment at Alcovy is highly toxic due to the fact administration was lazy with certain situations and circumstances; as well as teachers often showing lack of attention and effort. This made my time at Alcovy poor because I feel my time here didn't fully prepare me for college and the real world.
I like Alcovy High School but I think we have too many classes a day and I leave a little far from school so I basically spend most of my days and hours in school environment. I feel we really don't need to have that many classes a day.
Within my three and a half years of attending Alcovy, I can say that it is a very friendly and wonderful school. Going to the football or basketball games were thrilling, especially because I was able to cheer for both sports for two years. Seeing every student coming out to participate and support Alcovy was the best experience. The first thing I like about my school are the teachers. Alcovy is filled with very school spirited teachers. Also filled with teachers who want every student to be succeed. So, they are easy to talk to when asking for help and are very understanding. As far as what I would want to see change about Alcovy, is nothing. The school is perfect in its own way and how it is now is what make Alcovy the great school it is.
Alcovy is a decent school. Your student is bound to do well because they have teachers that work well with their students. Alcovy also offers a number of different organizations for your student to participate in such af DECA, FBLA, and FCCLA, etc. They also have a number of sports that students can participate in such as football, golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, cheerleading, soccor, etc. Your student has a number of things to keep them involved in school to and to help prepare them for their future.
Alcovy High School is filled with plenty teachers who don't really care for their students. A lot of the students are distracting or distracted. The food is horrible and they took our vendors away because they weren't making enough money. They charge us too much for anything. The sports teams aren't that good either. And no student or teacher has any kind of faith in the school. They should hire teachers who genuinely cares for the students education.
My learning experience is okay, but the place was disgusting. I want to see it cleaned up a little. Also, there were times when I didn't really feel safe.
Alcovy High School offers a diverse set of students, ones that will succeed with flying colors and others that can't stand being there- both of these additudes show.
The teachers are wonderful. If you have any trouble at all understanding the material it’s nothing to solve by just raising a hand. They go out of their way to make sure you pass & understand the curriculum.
What I like about Alcovy High School is that it is very diverse and full of school spirit. Lots of students are involved in so much. The teachers, coaches, and counselors there want you to succeed not only in school but in everyday life because when we step out into the world, we are going to see just how much society will change. There is nothing I would want to see change about Alcovy but I do want to see Alcovy continue inspiring the youth that comes into the school. To continue providing the help that each student needs and to also bring more school spirit than they already have.
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Alcovy High School is a very diverse school. Most teachers help the students strive to achieve greatness, but the student must want the same for themselves. But even if the student does not , the teacher still tries to make a connect with the student. The spirit at Alcovy is only what the students make it in my opinion. If the students make the prep rally’s and spirit weeks and things of that nature , less exciting then no one will have a good time. But if the students make an effort to have fun at those school function then it will be fun. Overall Alcovy is a good school but it requires the students help.
Quality education but average district. Mant students start fights, participate it drugs/alcohol/smoking even in the parking lots on campus, and have no value for other people. Also it is sometimes highly disorganized with activities and events
Alcovy provided me with a solid foundation. The one thing I would change is the fair way they rank their senior students.
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