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Alchesay although not a top choice for high school, did what they could to get students involved to keep them out of trouble. Great teachers but lacked the range of study to prepre students for college.
I enjoyed Alchesay it is a great environment there are Native American students who attend and the teachers are very understanding and helpful. They can tutor and be able to help a student if they ask for help. Many of the teachers who work their or even the ones in the office are helpful and they can answer questions. The sports are very fun it is competitive and exciting. The whole community participates in our school event's and the parents are supportive. The coaches are great they know what they are doing they get you prepared for a sport. At Alchesay they have volleyball, football, basketball for girls and boys, baseball, softball, cross country, track and field and lastly wrestling. They have great programs to start off a little bit of college. Overall it is a very fun school.
The academics are satisfactory. Theres room for improvement. Excellent, and competative sports that usually make it to the first round of state. Emphasizes going college and making resources avaliable to apply for school and scholarships.
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My experience at Alchesay High School is that not only did it help me with an education but by helping me define whom and to what purpose I serve. I would say it's not your stereotypical high school. We don't have bullies, we bring each other to success. I enjoy it because you know you won't be alone for long, everyone accepts each other. Not only because we're all one color but because we're all connected one way or another. Despite the upper hand of the great things, there is always a place for improvement. The improvement the school could use is Advance Placement for those of us who excel. The most thing I wish we could have is a chemistry lab. We only have a classroom that is not suitable for such biological experiments.
Exellent teachers/staff that stay after to help you improve in classes or help with any school/ college info
Alchesay High School, is a very will school.. The most I like about Alchesay is that the teachers help us with our work. Alchesay is/was a very comfortable school with everyone.
The majority of the students attending Alchesay are of Native American blood. We aren't different from each other because literally every one has the same eye color and hair color. Everyone gets involved in the basketball season, because basketball is what the reservation values the most. All of my classmates are always at the games, cheering on the basketball team. Peer pressure, is something that's not really a problem. If it was, everyone would be talking about it. Acceptance, isn't really a problem either. I have a couple of gay friends and they haven't experienced any type of negativity yet. So if it wasn't for the occasional fight that took place, the school would be great.
I'm kind of undecided if this school is actually safe or not. Yeah, I love attending here and all, but I remember at the beginning of the school year, we had a school wide lockdown and I was stuck in one of my classes for 2 1/2 hours. Then we had another lockdown, and another lockdown, all in the span of just a couple of weeks. It started to get annoying and repetitive. But on the bright side, the office was very quick about getting the word out about a lockdown. Concerning bullying at this school, I've said that I was never bothered. My friends weren't bothered that much either. But I do know of some people who were bullied and how it ended in a scuffle. When there is an occasion were safety measures had to be performed, they brought dogs in and search our bags, which I didn't mind because I had nothing to hide anyway. I never really ventured to the nurse's office because it's quite a long walk, but if I did, she was always helpful and gave me the correct medications that I needed.
I'm not really in the loop about school clubs and organizations but I hear a lot of talk about it. I know that there's a health careers club as well as a ski club. Some classes in which students are enrolled in have their own organizations. One of them is Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and I know that every year they attend a conference and then go to a professional basketball game afterward. The people that are in these clubs are very into it, I always see posters promoting their club everywhere. The staff that are responsible for the clubs also try very hard to respond to requests and I think it's neat. It would be much more fun if I was in one of them.
All throughout my years at Alchesay, I enjoyed every bit of it very much. I was never bothered by others or experienced any form of bullying. Once I broke out of my shy shell for a couple of teachers, it made that class one of my favorites. I got to see my close group of friends everyday and hang out with them all the time and still manage to get work done. Activities that took place in the school such as pep rallies and basketball games is what I loved to attend the most. The school spirit is phenomenal. What I believe that makes this school unique is the fact that a large majority of the students are of Native American blood. Here, we are our own people. Culture is strong in this school and I love how the staff and teachers respect that. If I could be reborn again as a Freshman, I would definitely want to attend this school again.
The teachers at Alchesay are doing their best to prepare us for the real world. My college writing teacher is one of those. She pushes us to turn in things on time and has the slogan "due tomorrow not do tomorrow." She's strict, but her teaching is great. Concerning my other teachers, they are doing their best as well. The way that they teach is broken down into parts and afterwards, they like to be reassured that we did understand what they taught. I appreciate their lessons and how they teach them because they make it so easy to learn and make me want to learn more. The review of them would have been five stars if I hadn't been such a shy person and got to learn more about them.
The school has a great way of securing the school. They monitor almost everything.
It's great, because its the only high school that's available to our community within a 35 mile radius. The staff is great but the students don't try their best.
Bullying doesn't happen often. Everyone knows everyone and mostly everyone is related so no one messes with each other as much. We have a very bad alcohol and drug problem. We also have frequent evacuations and a couple were bomb threats.
The after school programs or activities don't happen often. The teachers leave as soon as the students leave from school. The only after school activities are tutoring and sports.
The parents at this school don't come around at all. When the students need them then they'll start to come around but once we don't need them they disappear. I think we need more involved parents.
The teachers are okay with teaching but they don't get active with the students. They don't listen to us or ask us if we need help as much as I think they should. They are very friendly though.
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There aren't a lot of opportunities that allow students to be involved with AP, Honors, or advanced classes. There are clubs but not a lot of clubs that many students can join so they tend not to go and care so many groups or clubs are having members that rarey come and only like 5 or 10 people.
The school resources are great counselors have the know when to call a student in if he/she needds these many credits left or if they are in need of takin ganothe class to make up for the one they have failes to complete. But they are really helpful all they want is to give the students the best education they can help them succeed into college for their very owm future.
The academics here offered are the requirements that the student needs for graduation. They have a variety choices for elective classes to help better the future for the students. Teachers and school board are very supportive to the students on what they know each student want their future to be like.
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