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The small school gives you a place to get to know more people and have a good relationship with the teachers so you are getting more 1 on 1 help. You also aren't overwhelmed by so many people, not to mention we have a good selection of electives to choose from. Also, the required classes are honors and they push you to take those extra classes your senior year so you are even more college ready.
Alcott is a good school academically, the only negative is that it’s so small . There’s only 300 students in the entire school, which is a good and bad thing , it’s a good thing because you get hands on help from teachers but a negative thing because you don’t get a real high school experience in my opinion.
It’s an okay school but the administration is hardly here and they some times have a weird way of approaching curtain situations is at time unprofessional
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I have gone to Alcott for 3 years now and it has been improving. There are small things that I would love to see a change to. For example the lack of money for resources, but unfortunately that is a struggle for a lot of CPS schools. We are a very small school so everyone is super close. Your teachers can know you on a personal level and find better ways to help you succeed. I just wish we could have more fun and be more connected with events. Many schools have many ways to make their school have fun events and we are working our way there. With all the help from our great teachers we learn how to be independent and never settle for anything less.
Alcott college prep helps you be ready for college in many different ways. They require you to take an extra math class, apply to at least 7 colleges, and they have people to support you and accommodate you so you are comfortable.
Alcott is a small school with a very tight knit community and great staff that prepares for college.
Alcott College Prep is a small tight-knit school that glorifies its community. With Alcott being a small school, this comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Alcott's small size allow students to build relationships with others and even other teachers. This, in turn, has helped many students learn because they are able to have their teachers and students as reliable resources. But, I hope to see Alcott have more available resources. The school lacks many facilities, clubs and over resources that students can use to become more successful in school. A small expansion of the school will help create facilities and at the same time it can remain to have the benefits that make Alcott an overall great school.
Alcott was not my first choice as a high school. But I am glad that I got accepted and chose to come here because I have had a pretty good experience these four years. It is filled with amazing teachers that care about the students' success. and I have made a lot of great friends and memories along the way.
Here at Alcott College Prep all of our students are welcoming and very smart. There are many clubs to fit into. Although we are a small school we are big in a way.
At Alcott humanities High School, I like that we are able to have more of a free mind since we call ourselves a democracy school. I also enjoy the size of this school since its smaller , so you get more noticed when interacting with counsel and staff. Overall it is a good school. They offer support and give students a chance to host local projects for self expression.
Overall at Alcott the school has provided me tons of resources and many ways for me to be involve. Things that our school needs to improve on is becoming a more of a student and parents involved. not many student and parents are active at our school and hopefully that changes when I'm gone.
Alcott is a small school, so I really like that you can have strong connections with your teachers and you're not just another face in the crowd. It is also very open to new ideas, so students can create their own clubs so long as the students are committed and it's within the school budget. One thing I wish is that the school was more organized and on top of their game. Sometimes it feels like the students and teachers have to do a lot of what administration should be doing. Admin needs to step up their game when it comes to spreading the word and raising money for the school. Otherwise, Alcott is pretty amazing. There are diverse people and cultures, and it feels like a tight-knit community.
I like that the teachers care about there students future and tries to give extra help outside of school hours. The only thing that I don't like about my high school is that we don't have that many after school programs for students to join.
This school is like no other school. Yes, they have their rules, but only to keep their students safe. Also, is a place that you can feel at home with all the smiling faces between your friends and staff members. They truly care for you and make sure that you as a student walk across that stage.
amazing it very friendly here at Alcott everyone knows each other teachers will stay after during there break to help you the most they can.
Alcott is a democratic school. We believe in our students having a voice. Due to our students having that chance to speak their minds and to be able to build change, within the years I have been attending Alcott rules have been modified. In ways where students appreciate the staff for taking their time to listen and come to an agreement with still having reasonable consequences.
I love that it is a democracy school because students have the chance to voice their opinions on what goes on the school! The students are able to be involved in decisions that are made in the school by administration.
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I liked the one on one attention that teachers gave students. There is always opportunity for help and there is a lot of student voice and involvement. It is a democracy school where students make policies and come up with solutions to problems. The only thing I would like to change is to make the school bigger because its a small high school with only 300 students.
I am a Senior at Alcott Humanities High School. I have attended the school throughout my educational career, and I can say that from the time I've spent here it was an overall great experience. The teachers at the high school go far and beyond to make sure that every student is well prepared to attend college. They spend hours upon hours not only during school hours but after too to assist, help and tutor when its needed. Not only is the staff amazing but it's a small school. Since, Alcott is such a small high school it makes it possible to create such a close knit community that is just like a family. The school is great in many ways but there are some things that could be improved. For example the sports. Being a small school restricts the types of sports available to the students, therefore, not having that wide of a variety. Alcott is overall a great diverse and academic focused place to go to school.
Disciplinary personals has always been on it ever since I can remember. I unfortunately was one of the few students who got sick at school and though no medicine was able to be passed out,proper treatment for me was given to make sure I was still healthy and comfortable under the schools watch.
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