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My overall experince of Alcona is quite good. We have good staff, and are ciriculum is the same if not better than any of the other surrounding schools. It's a very low populated area, and we only have 300+ students. As long as you pay attention, and study it's quite easy to maintain a good grade just like any other school. We offer a wide variety of classes, and if the school itself doesn't offer it we offer online alternatives. We also have duel enrollment options for anyone who wants to get early college credits. We have professors that come in weekly and teach, but we also provide online duel enrollment classes. We also have a handful of foriegn exchange students who have voiced Alcona was a good school for them to come and learn.
I found that through out the years that i attended Alcona High School was not just a growing educational experience but a family bonding experience as well. I was able to develop friendships that became like family with not just classmates, but also with teachers and parents alike. This made my learning experience that much more enjoyable, to be apart of a small community school and to have family like friends throughout my high school career.
The thing that I love about Alcona high school is that it's small enough that you know everyone on a personal level and can become friends with a freshman when you're a senior. The only thing that I would like to see change is for students to be pushed more and have more rigorous classes to help prepare them for college and the real world.
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I only play softball and we have the best field in our area.
There isn't a whole lot for students to do beside sports.
I just graduated in May. I have been trying to train and keep my game of baseball going. I am going to Spring Arbor to play baseball and to become a teacher. I feel my parents have done a great deal to help prepare me for the real world as well as my school.
Most of the club activities take place during lunch. (Such as yearbook and national junior honor society) Practices for sporting events take place after school.
Last year we went to a 7 hour day. This makes it really difficult on your workload when you have 3 or 4 exams scheduled the same day, and play sports. The curriculum can be very tough. There are teachers that are very caring and there are teachers that probably should not be teaching. I think that is the case no matter where you go. When teaching curriculum teachers need to test on what they teach.
We use to have a strength and speed class that was very important to our sport's programs. But, that was changed last year to movement of teachers. School spirit is ok, but it is not like it use to be.
If it wasn't for the secretary the school would fail
available only if cafeteria is notified of restrictions

The school makes it someone else's problem sad
school does the best they can I guess
Not prepared for college at all if you don't work on your own

ridiculous, Must have something to do with money from state
Good as long as you are in sports. Thank god for woodshop and drama

Same as any rural school.
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Sports is everything at our school.
By my senior year at Alcona most of our extracurriculars were sports. We lost our band program, our choir and drama department due to budget cuts and even our sports teams were cutting back, dropping the JV teams in most sports. But Alcona High has the BEST FFA program in the state!
Alcona Community School is a very small school in a small, low-income county. We have 1 principal, 1 vice-principal and 2 full-time office workers to cover all grades, K-12. The administrators work hard to take care of us all. It was a blessing (and sometimes a curse!) to be in a small school where the principal knows every student by name. The teachers worked hard to make sure every student had the chance to succeed. As teenagers, we can always find something to complain about when it comes to school but overall life at Alcona was good!
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