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Alcorn Central High School Reviews

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I have been going to Alcorn Central since 1st grade and overall I have had the best time. Bullying is never really a problem, the teachers know what they're teaching, and the students are overall nice. I've always had good grades and never really had trouble at this school. The principles, teachers, and faculty are always encouraging and do their best to make sure that we have the best school year possible. Everyone is so loving and honestly this is the best school and im so glad i get to graduate from here.
I liked the opportunities I had at the school. Even though it wasn't a lot, it was still enough to please my necessary needs. The teachers were basically another friend to be honest; we could trust them and always ask for help.
I loved the teachers and faculty. They could do better at teaching materials or increasing AP courses and so on to increase our intelligence level. It was such a wonderful experience to attend the school though.
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Small school and mostly focused on athletics more than education. Some of the teachers were outstanding but others did not care.
Level of Math is limited. The Staff is very helpful. I feel I could be better prepared for college, but I do not blame Alcorn Central High School.
Being a senior attending Alcorn Central High School, I am very involved. Having a good environment is important to me, and that is provided at my school. The staff, academics, and clubs are my favorite! I think the food could be a little better. I highly recommend my school to any student looking for a great place to be fed good experience and excellent education.
Alcorn Central High School is an excellent school focused on the overall success of students. The teachers and administrative staff is very welcoming. Through my past two years as a student, I have noticed that they really care about the students as individuals, instead of test scores. The academics are suitable for any level of education necessary. The school offers challenging courses, dual-enrollment/dual-credit college classes, and plenty other opportunities to grow academically. There are several clubs and organizations that help shape the lives of future leaders. These include FBLA, FFA, FCCLA, FCA, Beta, SGA, Math Club, Academic Team, Drama Club, Yearbook, etc. ACHS has an "A" rating from the Mississippi Department of Education and has been recognized by REACH and USM for the positive and welcoming school environment. This is a really great place to go to school.
I Like how small the school i where everyone knows everyone. Wish we had more classes to benefit from. Small course selection overall.
There is no bulling at school.
The sports at school are really good. We have a few different types of clubs at school. We have FBLA, FCA, math club, Spanish club, and art club. The best sports at school is baseball for the guys and basketball for the girls.
I would choose this school all over again. The teachers are there to help you when you need it. The principle is always there when you need someone to talk to. The whole first week of school he has everyone come to the gym. While we are there he talks for a couple of minutes. Some of the teachers prepare little dances to get everybody motivated. The school has a very positive atmosphere. I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
I loved going to school at Alcorn Central. The teachers were always excited to help when you needed it. Some of the teachers would take time away from their families to help an student that was struggling or just wanted some extra help.
World go to school here, again
Football team is awful. Baseball and basketball programs okay
Some teachers are very caring some ate not
The teachers are so helpful. They truly care about each and every student. No one gets special treatment because of who they are or how much they suck up. Its one of the many things I love about this school. If you need help with anything at anytime you can always count on one of the teachers to be there for you.
The teachers are my favorite part. I went to another school before I transferred here in the 4th grade. From the first time I stepped foot into the hallways I knew It was going to be different and in a good way. The teachers go above and beyond to help children. That might be with homework or to settle disputes between friends I have always loved it here and I am going to be sad to leave it.
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We get into our sports. Not only the students but also the faculty. Our basketball coach comes across the intercom anytime we have a game for any sport and yells "WHO LET THE BEARS OUT?? RAW RAW RAW!!!!!" Its pretty intense.
We all work together as one to stop bullying and the influence of drugs and alcohol. We have security guards and teachers walking the hallways during break to make sure nothing bad is happening.
There are tons of clubs for everyone to choose from. I am involved with 6 clubs, 4 of which I hold office in. I am also on the track team and I am the Capitan of the new bowling team. Everyone who is in the club is to participate and everyone takes
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