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Alcott College Prep is a high school full of friendly and kind people. It's the type of place where you get what you put in. If you put in the work,Great things will happen for you.
A solid 3, almost 4 years, of experience at this school and honestly I didn't expect myself to succeed and be more than on-track to graduate. The teachers are very chill when there are no classes, we get along as a community and when it comes to teaching time, they don't fail to teach well!
My experience at Alcott Humanities High School for two years was wonderful. They were always there for me when I needed someone to make me feel better or help me with my work. From me being in a horrible school to going Alcott the staff and Teachers were so helpful with my schoolwork and making me feel welcome at Alcott. What I like about Alcott is how they are so on for people to be better in life and how school is so important to attend daily. The changes I will like at Alcott is to have more information at colleges/scholarships. Another change I would like is an different dress code for school in the winter.
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My experience at Alcott Humanities High school is great. The teachers really prepare us to take that next step and have an idea of how college/universities will be like. My favorite thing here is the community, everyone sticks together the way a school should be, especially because it's such a small school. Personally I would just change the fact that we don't have that much sports.
Its my first year here and I have to say the teachers are wonderful they are the sweetest and caring teachers I have so far met but the students and the environment of the school is just not enjoyable. the lunch is horrible its so small kids have to eat outside the lunch room, the locker rooms do not have privacy.
In Alcott College Prep I feel very welcomed by the teachers. The school has a very open and socially accepting talk on equality. The school is very diverse and full of creative and imaginative paintings created by students
My academic years at Alcott College Prep have been amazing and full of amazing opportunities. I have grew my confidence in a different level. I also learned to make my voice heard. Alcott is a community where everyone feels welcomed and safe.
Alcott is a great small school to truly dive into to such a vast learning experience academically and personally.
Of course every highschool has their flaws, however Alcott Humanities High School provides students with a positive environment to feel comfortable during their academic achievements. The Alcott community sticks to their true definition of democracy. Students are able to speak their truths and can share their ideas without hesitation. Students are able to interact with all of their teachers. Although this highschool is small their interactions, and developmentments is what makes the high school powerful, which allows more improvement each year.
Alcott College Prep, is a very small school. The school body consists of roughly 315 students. Most would think that attending a small school, puts them at a disadvantage. By attending a small school, your classes are easy to get to. Your teachers build a personal relationship with you. Everybody knows everybody.
The small school gives you a place to get to know more people and have a good relationship with the teachers so you are getting more 1 on 1 help. You also aren't overwhelmed by so many people, not to mention we have a good selection of electives to choose from. Also, the required classes are honors and they push you to take those extra classes your senior year so you are even more college ready.
Alcott is a good school academically, the only negative is that it’s so small . There’s only 300 students in the entire school, which is a good and bad thing , it’s a good thing because you get hands on help from teachers but a negative thing because you don’t get a real high school experience in my opinion.
It’s an okay school but the administration is hardly here and they some times have a weird way of approaching curtain situations is at time unprofessional
I have gone to Alcott for 3 years now and it has been improving. There are small things that I would love to see a change to. For example the lack of money for resources, but unfortunately that is a struggle for a lot of CPS schools. We are a very small school so everyone is super close. Your teachers can know you on a personal level and find better ways to help you succeed. I just wish we could have more fun and be more connected with events. Many schools have many ways to make their school have fun events and we are working our way there. With all the help from our great teachers we learn how to be independent and never settle for anything less.
Alcott college prep helps you be ready for college in many different ways. They require you to take an extra math class, apply to at least 7 colleges, and they have people to support you and accommodate you so you are comfortable.
Alcott is a small school with a very tight knit community and great staff that prepares for college.
Alcott College Prep is a small tight-knit school that glorifies its community. With Alcott being a small school, this comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Alcott's small size allow students to build relationships with others and even other teachers. This, in turn, has helped many students learn because they are able to have their teachers and students as reliable resources. But, I hope to see Alcott have more available resources. The school lacks many facilities, clubs and over resources that students can use to become more successful in school. A small expansion of the school will help create facilities and at the same time it can remain to have the benefits that make Alcott an overall great school.
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Alcott was not my first choice as a high school. But I am glad that I got accepted and chose to come here because I have had a pretty good experience these four years. It is filled with amazing teachers that care about the students' success. and I have made a lot of great friends and memories along the way.
Here at Alcott College Prep all of our students are welcoming and very smart. There are many clubs to fit into. Although we are a small school we are big in a way.
At Alcott humanities High School, I like that we are able to have more of a free mind since we call ourselves a democracy school. I also enjoy the size of this school since its smaller , so you get more noticed when interacting with counsel and staff. Overall it is a good school. They offer support and give students a chance to host local projects for self expression.
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