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There are a few teachers that really go above and beyond to help their students achieve thier goals, but for most if you don't play sports or aren't involved in lots of extracurricular activities they could care less about you.
Safety isn't really discussed...Health class mostly addresses healthy eating/exercising etc. Not much for sex ed or drug talks. Bullying is prevalant even with some of the teachers, but it isn't a huge issue. I think otherwise that the school is very safe, because it's so small and in a small town.
Clubs are small. The biggest organizations with the most members are the FFA and FCCLA leadership organizations. Our newest is the LAME club--stands for Literature, Art, Music,Etc. Students show off their work and others they like--pretty great attendance. Students love participating in the plays and musicals every year. There is Oral Interpretation, the numbers dwindle every year, but students do enjoy it. Quiz Bowl is rarely there, but comes back every two years or so.

Administration mostly supports FFA, FCCLA, and anything sport related. Most of the pressure from teachers/administration on kids is to ne in sports. So kids do, even if they'd rather be in other things.
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I enjoyed my time there because it was such a small school, but I also feel like I may have missed out on some opportubities. My favorite experience at AHHS was when my friend and I finally got fed up that we didn't have any art classes or clubs or anything creative for kids to be involved in. So we created the LAME club. It stands for Literature, Art, Music, Etc. And we chose LAME because many administrators and teachers thought of these creative practices as lame, because they werent sports related. The turnout was fantastic! Students really enjoyed the club. It was a safe place to explore the arts, share original pieces or just pieces you found interesting. We had musicians playing at every meeting, artists showing off work that would've been stuck in a sketch book forever without LAME, and kids showing us their dance moves. We hosted a read-in, where we had bean bags and pillows set up all over a room, light jazz playing, the windows open for the smell of the nighttime air to float ing. We had snacks like cheese and sparkling grape juice so it felt "fancy." It was such a fun club, that I have continued to help even after graduation. The advosir was my AP English teacher who is a creative flower who wants to indulge in all of the arts. For that club, I would go through all of high school again.
I had a few phenomenal teachers at AHHS. I am forever grateful for the engaging experiences they offered. However, there was this "clique" of teachers who were also coaches that were incredibly condescending toward their students. One of these teachers was the Algebra 2/Chemistry teacher, he mocked any kid that didn't understand the material that he abruptly taught and quizzed. He didn't cater to the learning speeds of every student. I challenged him all the way up to the school board, but I think the fact that he was also a coach kept him around. I learned this year that he quit at AHHS to become a principal of a surrounding small school.

My favorite teacher was the AP English teacher. She cared about all of her students and made learning engaging and creative. Every class we had was fun. She is now a good friend of mine.
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