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I loved Alcoa High School! Alcoa is a very welcoming community and the school is just the same. There are children from all different types of backgrounds who share all different types of ethnicities; however, they all come together. They also provide a high academic as well as athletic atmosphere.
I had a wonderful experience at Alcoa High School. The academics are great and students are always encouraged and given opportunities to advance. The teachers are helpful and supportive. Alcoa is like a small community which is nice.
The teachers at AHS are for the most part amazing and will work well with the students with respect. We are a small school so there isn't much of a variety in classes. We have AP classes in English and Social Studies courses, but I think that the majority of students would benefit and prefer taking more AP science and math courses which we have none of. Administration is awesome and supports students and staff greatly.
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I like how the teachers care about you and take the time to teach you if you need help with something. I'd like to see more of a balence in activities instead of it be all about one thing.
I love this school so much. The teachers is wonderful and always helping kids who struggle and need help. They did pay attention to kids and teaches us really great. I have been learning a lot for past two year at Alcoa High school. They change my educated and effort and learn how to be wise and smart. The teachers are very friendly and I felt like we are family and care each others.
As a parent and a sub for the system, I have gotten a first hand look and the inner workings of the system. They are definitely top notch. The rooms have the latest technology, latest curriculum and knowledgable teaching staff. The sports are unbelievable. They community support and pride is evident! It's great to be an Alcoa Tornado
The teachers go above and beyond to ensure every student has the oppurtunity to not only succeed academically but personally.
My favorite group is singers! Its the best class because it let's you show your vocal talent.
What makes this school unique is the one on one contoraction with the teacher
My teacher, coach Dunn, is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He explained the material with great detail and he makes it fun and entertaining. Its never boring.
Safety is really important having bullet proof glass, locked doors usually have 1-2 police men patrolling the school making sure everything is okay. Not really any bullying problems we have 2-3 nurses and 1 trainer. Overall its really safe and keeps everyone healthy
There are so many great oppurtunities at this school everyone mainly focuses on football , but the football team has earned it because they keep on winning. There's so many so many sports at this school except for swimming and probably lacrose. The administration wants all to be successful in life and be the best that we can be.
My favorite experiences at this school has to be the prep rally before the football games. The teachers at this school are the best and teach us life lessons that we will use throughout life. If I had the chance to go back and do it again I would every single time.
The teachers at this care about the students and will help them anyway they can. They are easy to communicate with, this school has the best teachers anyone can ask for, and most of the teachers are consistent in their grading.
We have a top-notched security team and equipment.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great. The only sport that is fully-funded by the school is Football, other than that the other sports have to raise fundraisers in order to support that specific sport.
After moving from New Orleans, LA to Knoxville, TN after Hurricane Katrina, Alcoa High School is one of the best schools I've ever been to so far. Not only is this school one of the top schools to go to in East Tennessee, it is a great opportunity to say that I've made it through all the tough times in my life to say that I graduated from one of the most appreciated schools out there.
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The teachers here make sure that their students do their best in order to succeed in the future that awaits them after high school.
Security and safety at my school is very good. We have probably 3 to 5 police officers at my school everyday to make sure the students are safe. The school also makes all visitors sign in as well as students who are late to school. I would say we have an extremely safe and secure school.
We do not have a lot of extracurricular activities, but the ones I do attend are very fun and are very high quality in my opinion. I have participated in two extracurricular activities which are Youth Leadership Blount and German Club. Both of these after school clubs have been incredibly fun and interesting which I think is the same for all clubs at my school.
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